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  1. Somethings going on, as Dany Bahar is in Tokyo after presenting Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda with a Elise. This was a commemorative gift from Lotus to celebrate their past and future relationship with Toyota. With Cosworth a partner with Group Lotus this could lead to the Esprit having a tuned version of the LFA engine. The Toyota engine for Team Lotus next year could be true, but Lotus have held many talks with Renault. Looks like Lotus are building on the relationship with Toyota, while using Cosworth to provide tuning to give Lotus a good chance of taking on the big boys!
  2. Just to confirm that Lotus are marketing the Evora in the good old U S of A! Spot the blue Evora on the right in the background, plus the Exos is on the left pulling in the crowd to the Lotus display.
  3. Lotus has not took funds out of the Evora variants, if they had we wouldn't have the Evora GT4 & Endurance in developement stage with Johnny Mowlem as lotus official test driver. Lotus has changed thats for sure, but they haven't forgot about the product lines they have. The Exos is a halo car nothing more, nothing less. It will make sense to some and others won't like it because it doesn't seem the right thing for Lotus to be doing. Dany Bahar has a vision that Lotus must use it's motorsport heritage to showcase the company, hence the Exos. The idea is to get the attention of the public, even if it divides opinion. From what is being said the Exos and the Evora GT4/Endurance are making a impact with the public. Come Paris in September when Lotus unveil it's future plans, people will already have knoweldge of the brand from the motorsport product drive. The Exos is doing the job of pulling in the people who would't look at the Lotus brand. So the more people will be looking into what Lotus will be offering in the road cars part of the company. It all boils down to gaining brand awarness!
  4. Exos Experience by Lotus - an Elite Club News Article Below what we all know is a new press release from Lotus about the Exos Experience. Notice that Team Exos is based at Lotus Motorsport.
  5. The car was painted in those colours for a customer. The car has also had some development done by Lotus and input from Jarno Trulli. It's just a showcase of what Lotus Sport do for clients. The Exos on the other hand is Lotus Cars answer to cars like the Caparo. If you think about it, Lotus have been doing some homework on other manafacturers cars. They do the same thing with development of new road cars. The thing is Lotus have found a niche market with the Exos, who else offers a near enough spec car to a 2010 F1. Gives you everything you need to get up and running, then offers full support, training, Track Events. The thing I can see working is the cost of ownership compared to a classic F1 car, which needs a rebuild more often than not every time the cars been out on a track event. You need a support crew for classic F1 cars if you stall them on track, this is eliminated with the Exos. The cost of rebuilding a classic F1 is mega bucks, as parts are not ready available. The Exos parts are ready available off the shelf. So yeah a classic F1 car can be bought cheaper, but keeping the thing running out ways the cost of buying and running the Exos.
  6. The future of luxury sportscars, today!

    30th September 2010 Paris

  7. The S1 Elise was refered to as the new 7, with the 340R being the closest based on the Elise platform. Don't expect any new cars based on the Elise platform as this is not part of the new direction the company are heading! The new motto at Lotus is (The future of luxury sportscars, Today!) so can't see a back-to-basics car any time soon.
  8. Have to agree! I can't see Lotus building a new seven, as it doesn't tie in with what Dany Bahar or Proton have said about the future. The most likely are something similar to a new Esprit, maybe the new GT's as well. Hybribs seem to be a big thing at Lotus at the moment, this could be introduced at Paris.
  9. I got to laugh at the renderings Auto Express produce as fact. This drawing is based off a project which was done for Hotwheels, so will never see the light of day! I have just been reading the artical about Lotus is back in the magazine which they say is official, yep they used the same rendering for the Esprit replacement lol.
  10. Thursday 30th September at 3.45pm UK time is what Lotus has set for the big reveal!
  11. So guys what do you think Lotus are up to? Do you think it will be the new Esprit, a V6 Exige or something else?
  12. This one seems to have passed the radar.
  13. Seems to be some info is missing from that article. This was the first site to break the news http://www.thedrum.c... This might be of interest from the article. The Drum can exclusively reveal that the Birmingham agency has been briefed by Group Lotus to draw on the "pedigree and heritage" of the brand as it looks to overtake luxury car rivals.
  14. The cord is part of a damper that is bolted to the liner. You will need to replace the damper, which will require the liner being removed. The little push pins in the liner will also need replacing, as they tend to be unusable after being removed. Hope this helps!
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