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  1. I was referring to my personal experience at Portimao last week, you don't have to convince me about Caterham's track or road performance, utterly remarkable. It was only a very unpleasant meeting with a couple of large Deer that made me sell my wonderful CSR a couple of years ago . My much more antique Lotus 7 S4 is a poor replacement but feels fast at much lower speeds. The Lotus Club Championship, racing against other Lotus's , hardly Jonny, it's like me quoting the Porsche Super Cup results ? As I said you are a fine word smith, I'm a left handed dyslexic, but I assure you, I've seen time and again on various forums how you try to bully people, you won't intimidate me ! So perhaps you should ban me ?
  2. Not worth arguing Jonny , you are I believe a 'a word smith' by trade , and I'm absolutely no match for your expertise in this field . I did chuckle at your throw away sentence about the Evora's success in competition, as I'm a keen club racing follower and can barely remember any Evora successes, other than with the very special Mr.Cor Euser at the wheel, so I looked them up , and was spot on !
  3. I did take a passenger ride with an experienced track day friend around Portimao in his 991GT3RS, with all driver aids switched off , it was utterly remarkable, such poise and balance and such amazing speed, he was able to live with the numerous Caterham 620R's on the event . I think the point has been reached where Porsche's engineering prowess and seemingly endless engineering budget, has taken them into another league from almost all other manufacturers , sadly . The GT3 owner had to return early to the U.K., the car was left on the upper deck of the transporter , so I took the chance to inspect the tyres, quite expecting them to be shredded after such sideways tyres smoking antics, they were barely worn, how do they do it ? The Cayman GT4 ( even modified ) is a shadow of the 991GT3RS, and that car is already almost obsolete , such is the speed of Porsche's development program . It appears the new generation engine with its finger followers, smaller bearings and therefore ability to run with lower oil pressure is even more special , the development is relentless ! I genuinely admire your patriotism , but I think you are living in a "Lotus Forums" fantasy land if you really think Porsche make exaggerated claims about their power figures , again I'm sorry if this offends .
  4. The Pits, your guess is probably better than mine ! I'm really looking forward to offering you a drive in the GT4 if we ever actually meet up ? I'd say you have to be driving the GT4 very hard to find the Chapman Strut giving up on grip, and when it does, it's in a very progressive and safe fashion, so probably ideal for journalist to get their inevitable over-steering photographs ? On a positive note, I thought Bruss's Evora had a lovely engine with loads of low down torque and had marvelous brake feel . It's a lovely place in which to sit, much more special than the Porsche .
  5. To be balanced and fair, with regard to the GT4 v Evora v Elige V6 debate , I've been away on the Bookatrack Iberia trip taking in days on track at Jerez, Portimao and Estoril. I met up with Forum member Bruss who has a beautiful Grey Evora which he has slowly modified over the last couple of years . Like myself Bruss has a small amount of racing experience and we are both of an age that we should know better, we agreed to swap cars for a few laps, Bruss in my modified GT4 and me in the modified Evora . Bruss has written his views of the swap on the other Forum, but it seems to him and to me that the Chapman Strut rear suspension on the GT4 is much less of a handicap than the physics defying engine position of the Evora . As a road car I have no doubt the Evora is great, but in extremes on-track it's nowhere near as nimble and adjustable as the GT4 . Sorry .
  6. TVR shows new car

    Electric Power Steering ? As a layman I'd guess because it's more efficient , because it's probably cheaper and because it's going to develop into a much more tuneable system.. Develpoing a hydraulic system I'd guess heeds continuous valving changes , developing an electric system requires a lap top plug in ? Bet the next major Lotus release has electric power steering ?
  7. Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    Used to race against Cristian Menzel in the VLN, a really nice hyper sort of bloke, fabulous driver. Was very lucky he gave me quite a bit of driver training too .
  8. There is no doubt in my mind that the GT4 is a flawed product, but if you were Porsche and you were selling GT3's at huge margins, you'd hardly make a cheaper car that was just as good or better unless you wanted a Lotus style P & L ? I've used my GT4 much more than most , I've told you on this Forum that its not as fast as an Exige V6 on circuits that don't allow momentum to be carried, I've now convinced myself of another of it's failings, that is the rear suspension . It's Chapman Strut rear layout, works well and is very cheap it make for most clients, but for ageing hooligans like me it's failings are pretty clear, the system has no ability to add camber in roll, unlike the multi link system on later GT3's, as a consequence, when I find myself tucked up behind a GT3 in a long fast corner, the GT4 simply runs out of grip and goes into a progressive oversteer state, while the GT3 just grips and drives away , all very frustrating ! My GT4 is certainly my last track car, and my plan is to learn to drive it better and to develope it such that's it's cheap build flaws are less intrusive . Too you young bendy boys, keep Lotusing ! Cheers .
  9. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    But Barrykearly, is there a different view for Lotus on this, or are they the same and I quote "same fraudulent and cheating contempt they have had for the environment and our children's lungs. Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting". The motor industry is a bit of a cess pit I'm afraid, but the law makers also make totally unrealistic laws around emissions to appease the population. Stop them flying off to the sun, and limit breeding would be my bigoted view .
  10. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    Barrykearly, I'd be very careful what you say, I have been offered new Lotus cars that knowingly fail emissions tests. Best not spoken about I'd say .
  11. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    Oh you are he ! Well, you were the chap I took out in the GT4 when it looked spanky new ?
  12. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    Jonny you have certainly never offended. Strangely when I first got my GT4, it was the first one around for many months, a very charming meek and mild chap came to have a ride in it at Silverstone, and later I learned that it was the infamous Mr.D ! Web personas are very different to the reality, this could be why I've made numerous attempts to meet the illusive 'Pits" ? On an honest and positive note, I know Goodwood pretty well, for years before it was rebuilt it was the place for track driving enthusiasts , your time in the Exige V6 is really impressive, is there a video of it and do you have any comments on special techniques to achieve it ?
  13. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    Oh come on Jonny, I might be loosing it a bit, but you used to be like Danny Bahar's PR Man of the web forum's, aggressively defending his every move ? I remember once on Pistonheads, actually asking the question "are you a Lotus employee" ?
  14. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    As ever made me feel like an idiot ! Jonny, remember how you used to take me to pieces on PH and the other one over your unending support of Danny, at least I won on something !
  15. Exige V6 vs Cayman GT4

    For some reason, I can't edit my above post in which I said " usually asking if they are the playground'ers or Lotus forums folk ", for some reason "the playground'ers" changes to " the playgrounders" ! I know I'm old but this is ridiculous !!! I get it, I'm not supposed to mention the South East Lotus Enthusiasts Club, sorry didn't know this .