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  1. It does - sounds quite nice then though ! Bugger, sounds like another job on the to do list Thanks guys Colin
  2. Chris I havnt had any work done on the car (although planning to get it tuned/set up this year) but I think there maybe a crack in the exhaust manifold Colin
  3. How do I reduce the size of photo's so I can upload them here ?
  4. I'm going up on Saturday, dont know what the weather forcast is yet but wondered if anyone else was thinking of taking their Esprit's, or how about a mass gathering ? Colin
  5. Is it common for Esprit's to backfire when switching off ? I'm assuming it means my carbs are running to rich. If I just switch off the ignition I get a mild "pop" but if I blip the throttle I get quite a "bang" Colin
  6. Bibs Cracking job mate but you need to get out more Colin
  7. Well done Andy and I completely agree. The couple of issues I have experienced in my short period of ownership, Andy has helped, not to mention that he comes from the hallowed ground, birthplace of the object of our affections... Colin
  8. Oh well, let you know how it is when I put it on in the new year, As per waynef I think the look potentially outweighs the mild (?) discomfort Have a good xmas all Regards Colin
  9. Great, super, smashing Lovely brushed aluminuim gear knob sitting in the garage and its gonna be too hot to use ! I wonder if putting a cold air feed up into the transmission tunnel will help or perhaps I should just wear gloves Regards Colin
  10. Thanks guys I'm planning to change the gear knob in the new year so I'll get a rubber gaiter and do it at the same time Regards Colin
  11. Is it normal for the transmission tunnel and gearlever to heat up on an Esprit ? I have a 1990 carb Stephens and it happens after aboout 10 miles or so Regards Colin
  12. I searched on ebay for "nardi momo" and it gave me about a dozen US suppliers, I'm just getting a shipping cost to the UK for this item shipping prices seem to vary from
  13. Hi Russell Seen your article now, looking at the wheel and hub you'd think they were a match - wrong ! I cant find one advertised in the UK but ebay USA have a couple of suppliers who have the Nardi/Momo adapters which equates to about
  14. Managed to bag myself a Momo steering wheel off ebay like the one's fitted to later model Esprit's and just went to fit it - and it doesnt... The boss centre is slightly larger, the screw holes are on a slightly larger PCD and on the wrong axis so Santa's now looking for a boss. I suppose as it's a Lotus we know nothing is transferable from model to model, come to think of it I seem to remeber that a lot of stuff differs from car to car ! Frustrated The real Colin
  15. This car's been advertised on ebay and pistomheads for sometime now. It came on not long after I goty my Stephen's (Aug) and I have to admit to wondering if he'd take a P/X and where can I get another
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