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  1. Good choice - another AX car here!
  2. Hi All, need some new tyres - probably all 4 as the fronts are still original and on 16K plus being nearly 5 years old. I have read the main tyre thread, but what I am really after is some direct comparison info from anyone that has switched from OEM to the Michelins. I don't want to sacrifice grip or handling, but a little more life out of the rears would be good. The fact that they are on the new 400 also makes me think that it might be worth switching, although the new car will obviously have different suspension settings. Any views / experience appreciated.
  3. OK, cheers Guys, just don't want to find myself in a mile queue!
  4. I've decided to go for the first time this year, and was wondering is it best to buy before on line - and if so which site, and can you just print the tickets online? I think you can buy on the door, but not certain. I'm going next Tuesday 10th, flying from Bristol, if anyone else is
  5. Nice sounds Jim - I have similar with Radium, decat and 2bular rear box. Nice to know what it sounds like from the outside
  6. I think its only a fuse / relay box on the other side. If your car does not have the premium pack, then I think it means you wont have the sub woof.
  7. This is what I had on mine - replaced under warranty - no more knocking!
  8. Looked like a race, rather than trackday! What power is your Evora running with those mods, and was it on standard suspension?
  9. I saw this, and was going to ask the same question!
  10. Whitey

    Evora NA MPG

    On last month's Isle of Man trip I did 727 miles and 25.2mpg - calculated manually. About 450 were mway miles and the rest hooning in low gears around the island. Mine has the c/r box.
  11. I have 6"2ubular and decat , measured 91db at 4500 rpm at castle Combe the other week
  12. So the washers lasted about a month before the same problem re occurred - ie the jets would barely hit the screen. I took the new non return valve off, went back to the original valve but ran a 3mm drill through it, so that it was effectively just a pipe connector and not a valve. Works perfectly now!
  13. What are you having done Alex?
  14. Despite the weather, I really enjoyed the day! 4 sessions on track - 2 wet, 1 damp, 1 dry. Could have done more dry sessions at the end, but needed to get going. Actually preferred the wet / damp conditions - great fun, and the Evora was superb - very balanced and good grip even in the very wet conditions.
  15. Definitely replace that! I wouldn't even tootle to the shops. Get the pair done at the same time - or all 4 if the other 2 are down on tread.
  16. Nice vid Dave. 162 before Quarry is very impressive - dont think I'll be quite on that pace!
  17. Big thread on Lotus Talk about this: I had this 2 months ago, removed the wheel, cleaned the hub face, little grease on the bolts and wheel retorqued = clicking gone.
  18. Just wondered, as I am taking mine on track and it would be good to see a few others and meet some members
  19. I'm going and booked on track. It is always a very good event with plenty of Loti to see, both parked up and on track.
  20. Anyone doing the Club Lotus trackday at Castle Combe on Sat 24th May, if so I'll see you there
  21. If you arrange a meet near Worcester, I'd like to pop up from Chepstow
  22. X posted from sel0c - For those that have poor /no washers: Full thread: Just a quick update on my issue for the benefit of others with poor / no screen washer jets. After peeling back the front part of the wheel arch liner, you can see the bottle and the 2 pumps. The nearest pump is the screen wash one and was working fine. There is a short length of pipe from the pump to an inline non return valve and then another pipe from the valve to the screen. The small plastic non return valve was the problem - ie it wasnt letting any water through in either direction. Replaced it with one from local motor factors for £3.00 - et voilla - washers! If it was left like this for some time with a faulty valve, then I would think that the motor would burn out soon as it cant shift the water anywhere. The pump is just a push fit into the bottle and easy to replace once you have peeled back the nsf wheel arch liner.
  23. I also use Williams - they swapped the Alpine for me last week. Think they still want to be a main dealer again, but are sensibly waiting to see if the future is secure - and winter is not a great time to be appointed. Where in Wilts are you, as i could show you the 920R if you like. It has made the whole Evora experience just so much better!
  24. Looks good! -Who did your trim work? I've just had the Alpine 505 unit replaced with the 920R - after 2 years of frustration! and it is night and day better. Ipod now connects every time, as does phone. The Nav menus are so much easier, and the way that you can switch between radio / Ipod and CD is great. Also has a split screen facility which is very neat. Highly recommended! I am going to go to a local car audio shop and see if a speaker upgrade is worthwhile, although the new head unit has made a difference already.
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