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  1. Batteries can last a long time, mine lasted 9 years before it started to lose charge, but when they do fail, they can fail quickly. I always keep mine on a c-tek trickle charger in the winter months when it’s not being driven much. Get a decent Varta, or similar one.
  2. I can’t answer your q, but are you sure that the Alpine 990 was original fit because my 2010 NA car had the Alpine 505 unit fitted which had a detachable sat nav unit that you could also use out of the car. Mine never worked well and I was able to get the later Alpine 920r fitted under warranty. Maybe yours has had a replacement unit fitted sometime in the past and possibly has been incorrectly connected?
  3. And not many Evora owners want to sell, as they know how good the car is 👍
  4. Went out for a drive on Saturday, parked the car and went to lock it, no joy. Went to start it, nothing, and I’m 50 mile away from home where the spare key is. Googled battery type, it’s a CR2025 and found a camping shop 3 miles away that had one. A kind couple sat in the car next to me offered to take me and bring me back with the battery. I fitted the new battery with the help of a borrowed screwdriver, and everything was fine again. The car is a 2010 and I’ve had it 12 years and never replaced the key fob battery, so it was well over due I guess. There were no warning signs at all that the battery was dying, it just went from working to dead - so if you haven’t replaced your key fob battery recently I would do so! I now have a new battery in the spare key and carry a couple of spare batteries in the car now.
  5. Parked up and this cool little Citroen antique turned up
  6. Hi Chris, I have a 2010 NA Evora with 2Bular decat and rear box with a Radium CAI. I’m just over the bridge near Chepstow if you want to hear what it sounds like.
  7. Oops, did the customer buy one
  8. They look good, being centrelock, I hope you have a big F off torque wrench as I would think the torque setting will be 500nm ish?
  9. They look great, do you know what metal they are made from?
  10. Just on 1400 miles in mine and I have had these lights come on a few times but they had been clearing after a few re starts, but now are permanently on. It seems to be linked to the hand brake as I initially had a warning msg pop up to say that the hand brake and ABS need a service. Now the hand brake wont do hill assist but will still activate manually. Has anybody had this issue and any fix. apart from a dealer trip. Its similar to when the Evora would suddenly drop out of Sport mode and the traction control light would come on, which is due to a brake pedal sensor switch - could this be the same?
  11. Type 14 Elite is certainly stunning and timeless and sadly I’ve never owned one. My first Lotus, at 22 was a 1974 Europa Special in Lagoon blue, silver metal flake sills and the gold stripes. So just like the black JPS specials, but blue. Magnolia trim. Brilliant car which I had for 16 years. I’d buy it back tomorrow, it got me in to Lotus and rest as they say…………..
  12. Took the Evora for a spin today, first time in 6 weeks since the Emira arrived and Its still a great car and Ill probably hang on to it as although similar in concept to the Emira its still different enough First chance of some out door shots of the 2:
  13. A couple of shots of mine last night where the evening sun was catching the Nimbus paint.
  14. Whitey

    Lotus Emira

    Sounds a great trip, and i must sign up to AL. Any Emiras on sports susp there (im very glad I chose Touring) but was wondering from your comment if any Sports susp cars were struggling with the road surfaces.
  15. Never seen a crack there before. With a bodyshop repair, the main risk will be to get a perfect paint match but it should be possible and wont be cheap. If that happened on my car I would do a diy repair and not remove the clam. You would have to cut the grill out so you can access the rear of the crack and then bond a reinforcement in to stabilize the crack damage. Then a little paint touch up stick will hide the crack pretty well. You would then have to source or make a new mesh grill and use something like sikoflex to bond it in place. As you're potentially buying this car and want it as perfect as possible then you would need an estimate from a decent bodyshop that will guarantee as near perfect paint match as possible.
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