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  1. I’ll have a look at which model vocals I got, but the Tweeters were a direct tight push fit replacement to the oem ones
  2. Nice purchase. I went with Focal door speakers and tweeters which fitted well and gave much better sound.
  3. You mention the tyre shop retorquing the suspension bolts - if they torqued the wishbone pivot bolts, these should only be done with the car laden down - ie 2 people sat in it. Other than that, do what Bruss suggests above.
  4. Cheers for the replies - I'll be driving it regularly now the salt has gone so will see how it goes before looking at the sensors in more detail.
  5. Following my earlier post I bought an Autolink Autel OBD reader and have found that the error code is P0137 with description O2 sensor circuit low voltage, bank 1 sensor 2. Has anybody had this and fixed it, and where is this sensor actually located and is it accessible to check / replace? Does anyone have a part number, or is it Lotus only. Thanks - car is running perfectly and I cleared the code yesterday and the light didnt come on after another test drive so it may have sorted itself out.
  6. Just a quick heads up on Footman James Ins - I have been with them for years and their Lotus policy is through Aviva and covers 5 track days per year and I have a mileage limit currently of 4k on my 2010 NA - value stated as £29K, but their policy is market value based - so may be more soon, who knows! Renewal came through at £285, about the same as last year with my wife and son (aged 31) as named drivers. As my son hasnt driven the car for a couple of years - he has an S1 Elise 135, I asked for a quote without him - it dropped to £182 !! That's a real bargain and I paid as fast as I cou
  7. After winter suspension refresh and waiting for the weather and salt to clear up, last week I took my car out for essential shopping trip and on the way back the EML came on. Car is running perfectly, no missing and revs fine. I cleaned the sensor on the intake tube ( car has had a Radium CAI for last 8 years) and started the car a few times but EML remained on. Took the car out again yesterday on my weekly farm shop visit and the light was off (probably was the 5th start up) but then came on again on the return trip. I dont have an OBD reader so any recommendations as to best one to get
  8. My 2010 NA had the original battery for 9 years - I changed it last year for a decent replacement. In the winter I connect the c-tek charger if it's not going to be started for 2 weeks or more. The rest of the year, it will go 2-3 weeks without a charge, but I drive it every few days anyway so it's never a problem. As said above, I think there must be a drain on the circuit somewhere - are you sure the boot lights aren't staying on?
  9. Reply from ebay seller: New message from: nickaliath (4,978) Hello Steve, The manufacturer states it as having 'excellent UV resistance'. Thanks Nick
  10. A pair of portable hydraulic ramps are worth investing in - used mine loads of times and makes it very easy to lower the car on to stands.
  11. Not yet, but have just msg seller to see if they also protect from UV rays @Tom - you will probably find that the rear headlight mounting support plates are quite rusty esp where the wheel arch liners are next to them. I have taken both of mine off and refurbed them - ie wire brushed, rubbed down, primer and paint. The Lotus paint was extremely thin and no evidence of primer!
  12. That's a great price for the 2 - I guess he did them in situ? I have just done 1 headlight where the lacquer had peeled, but I removed the light and then went down through the wet n dry paper grades down to 5000 and then a friend buffed them up with a cutting polish. I will go the UV PPF route, probably diy, so interested how you get on and which PPF you use and cost.
  13. Thanks all for the info but I think I'll leave them attached to the light and work round them as I dont want to risk breaking anything! I've got all the lacquer off one light with 800 and 1000 wet grit paper and then will go down through the grades to 5000 and then polish. It's time consuming, but not difficult and ok in lockdown!
  14. I have removed the headlight to refurb the lacquer and would like to remove the jet wash module to make rubbing down the headlight surface easier. I have removed the to large hex self tapper screws and the module is loose so I guess it should just pull out, but I'm reluctant to pull too hard incase it breaks! Any tips please?
  15. Hi Colin, I think its just because Tom's is on the different wheels
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