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  1. Cheers for that Bibs!
  2. I have just booked a day slot at Hendy Exeter on 7th October. I live near Chepstow, and this was the closest dealer that appeared on the drop down menu. I knew Williams wouldnt appear as they are terminated, but where is Rybrook Bristol and Birmingham - have they already left the Lotus dealer network?
  3. I'm still on the originals at 11 years old
  4. Not sure if it had the decat as well as the box, but if the price is fair for both I'd grab them and save yourself some ££s.
  5. I changed my std exhaust to a non valves 2bular with decat 8 years ago and love it. I think it sounds slightly better than the Lotus sports one a friend had on his. But unless there is anything wrong with your current system I wouldn’t swap it for a 2bular - I’d spend the money on manifolds 😀
  6. Thanks for that Jim £60 for a lamp though when the LEDs probably cost about 10p is a bit of a pain though!
  7. As per title, if not possible, anyone with a spare they would sell please. De Roure says out of stock!
  8. I've got a non valved 2Bular and decat pipe on my 2010 NA - had it for the last 8 or so years and am still very happy with it. It measured 95db at Castle Combe this year and doesnt drone at all - just sounds great all of the time
  9. I had this, one of the bolts was missing. If you take the front undertray off you can get to all the headlamp fixings - I had the wheel arch liner out also as I was replacing suspension stuff.
  10. My old one flaked like that so bought a black and silver one from someone on seloc. I then thought I would try and make the original one better and found that the rest of the laquer flaked off pretty quickly just using finger nails! once it was all off I just used a cutting compound like T cut followed by polish and it came up like new! To protect it against corrosion, either top up with polish / sealant or spray with clear laquer = zero cost My black badge has now started looking poor where it has delaminated, so will prob go back to the original with just polish on it.
  11. My wife gets a bit of a numb bum on longer trips in the Evora and we will be doing an Ireland tour in a few weeks so looking for something that will make her more comfortable - and less likely to moan! I dont want to use a house cushion, but has anybody found anything suitable that will increase comfort and will fit on top on the Recaro base cushion. Seems to be various options on Amazon, and Cobra do some for £30.00 but has anyone tried any of these with success. Never find it a problem myself, and she has more natural padding than me, but...................!
  12. Not sure if that is a corrosion issue or stress fracture, but I'm sure someone will know - Gaz at Spitfire Engineering would be a good bet. Was the repair basically a replacement upper wishbone, and has it been updated can you tell from the original? The Billet wishbone posted by Racefan looks like it will be a good upgrade.
  13. What you bought Tom? Hopefully see you on the stand on Thursday.
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