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  1. Great photos Mischi, Just back from Frankfurt myself and I must say that the 124 looks fantastic. I enquired about the chances of getting that back louvre as an option on mine. It must be offered as part of the Evora SC when released. I really changes to look of the car. It doesnt need to be carbon fibre, but it is a must have. Still no official word on when we might see the first deliveries to Australia. I had hoped to get a real indication now that cars are making their way into customer hands - apparently the first one is being delivered to Europe this week too. Almost forgot to mention (if it hasnt already been mentioned somewhere) that the 124's engine is a bored and stroked version of the standard one - 3.8 ltr normally aspirated.
  2. Bibs, your article mentioned output tuned to 400ps. Presumably this is supercharged, but there is no specific mention of it. I wonder how long before we see a supercharged road version if this is what they are already achieving???
  3. Any idea what the weekday prices are Mischi? As it turns out, my itinerary means a visit on the 22nd works best.
  4. Absolutely stunning in Burnt Orange - thanks for the photos on the other thread.
  5. The show is open to the public 17-27 Sept. As it turns out, I need to be in Munich on Sept 21st for all of a day. Munich is along way from home for a one day visit and I've been wondering if there was something interesting going on in the area - anywhere in EU is nearby given how far I'm travelling. Now I know what I'll be doing on either Sat or Sun. Be good to meet up with some of you guys if there is a contingent going over - particularly since I cant make it to the meeting in Oct - have to be in the US at that time.
  6. Congratulations guys. Enjoy your toys. More photos of the burnt orange when you can...
  7. I've been burried in work and havent logged in for three weeks - so nice to see people now have delivery dates. You'll probably be breaking a few speed laws to get down to Hethel in a hurry...
  8. That does look good. Hopefully you get it soon and then you can post a few more photos showing off the colour. Pity that wasnt painted when I was there 3 weeks ago. It's a tough decision - carbon grey or burnt orange (unseen).
  9. That's really impressive - Lotus should have hired you to render those early colour samples. The first one in particular looks like a photo.
  10. That actually looks much better in the car than the early photos of just a chestnut seat by itself. Thought it looked terrible in that early photo, but this is OK.
  11. But why cant Lotus just post a photo somewhere of an Evora in that colour???
  12. We don't really have what I would call an 'enthusiast' car dealer here in Adelaide with a city of over a million people. Companies put up the shingle and sell fancy cars. I for one would be keen to promote the brand here - for one it helps my resale value when the supercharged version comes along Actually, Lotus, want to sponsor me to enter the Classic Adelaide Rally with my new Evora later in the year? If it is delivered by then, late November. This is a motorsport event that people come to from all over the world to drive through our wonderful Adelaide hills. If Lotus Australia were part of this forum, I'd offer them my services to promote the car at the event and the public exhibition days.
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