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  1. So no customer cars being built in Sept it seems. My July 10th deposit has now also put me into an Oct build slot. I hope they are not taking a gamble on the parts supply being resolved by Oct and that the cars will actually get built in Oct.
  2. I also went with PS4S rear and PS4 front and have done a couple of trackdays and do use the car briskly on local B roads and have been very happy with this combo. The grip is also excellent when wet and cold. i had thought though that PS4S fronts were now available, but I dont need any just yet.
  3. yes, basically used very fine wet and dry paper down to 5000 grade the polished it up with some cutting compound and then fitted the PPF. The other headlight I just fitted the PPF on top of the good lacquer and so far so good.
  4. Mine are still fine. I removed all the laquer from one light as it was peeling badly but the other one was fine and I used the PPF kit on both.
  5. Harry likes it and glad I’ve gone with Touring spec………Q debate.
  6. Has the car not been used much recently? If it goes out after a slight delay then all should be good anyway. Mine has done the same in the past and then went back to going out straight away. Take it for a decent run and see if that sorts it. You could also try an OBD reader to see if any codes are stored.
  7. Had my call today and my delivery is now Sept. Asked about ppf and was told there will be none fitted as standard by the factory - strange that all recent Lotus models come with some. Price for Ceramic coating option not yet known. Service package pricing still not known either. I’ve opted for home delivery.
  8. Do you know, or anyone know if the factory are putting on any PPF at all? The Evora had the the most vulnerable areas covered by the factory so I would hop that the Emira is similar?
  9. My deposit was 10th July morning, but my delivery on the last email still stated August, so will have to wait and see……. Hopefully I will get a call this week.
  10. Tan interior and black callipers. I was tempted with yellow, but they don’t stay bright yellow for long. I have gloss black on my Evora and they still look good.they should also contrast well with silver wheels. Red were a bit boy racerish for me 😀
  11. Glad I switched to Nimbus with no BP but went for silver wheels which I think will look pretty good.
  12. I've always used premium unleaded in my 10.5 years of ownership and know the car VERY well after 40k miles. The only time it is at all "grumpy" and not it's normal smooth revving self is if it's been started a few times and not run - this only happens if I have had to move the car from the garage to work on another car and move it back! It is then only the first gear change from 2nd to 3rd when it will do it. Normally when I use the car I just start it up and go, and it's excellent
  13. Has the car been started a few times without actually going on a run? Assuming the MAF sensor is clear, I have had Kangaroo symptoms occasionally if I have started the car, and moved it a few times without taking it on a run. It just doesnt like being started from cold and not run it seems. When I have had this and it kangaroos in 2nd I just dip the clutch, rev it a bit, let it clear its throat, and then its fine. Never happens when the engine is hot.
  14. Probably not an LE car then, but a very early one and if anyone is interested then a phone call to QMech will have any queries sorted 👍
  15. Saw this LE Evora at Castle Combe Lotus day for sale. It was owned by a Club Lotus frien who sadly passed away a year or 2 ago. Its a very nice car and priced very keenly to sell. It is being sold by Qmech Lotus specialists who have looked after the car and any enquiries should be directed to Andy Stanford on the number given.
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