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    Lotus Emira

    Flappy paddle farty 4 pot or V6 manual for my last New Lotus………You’ve not sold it well MD. The V6 may not turn out to be the fastest Emira, but this will be the last ICE car that they produce and for me, plus lots of others on here the V6 plus manual is the one. I think many people buying the V6 will be long term keepers, but I see i4 owners being more transient. Each to their own. I don’t care about slight performance differences that may become apparent, I just want a more involving tuneful ride for the last car I buy.
  2. 10 years 3 months with my NA. It’s a 2010 car that was a Lotus management car and had 3k miles on it and all 3 packs, although not a LE. Now on 40k miles and going superbly well but not driving it until the salt clears. Emira on order and prob July / Aug delivery, not sure what will happen then - may just keep it as it will be better than money in the bank, but I want to compare the 2 cars and see if 1 is worth 50k more than the other 😂
  3. One month delay sounds very reasonable if Juners are waiting to see real painted cars in the flesh.
  4. I've always run Super unleaded 98RON in my NA, so the E5 moving to E10 is a non issue for me. I also have run a Radium CAI on mine for the past 9 years without issue, but unfortunately this kit is no longer made.
  5. I upgraded to Focal door speakers and Tweeters and was able to pull the tweeters up enough, disconnect the wires, enlarge the holes very slightly with 80 grade paper and slot the new tweeters back in. The door speakers are a good straight replacement fit but I used extra sound deadening adhesive material inside the door. The worse part of the upgrade is getting the sill covers off to access the Cross overs - they are stuck on really hard with double sided tape
  6. Take the risk - sell the JCW! Or sell both and get an Emira as a more daily usable car
  7. There's nothing wrong with the normal non-valved 2Bular exhaust which I have had on my car for the last 8 years with the 3rd cat delete pipe. It doesnt boom, its not too loud - its just a nice sport sound with a few burbles and ofcourse is a lot simpler than the valved ones and not connected in anyway to the ecu. Think mine was a 7 inch box, possibly 8 and it passes all noise tests - 95db at 4500 rpm.
  8. I’d definitely fit the Spitfire ones on both sides. How did the failed one break- curb strike or pot hole?
  9. Wheels look great Dave, and my 18/19 forged alloys need doing and I’ll be sticking with anthracite. Is their anthracite colour from any particular brand, or just a generic one that they keep in stock.
  10. Camber will be adjustable, as it is on the Evora - probably by the same method - ie from the wishbone bolts which use a cam type arrangement and can change both Camber and Castor angles.
  11. I did a suspension refresh earlier this year prompted by a worn lower ball joint on the nsf wishbone - and these ball joints are non service items so you need a complete new wishbone which comes with the bushes and ball joint fitted. I had new oem shocks and springs anyway, purchased from Lotus when they were selling off surplus parts stock - very cheaply. I also fitted new purple power flex arb bushes and new front drop links. I removed the headlamp support brackets and cleaned them up and sprayed them. I already had s steel mudflap brackets. The wishbones, being forged aluminium only really need the odd wipe down - far better than Elise ones! Then all 4 corners had a good coating of ACF 50. The front shock and spring units are a bit of a fiddle to remove, rears are easy. Mine is also same age and mileage.
  12. Still Touring for me. I did a 200 mile round trip through mid Wales at the weekend on wet and bumpy B roads, no way would I have wanted stiffer suspension!!
  13. I've also opted for Touring and Goodyears. I have had my 2010 NA for 10 years and 37k miles and its superbly sure footed and comfy at the same time on some very poor road surfaces. It doesnt roll that much at all and as I only do the odd track day, my bias is towards road usage. Another thing to remember that Evoras are on 20/19 or 19/18 wheels (mines the latter) and Emira will be 20/20 so that will actually lead to a firmer ride in itself. When pushing on hard in the car through mid Wales etc, I have never once thought that the car needs to be any stiffer at all and I am completely confident that the Touring spec Emira will be superb. If I was doing lots of trackdays and driving on super smooth roads, then that is the only time I would go with the Sports set up.
  14. If one whole bank was not firing then I would think that this could reduce your oil pressure. I would be more inclined to think that it would be electrical issues - coil packs/ plugs etc, but your car is at the best place now and I am sure ES will sort it. I have not heard of one of these engines having low oil pressure.
  15. Agreed, quieter is better for me also, something like 95db like my current Evora with 2Bular able to get on any track. Also don’t want asbo loud exhaust on start up
  16. Had my call today, deposit paid 9th July. V6 FE for me
  17. I was there yesterday and the Burgundy red GT410 looked great and the colour was not far off the Magma red colour sample they had. Magma was a bit brighter and sparkled nicely in the sunlight. Loved the GT410 inBurgundy with silver wheels and wil prob go Magma / silver also.
  18. Does anyone know if it just different spring rates and damper ratings, or are there changes to the wishbone bushes / ARB bushes etc. It would be good to know in percentage terms how much stiffer the Sports is to touring. I'm swaying more to touring currently.
  19. I was also set on leather but those shots Tom, are making me more inclined to go with Alcantara. I'm seeing the car on Thursday at Exeter so will finally decide then. The tan leather, which was originally going for looks too orange for me in the sample photos.
  20. I have just booked a day slot at Hendy Exeter on 7th October. I live near Chepstow, and this was the closest dealer that appeared on the drop down menu. I knew Williams wouldnt appear as they are terminated, but where is Rybrook Bristol and Birmingham - have they already left the Lotus dealer network?
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