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  1. Cheers, was just getting used to the adds Paid, the £6 that is
  2. @Bibs sorry to bother you but my membership has auto renewed but only taken £18 for some reason so im now getting ads again. When you get chance can you take a look and let me know how to pay the extra £6? Cheers
  3. Ive always used Oakmere / Chris Neils. There was a 'miss understanding' last year so it disnt get the full 4 year service so will get it done this year. Best start saving
  4. To be honest the prices dont look that much cheaper than what Ive been paying at a dealer, may be 10% daving at best. The killer is the 4 year service, now nearly double! I can only presume its due to the belt change, but another £450?
  5. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    I dont think theres a bad one..... Swizz Beats car aside
  6. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    And it still gets crazy reactions from people. I still laugh when i take my 9yo lad and his mates to macdonalds!
  7. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    I drove a 430, the ride was harsher and the interior wasnt that of a 120k car to me. Ive only tracked mine once, so am more than happy with the comfy sofa ride and finish. It just never ceases to make me take a second look, whether its at the petrol station or at home in the garage. Nothing this side of 100k looks as good to me. Several owners moved onto 430s and then other vehicles. Ive had the odd thought of changing but nothing serious, now its more thoughts of somthing else to complement it. But between my van, my cooper s cab and the lotus i dont have the room . And yes, if i ever sold it i know i would regret it! God they look good!
  8. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Mine and its lhd twin, lotusleftlotusright lhd and the black rhd newcastle car are the only 2+2s. The fact i wanted a rhd 2+2 only gave me choice of all black or mine. Ive never kept a car this long before, still love it!
  9. All other manufacturers spy shots are on test tracks etc, Lotus.....a gypo site! Im thinking a new Elan based on the evora. Gav
  10. Im not normally a fan of red cars but that is stunning!
  11. Ive not heard of any problems but the pipe comes off the pump on the top of the tank. If you pull the rear seat and unbolt the plate in the seat base panel you can get to it reasonably easily to check.
  12. The gte's came with genuine bigger paddles, they do block part of the displays though. Gav
  13. I had a similar issue and it was a faulty sensor. Replaced under warranty and no issues since.
  14. 21gg

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yes i belive the rhd steering wheels are
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