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  1. Al, the Evora exposed himself as truely solid. The downside of the frontspoiler cut the duck in 2 pieces, so only legs and body stuck in the front, while the rest was aerodynimically cut away and flow from the back of the car. So as I constate: the frontgrill is solid enough to act as "duckholder" and avoid damage at the interior. A.
  2. Lately I had a meeting with a dumb Duck on the German Highway. The Evora will be fixed soon, the duck was definitly "burnt off". A.
  3. I drove now 15.000 KM, longrides also... never a problem. If you want to feel "wrong built pedals", sit into a Lamborghini Countach, then you know what means"wrong". A.
  4. As from what I heard, there is no official upgrade in the pipeline till now. Anyhow... I drove now 12000 KM, some thousands on the germand highway and I did not miss some horsepower. The car runns like hell and the combination of handling, grip and speed is fantastic. Unfortunately I killed a duck at 180 KM/h and the front part is damaged now. But this can happen. (the duck had no chance...) A.
  5. mine squeal too... but only when hot and dry outside. I tried with WD40 spray... helps only for a day. A
  6. re: Heating: I noticed that the drivers side is dimisted lower than passenger side. In general: the passenger side (right) is also warmer. So, as I read Al.'s post, it must be (left/right steering) related.=passenger side obtains more heat/air... whatever. I run now 9000 KM and all goes perfect. Never any troubles, the car is a total hammering machine. but.. never open trunk after rain=all baggae is floaded. One suggest: it would be good to have a mark in the front display, when lights are on. just the green light surrounding the lightbutton is not sufficient. If you drive the day throu tu
  7. having tried to the change to summertime, I really tried hard to switch with the magic button just an hour ahead. Oh boy... maybe I a m too Swiss, but how the heck is it possible, to implicate such an easy procedure in such a complicate way. Push here push there and then have a wrong time but Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, trying again and the tyrepressure switches.... still with the wrong time trying again. Well, I wish everybody patience by doing it and best regards to the engeneers. A.
  8. sorry about Rega-Chopper-Ride. Just came back from Vietnam (33 degrees!)... let's fit a meeting, it's just 30 Minutes away, when you are restored. Ri
  9. maybe there should be an alliance from Lotus with Weightwatchers to rise sales in the US. Anyhow: the cars feeling could drive some of the US people to avoid MCD and let vegetables grow in their gardens... A.
  10. Hi there, yes: I bought my Evora at Kumschick. The Autobahn is also not my target, I am totally "mountaindriven", but due to the fact, that I run 30.000 KM a year I will have full time to make experiences. Surprising me is, that the existing power is fully sufficient combined with the gearboxsetting. I first thought, having the base on a 300 HP Saab, that lesser power would be boaring. But: surprise! For "reasonable driving" its perfect. Also combined with an average consumtion of 9 liters (Germany was 11....!) ordinary 95 fuel, I think this is perfect. Changing tires was "Alpinedriv
  11. After 4 month rolling on Winter Yoko's, I was able to drive the first time with the recommended Pirelli Zero Summertires on the German Highway. Topspeed reached around 250 km/h and a total different feeling comparing with the Yoko's. The car is extremly direct on the street and shows enourmos reserves. The fantastic breaks can show what they are able to do. So this is the setting, where the Evora can win over. On the other hand: the Pirellis are loud and follow every groove on the runway. So it is a bit nervous rumbling throu citystreets and a "wakeup" on the highway. But on the highspeed s
  12. has not set their status

  13. I might be a bit strange or dumb... but with an average human brain I am not able to make this remote control working. Has anybody in "easy words" a helping hand for making this thing on the Evora roof working? A.
