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  1. Most of that can be sorted quickly and under warranty and are easy fixes. The only one I have had is the ARB knock and have had the bushes replaced twice - very cheap if you have to pay. Mine is a 2010 NA that I have had for 7 years. I know the Sparco seats in the 400 were prone to creaking but there is a fix for that - as there is for the boot lid - the bump stops probably need adjustment, that's all. Everything you have listed is easily fixed, so don't lose faith. Should've bought an S1
  2. Isn't that just a divider between the top and bottom displays - if not, I would think of it like that and save £££s and hassle!
  3. Pretty sure its a Land Rover colour as I was looking at this car when it was on Williams' stand at Brands last year. They specced the colour, but I don't remember the name, just that it was a special order grey from LR - looks lovely!
  4. Are the front tyres worn / old? I have had some tram lining on my S1 in the past which was completely removed when I replaced the old OEM tyres with new OEM ones.
  5. My drivers side door pull broke yesterday and will be difficult to repair properly. This is the part that bolts to the door and the outer covers clip on to. Does anyone have this part ( or a pair) that they don't need any more following an upgrade. It is a 2010 NA car and I know that the MY 12 handles will also fit which will widen the search. If you have one, or both I would be very grateful if you could let me know the price, Cheers Steve
  6. Simple and clever idea that - didn't know about it either.
  7. My NA will do 300 -320 from full to empty, but not on track. That is a mixture of spirited driving and not commuting, so nearly all A and B roads. The S is quite a bit more thirsty though................
  8. I've just done a speaker upgrade on my 2010 Tech pack car using the Focal PS165 kit. Comes with 2 door speakers (perfect fit) and 2 tweeters that just push in. Also replaced the crossovers with the ones from the focal kit and that was the worst bit as you have to take the door sill covers off. Well worth doing though! See Jevansio's earlier thread:
  9. I've seen that, but I thought from the comments on this thread that the first step was to put an empty micro card in the HU to then down load the nav from the 920r to the micro sd card. So I need to download the map update tool on to the sd card as the first step? Thanks,
  10. Hi Andy, just trying to update my maps on the Alpine 920r, and have got stuck! I have updated the firmware successfully to 1.3 via USB. I bought a new micro SD card and inserted it into the device but I can't find anything in the menus which will download the device to the sd card and hope you can help? Cheers Steve
  11. As an update to this, I ground off the old resin and then used an Evo-stik epoxy 2 pack resin which did the job very well. They won't be coming off again
  12. I am partway through a speaker upgrade and refitting the door card, but 2 of the 3 top fixings have come adrift from the panel and I need to re bond them with something - very strong but with a bit of flex would be ideal. Anyone know what is best to use? Also, I may upgrade the door handles to MY12 - are these a straight swap for MY10 and are they much better than the older ones?
  13. Following this guide and have 1 door mounted speaker mounted but 2 of the 3 top door panel fixings were left in the door, rather than being bonded to the door panel to then locate in to the holes on top of the door. So what is the best solution to get round this problem. I am guessing, clean off the original bobbins and re stick them in to their correct locations - any advice on adhesives to use? Thanks. As per normal with a lotus, (speaker upgrade) what started as a little job ends up being a challenge of wits!. I've had many challenges over 30+ years but I need to get this one sorted pdq as I have a few days off now!
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