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  1. I purchased and had them fitted by Stratton Motor Company(not that I am blaming them}along with the Eibach springs as recommended. Also worth noting cost of a pair of front dampers in 2007 £254 plus VAT the price now is £500 inc VAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps this is how Lotus plan to get back into profit!
  2. Hi I have just taken my 1998 V8 SE out for its first ride this year ,and would you believe the front damper has failed. Now you are probably saying ,not unusual,but please bear in mind that I had all the dampers and springs changed in Oct 2007 to eibach springs and bilstein dampers . Please bear in mind that I have only done 5500 miles in this time and it is never out in the rain and garaged all winter. Has anyone else had experience of bilstein dampers failing,am I right to be aggreived at so little mileage
  3. 117 1 spyoungman 2V8 3 +1 4 Local 5 Norfolk
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