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  1. If its the same as the evora its off an mgf so a new pump and washer can be bought for£20 from memory. Gav
  2. I believe its some bizzare thing to do with proton or someone else (not lotus cars) owning the rights to lotus in china, so has to be lotus nyo.
  3. I emailed them about s front damper and springs but they dont have any and directed me back to lotus. Gav
  4. I've run a 4 digit minimum space plate for 20+ years. Coppers round here are a mare if you don't have a front plate (including one who was a mate). The number plate must still also have the components supplier/suppliers mark and BS number or it is technically illegal. I've had them before now, minimum legal spacing but no BS (as it was a standard plate I cut the ends off) and got grief for it. For years I even had a laminated copy of a letter from the DVLA stating there was no minimum plate size. On a side note, when the new registration format came out they actually slightly reduced the letter size, so my plate shrank even more! I also run a 6 digit (but slightly undersized plate) on the front of my mini, the rear is correct but minimum size. A few times ive had police cars going the other way, turn round and follow me. My logic is they see the small front plate but by the time they are following me they've convinced themselves that it must be fine as the rear one is, often as the pnc is then clear they leave you alone. I got some square sticky back pads that take a tie wrap and just tie wrap the plate to the grill on my GTE. The plate was only on the bumper as per my avatar for a few weeks. Gav
  5. Its a standard toyota gearbox so presumabley from Toyota. Ive had other bits from them before now. Gav
  6. Nope, you could lift the back seat cushion and check the access plate to the fuel pump hasnt been disturbed?
  7. Ive read and reset the codes on my loads of times with vagcom in OBD mode and Torque OBD check on my phone without any issues. Gav
  8. Same here, my 2004 mini cooper catches where my evora doesn't, looking at the photos I would say you will be fine.
  9. The KPH ones are back at motorsport, possibly worth getting to pinch the screen out of? Gav
  10. Some of the GTE interior carbon, like the centre console were bonded over the original part, so I wouldnt be too concerned. Gav
  11. 21gg

    TLF GT430 Club

    I wonder if its the seats. For me its a perfect spec.....if I didn't have my GTE. i appreciate most people prefer the sparcos but I just can't get on with them. I must be long in the body because I always feel im looking out the top of the windscreen with them. Gav
  12. I've not driven a 400 and the 430 was still being run in, so wouldn't like to comment. My mates got a manual v12 vantage, great sounding car but the ride is worse than my GTE and its very skitish. I've deliberately avoided driving the 570 but have been told by an owner that it drives like a grown up s1 exige. There seems to be a thing on the internet, so dont know how real it is, but basically don't own a maclaren without warranty. An extended maclaren warranty was £3000 + vat per year when I last looked a few months back. Gav
  13. Well the plate is still about on a seat leon according to the dvla. Pity there isnt an easy way to contact the owner.
  14. Yes so the corresponding button, what ever it says should work it. If it works then you have a faulty switch, if it doesnt then youve ruled out the switch and can look deeper.
  15. You could try swapping the two button sets over. That would tell you if its the button or the wiring/car.
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