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  1. yep ive got that one in me watch list also
  2. so getting back to the prices, i think I have to sell my esprit se high wing due to my fused spine.what sort of money should I be asking for it. its got 72k miles well serviced, just had cam belt done (300 miles ago) full tax, mot till oct and in canny condition for 21 cheers martin
  3. just ran it along road at 30moh approx and when the wheels lock (the front ) the abs does not release them straight away i have about a 1 metre black line from tyres before the abs releases and puts them on again and another 1 metre black line . on a normal car its like a instant on and off effect when abs activates
  4. i finally took the car out yesterday and it seems like its developed another fault ,when i brake hard the abs unit starts acting as if the wheels are locking up and releaseing pressure ,and there is no fault on the espritmon any thoughts ?
  5. finally got abs accum fitted today (island4x4) £97 delivered, i did have a problem with the system spurting fluid all over the place when i took it off (yes i had done 50 pumps on the pedal), after fitting the pump ran for about 40 seconds and sounded different and the pump aint running everytime i press the pedal do you think it will need bleeding the pedal if firm? cheers martin
  6. does anyone happen to know if there any other fuses for the lighter other than the one under the bonnet cheers martin
  7. hello i have now managed to get espritmon working and its now come up with code 62 low accum , every time i press the pedal the pump runs for about 6 seconds and when i depresurise the system (forty pump) and turn the ignition back on the pump runs for approx 21 seconds and again the pump will run everytime i press the pedal. any suggestions etc cheers martin
  8. I only used the 62 as an example(from the manual) and if it was then it is the same for the ecu also as espritmon does both, this was to see if I was using the software correctly not asking for help on abs fault
  9. hello all I have just got me espritmon working (talking to the car) am I right in thinking if there is a red light near a number say the 62 low accum as in the manual of espritmon this is where the fault may lie, if so is this the same for the engine side also regards martin
  10. I can get over this sat afternoon if you are available, I finish work at 1 then make my way down. pm me with your address details cheers martin
  11. any ideas what the part no was from the p38 as there is a couple on fleebay for sale cheers
  12. im a couple of miles west of durham city so slow trip down to redcar ok I take it your s4s has the old ie gm connector cheers martin
  13. my brakes got even worse the other day I pressed the pedal and nothing happened for a couple of seconds (seemed like minutes)and then they started to work , so after I got back and parked it up and i changed me pants, anyone local with espritmon to plug in before I buy the gear me self cheers martin
  14. I hope to be there, may stay in hotel this time instead of camping
  15. cheers bibs for the paint codes link is the similar for leather colurs cheers martin
  16. any idea what the numbers and letters correspond too
  17. any ideas whats the best way to find out colour codes etc for paint, leather and trim etc cheers
  18. i was asking for a price and thats waht i was told i took it to pure lotus as they where the only ones to answers my mesasge (that could do the work) out of many how you doing martin i see you got yourself a bigun
  19. its not that im dissing them and no i did not see the linked item but im sure if anyone who bought a new car from them and it broke down etc and was told they would have to wait a few months get it fixed they would be a little upset !
  20. ive seen theese in old porsche's but i thought the bell housing was part of the diff casing hence maybee hard to marry upto lotus lump
  21. hello can the helpful forum member contact me also as im wanting it cheers martin
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