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  1. I wouldn't even call it a review... Did he drive it?
  2. That's indeed Schumacher's own FXX!
  3. I read on Finalgear that the first one will be an episode-long race (the usual funny challenge using different means of transport)... so probably no Evora on the 21st
  4. Does anybody have a clue on when the cars will actually reach the dealers, especially for what regards the Italian ones? I haven't seen the Evora in the flesh yet and I'm desperately looking forward to it!
  5. LordMarkus

    Press launch

    here you go Evora wallpaper photo
  6. Great news! I'm wating for more reviews, hoping that they'll be as enthusiastic as this one! By the way, the Evora does look cool in Canyon Red
  7. A lucky guy from Pistonheads boards ran into a red Evora in Scotland yesterday. It looks just awesome
  8. PB Racing, a well-known racing team and one of the main Lotus dealers here in Italy, is planning to run a racing version of the Evora in next year's FIA GT championship. The car won't be developed officially by Lotus, but by the engineers of the team, which has great experience in motor racing since they've been preparing racing Lotus cars for more than ten years now (they've made rally-spec Exiges too). The plans are to test the car on the track in late summer, preparing for a debut in FIA-GT and endurance races next year. The owner of the team is Stefano d'Aste: he's a very friendly guy and a great driver too (he was the Indipendents WTCC champion in 2007 and he has took part in the testing and development of the official 2-Eleven GT4). In this video he's driving a Lotus race-specced by PB Racing source (in italian):
  9. LordMarkus

    Orange Evora

    I ran into these pics on Flickr: It looks gorgeous in orange...
  10. I don't know if this link has been posted yet... Not the best pics, but at least you can see the car in a couple of non-photoshopped colours...
  11. Just wow... Aquamarine + dark wheels = great combo Thanks for the pics!
  12. The Fisker looks good, they've done a great job with the rigid folding roof... However I think it looks very "Maserati", doesn't it?
  13. Nice write up! I'm really looking forward to see some pics of the Aquamarine Evora...
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