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  1. good review sad about only 3 stars
  2. Sorry If I have duplicated. Contract Hire. Its been discussed before that Lotus were serious within the market about this. Anybody know how much and when the prices will be available.
  3. 1. Ordered before the motor show. Guide price was late 30's to 45k. 2. Affordability= Price, Depreciation, Personal income, Car finance Interest rates (they are up), Availability of money, Contract Hire Price, Economy, Competition and residual value of existing vehicle. Honestly. I could have afforded two. And even the magic price drop isnt so unbelievable. 45% of Lotus Evora market is US according to Evora project leader (lovely chap but forgot his name). At the time the prices were announced $ was 50p. Now $ is 70p. So if Lotus stick to the same prices in the USA they are going to ge
  4. Typically options are optional for cars which haven't been built. But not in this case. So this is really the Lotus Evora LE (Launch Edition)
  5. its online
  6. yztop

    ev evora

    More Power equals more speed down the straights. (The 'Lotus' Tesla blew the 'Lotus' Lotus away down the straights. Its only problem was its weight in the corners... TG ) Less weight equals less time round the circuit. O my god. Could the Evora get the jump on the Cayman. Lotus could cream off the demand at
  7. Different colour wheels on each side is a sensational idea for a demonstrator. Would I consider on a road car. You never get to see both sides at the same time.
  8. yztop

    ev evora

    Could you expand on the volt configuration? Lighter than a Tesla? What type/weight of engine, electric motor and batteries would be needed as an example?
  9. yztop

    ev evora

    LOL Are Lotus marketing actually looking at this forum ! With the petrol engine, the larger weight of the tesla batteries wouldnt be needed. Perhaps clarksons ctiticisms of the teslas handling would be answered. So what about the screaming 1800cc 4 pot vvt engine from the 111r supported by a motor the size of a tesla and a third of the batteries. For evora s read evora e Tesla weight 1235 kg - 111r weight 860kg = 375kg So 375kb is weight of batteries and motor. Say 50kg for motor. Batteries 325kg Lotus keeps 125kg of batteries. Electrics total to go into evora 175kg cant find the
  10. yztop

    ev evora

    Looks like there's gonna be an electric evora. Lighter than tesla Partially powered by petrol engine Lotus are in a great position to do this with the R&D they have done in the past
  11. Well Well This article has a different and welcome perspective on evora sales. Perhaps I should have been looking at the ferrari, porsche and aston martin bulletin boards to judge the demand for the evora. It make a lot of sense that somebody wanting a new sports car for
  12. I started this topic with the vote and it hasnt reflected what is going on. I know 2 people have cancelled but it hasnt shown up on the stats. People are positive before they cancel the order then understandbly desert the site. Perhaps bibs could comment on the users which joined but have seen no activity in the last few months. Lotus sales have dropped in the states more than the market has dropped. If all else fails ..... order a calendar.
  13. Paul, Sorry Mate Its good that you actually publicised it on the board. I fear some would just abandon writing. I am in a very similar situation. Unless theres a global upturn (some chance) then I will be also asking for my deposit back from CN Chris
  14. Used to sell houses...... sounds about right a developer. Low volume and high price which to be fair is somewhat insulated. If it was flats then I wouldnt be able to afford broadband connection to reply. My actual background is general business management and economics. As well as being interested in the evora car I would love to know the market economics for the introduction of the car in the declining market. All on this board seem to think they will still shift the numbers despite the economy. That would mean the original pricing was below customer expectations which I'm not to
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