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  1. 21gg

    Essex Blue Evora sn16

    I knew it would have to be some one on here, as there weren't that many blue hethel. Is the new owner on here?
  2. 21gg

    Essex Blue Evora sn16

    Spotted near Blackpool, I was in my mini but nice to see another evora about.
  3. 21gg

    410 questions

    I would expect the front seats to save 10kg a piece and possibly 5kg for the rears Inc seatbelts, a couple of kilos for the door cards and can't remember how much but a chunk for the tailgate.
  4. If you check your part numbers on deroure they are correct, so can only suggest ordering the 'B' chrome ones and seeing if they are correct. The 400 ones are a different part number but others have had the same issue. You could try comparing the size with an exige and check the part numbers for those.
  5. Seem to remember the 400 had bigger letters and they later dropped the small s1 letters. Worth double checking part numbers on deroure.Oh and the black letters from lotus are just the silver ones sprayed black. Gav
  7. @Kimbers put the uac part number in eBay, £140 £20 postage and it's saying £40 import duty, so £200 all in. The exact one I bought and another tlf'er has my old car and as far as I know it's still working fine. It does say delivery June 4-13th so not too bad. Gav
  8. @Kimbers I just got if off ebay UK from memory, the taxes etc were all calculated by eBay, will try and have a quick look in a bit. Mine was non oem but new. Gav
  9. Kimbers, as far as I am aware I was the first to get a non lotus one from the states. I used an endoscope to look at the compressor as its different from the only picture I could find at the time of a the bare engine. From that I identified it and ordered an after market one from the states. It is off a RAv 4 not a camry. Below is the info I posted on the playground techwiki. The one in your link does not match the numbers, does not look the same and says its for a 1995cc vehicle, so I would say it IS NOT the right one. Gav Evora LOTUS EVORA REPLACEMENT AC COMPRESSOR DETAILS,. Lotus Part Number A132E6349S Toyota/DENSO Part Number 8832042120 UAC Part number UAC CO 10856C FROM A USA TOYOTA RAV 4 3.5L V6 2006-2012
  10. 21gg

    The Royal Wedding

    Ive been in Italy watching the Millie Miglia.......did I miss something?
  11. 21gg

    Congratulations to our CEO

    Thought you were going to say Chad had been toppled , happy birthday Bibs!
  12. Cant help with the cracks but if its the centre console side that is water marked then look at the foam under the carpet. Water is known to get in round the steering column and also if the ac drain is blocked, both easily fixable. Gav
  13. 21gg

    Oh no what have I done

    I get the train of thought saying keep it original but it's not like you are doing irreversible body work mods. Its your car, if you like orange, then do it orange. Looking forward to the finished car. Gav
  14. 21gg

    Oh no what have I done

    I like the gold!
  15. I've had it before, yes tightening the nut can help sometimes.