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  1. Just saw a video of the new Tesla Roadster being unveiled. It looks just like an Evora. Did Lotus and Tesla join up again, as they did with Tesla's original roadster?
  2. Happy Birthday Kimbers! Bruce T from California.
  3. By the way, just where is the oil pressure sending unit located? (95 S4s) Brucet
  4. brucet


    Thanks, Bibs! Doesn't look good for him....
  5. brucet


    Good day, everyone. I have a friend who is flying out tonight from LA to Heathrow. Should be arriving Wednesday mid-day. What's the forecast looking like for tomorrow? Has he any chance of actually getting there? Is LHR back open? We heard it had been closed on Sunday. Thanks for the input. Bruce
  6. Weathershield. Available in the US, from many auto-parts websites. I got mine from At the time, they were the cheapest. Bruce
  7. Damn, that's expensive! Over here (in Southern California), it's 30 USD for 5 quarts AND a Mobil 1 filter! How do you guys afford to keep your cars running? Bruce T
  8. All of the Brits here at Disney seem to be in hiding today. Wonder why.............? Brucet
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, Travis. I'll check it this weekend. Bruce
  10. Thanks for the input from literally all over the world! I'll try swapping the springs from left to right first (as well as checking the right rear shock), then see if I should take the next (replacement) step. Bruce
  11. Hi everyone. Last weeekend I noticed that the ride height in my S4s is suddenly lower on the left front than the right. The difference at the top of the front wheel arches is almost one inch. This morning I took off the wheels and had a look at the suspension, but nothing is obviously wrong--no broken spring, no leaking shock absorber. Is it possible the springs or the shocks (still the originals, but with only 36,000 miles on them) have suddenly "worn out" unevenly? Or should I start looking at other reasons? Is there some adjustment point which could have loosened-up? Looking at the repair manual, I don't see any reference to one. The car does not handle any differently than it did previously, by the way. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bruce T.
  12. Paul, was that first set of pics taken at Oakley Headquarters up in Foothill Ranch? It sure wasn't at Ford's HQ in Irvine, judging by the nearby mountains. Brucet
  13. brucet

    Evora Review

    Here's what the LA Times Automotive Reporter thought about the Evora (in Friday's paper):,0,5548499.column Bruce T
  14. That's strange. I thought LEFty was yellow. Did you respray him for this?
  15. Excellent point. I, for one, rather enjoy the exclusivity of my Esprit. In fact, that's one of the major reasons I bought it. An equivalent Porsche (and I had a 911 prior to my Lotus) would have been far less money. But around here (Orange County, California), they're as common as VWs. I would gladly spend the "extra" cash (if I had it) to get the same feeling in an Evora. Bruce
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