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  1. Looks great - is the red sill flash paint or vinyl?
  2. Same as above - had my 2010 NA for 9 years which has the CR box, now on 36k miles (33K being my miles) with original clutch and a great gear change which has never needed any adjustment at all
  3. Following on from this, has anybody found out the paint code for the Anthracite Forged alloy wheels (not the cast ones in a similar colour) as I want to touch in some small chips, ta!
  4. I got a 2nd hand one of those linked to from ES Motorsport for £35 - good as new and much nicer than the earlier ones - mine's a 2010 also.
  5. I have a 100mm crack on the front bumper right at the bottom by the wheel arch as a result of a suicidal pheasant. I repaired it last summer using some epoxy adhesive but that has not held so am looking to sort it out properly this time around. I intend to repair it from the inside and it should be fairly invisible from the outside as it is very low down anyway and does not warrant a trip to the bodyshop. If it was normal Lotus GRP / fibre glass it would be easy, but I understand that Evora bumpers are a type of plastic, so does anyone know / have experience of dealing with a small repair in
  6. Thanks Kieran for that. So am I correct that when you come to replace the damper etc you have to first attach the top mount to the chassis, then thread the shock and spring into position and secure the bottom mount bolt. Then use a jack to push the shock and damper upwards into the top mount and then put the top mount bolt in? The service notes say that it can be done as a complete unit with the top mount, though I cant see how and have tried many times from all different angles! Cheers.
  7. I have had to replace the lower NSF wishbone due to a worn ball joint and it has turned into a pig of a job and am after advice from anyone who has gone through this before. I need to reinstall the shock and spring unit which I removed from the car as i have a set of standard new shocks sitting under the bench. I transferred the old spring on to the new shock and fitted the top mount with the aid of spring compressors. The service notes state that you can fit the entire unit ( spring, shock and top mount) as a complete unit back on to the car but I have tried and failed! I cant see how
  8. ES bought a number of pre production Evoras from Lotus which they were not allowed to sell as complete cars but they are great for "as new" used items - just check you get the correct one (s) as there were various changes early on, but you'll prob be ok with a 13 S. They're very helpful and all their stock is carefully labelled as to what it is and what it fits.
  9. I posted several tears ago about this when my ducting perished. I sourced a very nice stainless tube:
  10. Best to just ring them. They did advertise them via eBay and had a few.
  11. I am in the middle of a suspension refresh on my 2010 35k miles Evora NA. The car was serviced in July and they noted that the lower ball joint on NSF had some play in it which was again picked up on the MOT as an advisory last month. You cant replace just the ball joint so you have to source the full wishbone which comes compete with the bushes and ball joint. I sourced mine from ES Motorsport, brand new for £200 and not the £550 + vat that Lotus want! I had previously bought very cheaply 4 x new shocks and springs from Lotus Motorsport when they were selling off surplus stock so I am r
  12. Give ES motorsport a shout as they race Evoras and am sure they will know if cams differ between models, but I don’t think they do as per above post. It is something I am looking at for my NA with some manifolds.
  13. I went PS4 all round on my NA after looking at the PS4s option with slightly wider front tyres. The PS4 is the better all round tyre esp in winter / wet conditions and they are also cheaper. The car has enough rubber on the road and grip so no need to go wider. I was expecting to get quite alot more mileage out of my rear PS4 tyres but I would say they are only marginally better wear wise than the Pirellis - they will need changing at 6k miles, but most of my miles are "fun" miles so not too bothered. They have word evenly . so nothing to do with poor alignment. Re induction - I have the
  14. Just a heads up on these - Michelin are doing a cashback offer at certain dealers which means I am having t new front tyres fitted for £170. This is the net price after you have claimed back the £20 cash back from Michelin (£40 for 4 tyres) My local tyre guy matched the Camskill online price which was £153.50 delivered inc VAT. Great tyres and great price
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