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  1. Well it must still be the water clearing effect the pads have ( or don't have) on the discs which will depend on how wet it really is - i.e. torrential with standing water or just damp drizzle. The cross drilled holes being clear or blocked may make some difference also. I have driven mine in the wet and done an extremely wet day at Anglesey and have had no problems. May need to press a little harder initially but it still stops extremely well.
  2. In the wet the pads will take a split second to clear the surface water from the discs before stopping power begins.
  3. I recently changed my rears to MPS4 and still have the pirellis on the front. Had a good drive on wet roads at the weekend and the grip and balance of the car is superb. Will be getting MPS4 fitted on the front when the Pirellis wear a bit more, but certainly no cause for concern re mixing them.
  4. My NA (18/19 inch wheels) car tram lined more as the front tyres wore down, but age was also a concern. I changed the front tyres at 5 years when they still had 4+ mm on them, with the same OEM Pirellis and that solved the tram lining. I have just put PS4s on the rear and will put the same on the front before winter. I don't notice any adverse handling with the current mixed tyre setup, but am hoping the rear PS4s last more than the Pirelli 6k miles!
  5. Helping a friend of a friend sell this CHEAP at £22750
  6. I need 2 new rears and will be switching from OEM to Michelin Pilots, but I have a couple of options as far as I can see given the 18/19 wheels that I have on my NA and would be grateful for any feed back on these: Has anybody gone from 255/35/19 to 275/35/19 - I have seen the previous thread but I don't think anybody said they have done it on an NA. It would protect the rims a bit more from stone chips, look a bit better, but will it be detrimental to the handling at all. Guess it would add some noise to. I don't want to upset the delicate handling balance the car currently has. Any direct experience of this swap would help. Secondly, I'm trying to decide on which combo to go with front and rear: PS4 all round or PS4S rear and either PS4 or PSS front - if anybody has experience of swapping between these 2/3 combos that would be great. Car does about 4k per year, is not a DD and does 1 or 2 track days. Cheers all - just hit 30k miles yesterday, had it nearly 8 years and going like a dream - so want to get theory choice right!
  7. OK thanks, and phew! I will have a little check under the TB. Had mine for nearly 8 years and 30k miles and its been great, no real expense apart from tyres ( rears) and pads but that is just normal wear. It's been a superb car and I've had loads of Lotus cars from '82...................... I've also never had issues with the older ones - they've done track days, sprints etc, but no failures and no flatbeds in 37 years Hope it stays that way. If you look after them ( self or specialist) they are prob a lot better that the modern stuff with all the electronics. Hope you are trouble free from here.
  8. Any photo of it viewed from the top so we can check
  9. If its not mis firing, which could be plugs / coils etc, I would also look at possible Cat issues - esp the pre cats in the manifolds, although I don't know how you would test to see if they are breaking down - short of removing them. Sounds like a main dealer visit - any warranty?
  10. Update: started up today (4th start since battery swap) to go for a run and fuel and the light is now off I do like problems that fix themselves and the car is going superbly well! Also didn't need to recode the Alpine 920 which was a bonus.
  11. Just swapped the old dead Varta out for a new E38 one and fired the car up which started instantly but the spanner light remained on together with the MIL. After 20 secs the spanner light went off leaving just the MIL on. I reset the windows and let the car just tick over for a few mins but the MIL remained on. So is this normal and is it likely to go out after a short run - anybody had this before? Car sounds fine and everything else seems good. Thanks,
  12. My 2010 Evora's battery has finally died - not bad after nearly 9 years!. Reading through the forums, it looks like the Varta Silver E38 74AH looks good for a direct replacement at about £80, but any recommendations on the latest light weight Lithium Ion batteries - worth the extra? Only do a couple of trackways a year, so weight not a major issue, although if I can save some KGs and not have any downsides I may be tempted. Car is not a dd, but used regularly and I have a C-tek for winter / salty months. Thanks,
  13. I replaced mine with one from Revotec a few years ago, and it still looks like the pic attached
  14. Most of that can be sorted quickly and under warranty and are easy fixes. The only one I have had is the ARB knock and have had the bushes replaced twice - very cheap if you have to pay. Mine is a 2010 NA that I have had for 7 years. I know the Sparco seats in the 400 were prone to creaking but there is a fix for that - as there is for the boot lid - the bump stops probably need adjustment, that's all. Everything you have listed is easily fixed, so don't lose faith. Should've bought an S1
  15. Isn't that just a divider between the top and bottom displays - if not, I would think of it like that and save £££s and hassle!
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