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  1. I am glad with the Evora like it is. lets see what the SC really brings and then decide. the headline is one thing, the articla then often differs. A.
  2. when hot temp. outside and inside (engine) open trunk for a minute and the worst is over. A.
  3. In fact, the actual power is sufficiant for drving "with fun". But for "Selling" it needs more than 300 HP due to the psychological effect comparing with similar cars. Anyhow... there are no similar cars: the Evora is unique. Just drove a week throu North Italy Alps= fantastic... (...and new rear tyres) A.
  4. I have no Laser or any other "detector system" on board. I had... long time ago... but made so many "error alarms" that it was not worth to continue.(Bell 500) A.
  5. After having driven throu an enormous thunderstorm where the Evora was more a ship than a car I had a noise from the front wheels when steering extremly left. I checked out and found, that the enourmos waterflow pulled out the black inside wheel- cover of the wheelcase (the black felt stuff) of its fixation and the tire hit this bump on every left curve. So, it is easy to fix... just pull back the bump and refix the the felt. Anyhow... I write this, because I never had in the last 25 years a car not sustaining heavy water. A.
  6. Suddenly my driverseat startet to rattle. metallic... in every curve... cling cling... (Schock!) and bugging.... Recaro had no idea, nobody knows anything... (!) so, into the garage and dismantle all. they searched with a stetoscope and found it. Just in case somebody has the same noise suddenly... don't put the kid on the back for miles listening on the the seat where it comes from. On the side of the backrest of the seat there is a metal fixation part (looks a bit triangular) right on top of the adjust mechanism. This part is riveted and not screwed. I think I drove the Evora
  7. Feedback on antenna problem: I always loose navi contact and the radio sounds terrible, loosing broadcast transmitter every 4 minutes depending where driving. (tunnels, vallies etc.) Navi: my garage now (after having replaced the mobile Alpine 7 times) opened the cover up to the speedometer and put the antenna right under the topleather instead having it buried under different materia downunder. = more satellites are green and I am happier now. Anyhow... its still not "the hammer".,,, but I do not loose contact every tunnel or if it is cloudy. Radio: they pulled out the "minisantennc
  8. 12000 Miles... and enjoy everyone ! since December 24th 2009. (apart some small items) A.
  9. After beeing the 4th time to the workers about the "terrible" radio power signal input they gound a solution: it's to fit a new antenna on the roof. The inputsignal rises more than 50% on intensity but... the styling of the car suffers. Anyhow: we found the problem: the radio antenna in the front is "totally underdimmensionned" and built in under different absorbing materials (including metal). So it is not the Alpinestation, it is the Lotus antenna. A.
  10. Lately my wife wanted to test the Evora by herself. but... now way. She is not tall enough (165 cm). Due to the fact, that the seat can not be fixed higher she only sees the steering wheel or she does not reach the pedals. So... either my wife is too small or the car is not built for women. Somebody had same experience? I am not sad about that fact at all, so there is never a discussion, who can drive the Evora . A.
  11. I have now the 7th !!! Alpine in my Evora: still the Navi is not working. And definitively: it is a problem with the Antenna. I searched the whole Internet and nobody has the problems like the Evora has. Result: it must be the antenna which does not supply the Alpine with enough data/power for having the Navigation running almost properly. Also the radio inputsignal is low (again the antenna). I drove the same roads with other cars and compared the radiosignal intensity. While with other cars there is good radio, the Alpine sounds like a radio in the early 70's. Fortunately I have a navi in my
  12. @beady: the condensor? .... I also have the A/C running out of gas = after 2 weeks : no more aircondition. Was it the same with you? Here our staff searches where the gas leaves the system. Annoying... A,
  13. Take plug 25 out and the lightwasher is off. If you use it, the whole car is smeared. Better to wax the lights too and so they do not take much of the filth. A.
  14. After a long run throu tons of water from upside and from the road (what a summer...) the right door of my Evora still closed properly but on the display there was the sign of "open door" = no alarm, no central closing and no light off possible. The submitter is integrated in the the doorlock. So use WD40 from all sides and "bath" the doorlock with it. Mine worked again after 30 minutes (the time the spray took to displace the water from the contact point). and all electronic stuff worked again. A.
  15. That was the expienciest duck of my life... ok, the insurance payed... but £ 3200 is a hammer. A. (duckless)
  16. I have to change rear tyres now after just 8000 KM and I will switch to Bridgestone 050. The Pirelli has a fantastic grip but melts like ice in the snow, especially on mountaincurves. So let's see whats going on. The front tyres are still more than 50% comparing the near dead rears. I'll buy them via Internet supplier and a garagefriend will put them on. Costs £ 181.-- per tyre. A.
  17. I did something by myself, yes... unesthetic... but could be usefull. A.
  18. It depends, what you use the car for. I have mine since 7 month now and the space is totally sufficiant. Trunk including rear seats. You have to think about, what you need and what not. So the Evora diciplinizes you a bit by diversifying what wou want to take with you. Anyhow: I have under construction a bagholder like the old MG's had and place it with rubbersuckfixings on the rearwindow whenn needed. It looks special, but it is just "for the emergency case. A.
  19. I have all tyres filled in on 0,00 precise with a digital handchecker. The display shows about the same as put it, but varies that way, ... that its nice to see, but no real support. Starting rear with 2,4 it rise to 2,6 when driving and 20 degrees outside. It stays 2,5 when drivin and 15 degrees outside. Similar on the front (2,2) goes to 2,4 max. Left and right are variing a bit but during driving it consolidates. I noticed after some heavy mountain rides, that backtires loose profile much quicker than front. This is normal, but I was surprised anyhow. A.
  20. tryed again... message: "used 990 K of your 1000K global upload quota" ... I'd better drive Evora than download pictures. A.
  21. Cold enginge: not more than 3000 r.m. Remember: temperature level shows watertemp, not oil... so: if visuable temperature level has reached normal, the relevant oil temp. level is still NOT at normal. the cautious the first 5000 KM, the longer the fun later. A.
  22. I tired too, but after reducing pics to "microscopic", there is still "this file was too big to upload"... A.
  23. My kid is 14 now, and loves to seat in the back of the Evora... but sideways (legs up). So it is always a fight with him if I do not want to use the Evora a day when he could come with us. I think the solution Lotus did is absolutely usefull in practice. There is enough space for a daily use. A.
  24. On a similar trip I had with the normal gearbox an average of 9 liters. Highspeed Germany ... as possible due traffic: 10; Mountains normal drive: 9,4; Mountains powerfull 10,1; highway with speed limit: 8,2; highway cruising... 7,4 The absolut low was 7,1... (I took a picture with the handycamera) So the consumption is mainly on your right foot. By the way: there is no difference between 95 octane and 100 octane feelable. So after 15.000 KM the average is around 9,2 liters per 100 KM. (I am not often in the city) A.
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