  14. Hello Al. I have the original wheel on the car, but with the smallest possible Winterdimmension: 245 35 19 back and 215 40 18 on the front. (by the way: there is only one chain fitting this wheel... from Trax). Because I need wintertires geographically and insurance based, I will buy a complete new set of the same wheels but with the Summertires 255 35 19 back and 225 40 18 front. My dealer proposed Pirelli, either I do not like them because no longlife. But... I will try. My experiences on tires are all on SAAB, but this car is so different, that I do not want to compare. In last summer
  15. Hi Allan, I was at the dealer, yes. They tried to fix the heating first... and about the gearbox they told me to continue and look. They asked mainly if a gear steps out the box while driving. I will be there again in a week to put the Summertires on and change this horrible Alpine the third time. R.
  16. It looks, that snow and ice are.... over now. Here some experiences with the recommended Yokohama Wintertires: - the grip is average, carefull driving a must. - the wheel alignment in icy curves should not be to heavy, the Evora looses traction extremly quick and pushes out of the curve - the traction of the backtires is tricky: on ice=no chance, on snow: average (I think due to the big size); on water: good, but in highspeed curves (above 120 Km/h) the adhesion is quiet tricky. I mean that the usual "feeling ground on the bottom effect", that the Evora has, disappears. - they are quiet n
  17. I drove now 7000 KM with my Evora. All ok more or less. But I remarked, that below zero Centigrade degrees, the 2nd gear is not handlable without force. So I tried the system Frist and then into 3rd avoiding second. This works, with care also. After 5 minutes of driving, the 2nd gear then can be used normally. By the way: average conusmtion in these last freezy month below 9 liters. A.
  18. Due to the fact that the heat coming in is low, I tried to reduce the incoming cold. So I filled up the noches between the floor carpet and the gearbox leather, furtheron all fugues I found with feltstripes. Escpecially in and round the gearstick. It was a hell of work, but now there is less coolness coming in and it feels better. I know... it sounds stupid to be on the knees for hours to handle that. But after 7000 Kilometers of more or less freezy right foot, I thought its worth. A.
  19. Mine is a mess: I lose contact with the Navi in about every tunnel... then starts to recalculate.. and takes endless time... till next tunnel. The radio connection is bad. The newest stuff is long time use: after 6 hours of using straight, it changed brightness and suddenly it started to talk. So... it is a real mytery thing. The Handnavi I leave in the box and do not touch it, becaus I do not trust this machine at all. I think, that the missing antenna causes the bad incoming radio stations. But less would be more... for me. Reduce to the max. A.
  20. yes, the air circulation button helps, but then the windows will get the misty effect soon=no view. A.
  21. Hi Michael, it was real fluke. I was happy to climb up there without chains and it was pretty cold. So I stepped out, took the pictures and went on. If you want to see other pics with "no exact wheel position" step to There all pics are posted. Wish you fun and enjoy the Australian heat. Ri.
  22. Hi to Canada, German Autobahn is not so easy as it seems. First: if you are not used to drive more than 200, you overrate quickly what physics are active. Second: if you fly over the road and a truck takes over the other without having checked what is behind (happens often), pushes your adrenaline quiet quick... I think a racetrack is safer; without public traffic. Third: these cars are built for going fast, yes... but the rest around you acts on "normal level" so i do not want to provocate any accident. Fifth: I had an expericene with wintertires years ago... it is still in my brain... Alth
  23. Hi Massi, the first and the second are on the Top of Berninapass, south of St. Moritz, Number 3 is on the Marmoreralake after Julierpass. If you want to see more, go into Lotus, there they put in all eleven pictures. Best wishes from Baldingen... nearby... Ri.
  24. Althou I have Germany in reach: more than 220 I did not risk (Wintertires)... above 210 the front of the car is "very light"... so not more the grip on the street as below 200. Trunk: yes, it heats... but is is not extreme. Anyhow... no food to put in there... but for electronics etc. I do not see any problem. A.
  25. I remarked draught from the car soil in the food aera. So the dealer isolated with mats=this helped to get the coolness level down. Furtheron I remarked some cool air coming throu the gearstick. So I operated by myslef and now its better. The update on the heating of the car was already made. Now it's better... anyhow... far away from "real heat". But the feeling of the car compensates all. Freezy wishes. A.
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