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  1. yeah, pics on phone in car, not allowed phone in the lab at werk, will upload when at home
  2. Sounds good to me chaps. Will pop this in the diary. No excuse needed to stretch the little legs of the new beastie.
  3. Unfortunately just the "standard H transmission" and the "pedals like a race car" no hooker installed, big or small feet.. mores the pity.
  4. Ditto the thanks to the organisers from me too, a superb morning out and nice to look around a workshop with so many differing cars sat within. Will look forward to attending again if that is possible.
  5. Swindon_Alan Escape BP81 Kevin Wheeler Mark Blanchard Clarkeson Lotusesprit1 Trevsked Peter+1
  6. Hi Mark, Yep, still got it, but not for long. trying to get to the meet on saturday.
  7. Only just spotted this PG, not been on for ages. Certainly looks like me, going to the White Lion classic car meet, my diary suggests, a rare day that I actually ventured onto the hideous M3.
  8. mine fans died of under use as the AC leaks away fairly swiftly after re-charge. sorted the fans and the loom was dire. every wire was tired, crumbled away and green inside what was left of the insulation. rewired using the original multiplug and new bits the fans ends. then as you say an override dash switch to cycle the fans even in the winter, also heating the garage up a bit on landing back home! sounds like some sums are required for the new fans just in case.
  9. The fan wiring loom is usually in shocking condition. Double check up the loom for corrosion.
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