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  1. yeah, pics on phone in car, not allowed phone in the lab at werk, will upload when at home
  2. Sounds good to me chaps. Will pop this in the diary. No excuse needed to stretch the little legs of the new beastie.
  3. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  4. Unfortunately just the "standard H transmission" and the "pedals like a race car" no hooker installed, big or small feet.. mores the pity.
  5. Ditto the thanks to the organisers from me too, a superb morning out and nice to look around a workshop with so many differing cars sat within. Will look forward to attending again if that is possible.
  6. Swindon_Alan Escape BP81 Kevin Wheeler Mark Blanchard Clarkeson Lotusesprit1 Trevsked Peter+1
  7. Hi Mark, Yep, still got it, but not for long. trying to get to the meet on saturday.
  8. Only just spotted this PG, not been on for ages. Certainly looks like me, going to the White Lion classic car meet, my diary suggests, a rare day that I actually ventured onto the hideous M3.
  9. mine fans died of under use as the AC leaks away fairly swiftly after re-charge. sorted the fans and the loom was dire. every wire was tired, crumbled away and green inside what was left of the insulation. rewired using the original multiplug and new bits the fans ends. then as you say an override dash switch to cycle the fans even in the winter, also heating the garage up a bit on landing back home! sounds like some sums are required for the new fans just in case.
  10. The fan wiring loom is usually in shocking condition. Double check up the loom for corrosion.
  11. Esprit Turbo SE Earls Court Motorfair Car SCC082910LHA65347 October 1989, Registered August 1990 Silver Frost - Blue Leather
  12. Lotus Esprit SE (1990) Date Added: 25 July 2013 - 08:37 PM Owner: pitstoppete Short Description: Ex Factory display car at the 1989 Earls Court Motor fair - see pics. Silver Frost A045, Blue leather with slate grey carpets. Changes from standard spec. - Shortened cold air intake, Hybrid John Welch T3/4 ceramic ball bearing turbo, Heat shielded chargecooler and Craig Davies electric chargecooler pump, RC Racing fuel injectors - standard capacity primaries, 150% secondaries, Intake tract fettled, enlarged and matched to plenum chamber, High torque 18 psi ECU, standard 107 cams with 104/104 "green dot" Cam Timing, Home made 3" de-catted exhaust, 2 Simons straight through short boxes, stainless tailpipe. New 17" S4 wheels, machined down front hubs, 325x25mm MG ZTT front brake discs, AP Racing Sport 350 blue Teflon coated front calipers, extended S4 Brembo type caliper spacers, EBC ceramic pads, 323x28mm Audi Allroad rear brake discs, V8 Brembo calipers and brackets, Stainless braided brake hoses. Taller ratio V8 0.76:1 5th gear conversion, later spec gear change ball joint rubber boots. Polyurethane suspension and anti-roll bar bushes, adjustable camber rear top arms with polyurethane bushes. Polished Esprit GT3 alloy gear knob, S4 steering wheel, S4 flat rear numberplate plinth and chargecooler badge, K type thermocouple plenum mounted air intake temperature sensor, Kenwood CD tuner, Infinity speakers, Vectra B oval side repeaters. EBPV, CC pump, charcoal canister, throttle jack and spare wheel, all deleted. View Vehicle
  13. That's quite usual for that website, fairly sketchy data from the V5's, although just checked my V5 and it's - Esprit Turbo SE. Majority of our cars on that site though are down as just - Esprit or Esprit Turbo.
  14. Superb stuff. Many thanks for taking the time to post those. Love it.
  15. Travis and Bibs have knocked it on the head. The original spec has some faults IMO. I imagine there may be very few utterly original ones left. People may want an utterly std one, but IMO a sorted one is far better, but without going too nuts. Loving the S300 and S4S, but I couldnt afford either all those years ago, I also didnt like the S4 body shape and/or High Wing spoilers. I didnt have 15-25K either. I was very particular, I wanted a silver car, preferably blue leather, but wanted the chargecooled/injection turbo spec. Almost all of the flat colours seemed to fade and a laquered car was top of the list. My choice was simple. Managed to find one, then - worked hard get it how I wanted it, sort out all the niggles/things I didn't like. Then attempt to keep it niggle free, or at least in a low niggle state, as TBH there's always something that could be fettled. but, as you are close by, come and see mine if you like, but it's sorned now. I may be lent on.
  16. I have a gold one similar and it's stainless twin, pics of it are here, as well as lots and lots of others. Maybe the forum mentioned there could be of use to you to for a value. I wouldn't say it would need a separate house insurance listing.
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