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  1. They are separate covers that can be purchased separately and just clip on. Gav
  2. 21gg

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Yes standard on the gte, as said, no more in existence, made by team dynamics for lotus.
  3. I cant remeber if you have to drop the front undertray or not but think you do. If you google it you should find it. The drain blocks due to a rubber end piece, so the water backa up and overflows into the cab. Often you can just pull the rubber bit off the end. Here you go. Gav
  4. Obvious one is a blocked drain on the ac which can cause a leak there, let likely to be from steering column bulkhead seal. Gav
  5. @mayesprit My mate has it on his phone but not had chance to get it off him yet. This year we got three laps compared to the previous one so made it a little easier.
  6. Yep, having breakfast after our 140mph blast down the Mulsanne straight earlier on!
  7. Well I consider my self more a car guy with a lotus problem. I did like the S1 Esprit in TSWLM, not so much the later ones (although I now spend far too much time browsing the esprit section !). After an XR2 and an old 944 I wanted a convertible, which led to my M100 Elan, that was later replaced with a Boxster and then that with an S1 Elise. I just enjoyed the raw feeling and handling, which no other cars seem to be able to match. Then followed an S2 Elise, 2 x na S2 Exiges and a PP S2 Exige S, all of which were my only car. I went lotus less for a couple of years due to the recession missing out on my Evora Launch Edition slot. Then came my 1st Evora, a bargain of a car that offered all the handling greatness with family practicality (honest). Next came my Grey Sport Racer, I couldn't stop looking at it on Murray's website and only rang them to confirm I could afford it....needless to say I picked it up a few weeks later! Then came the GTE.....I knew I couldn't really afford it although my best man maths said otherwise! I was going to London anyway so arranged to call in for a look. I was late arriving but Jamie stayed open and even had it ready for a test drive. I was bowled over by the presence it had and still am. After selling anything I owned that had value it was mine. Three years down the line I still have to pinch myself, still look back at it every time I park it up and still have that feeling I did when I first saw it. I've never had that new car feeling last this long before and despite having a go in a GT430, I personally think mine feels and looks more special. I do genuinely think I've found my keeper.
  8. 21gg

    Waving and/or giving a thumbs up

    I always wave and normally get a response, except at classic le mans where most just ignored me!
  9. I've never seen the clips or had the panel warp (yet) but it does surprise me that lotus haven't designed new clips that can be fitted from above.
  10. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    The other Gav will know better but I'm sure the rear wishbones are standard items, just the fronts that are gte specific. Aren't the bushes part of the wishbone so not sold separately. Gav
  11. 21gg

    I think I might want an Evora

    Are you allowed out of the Esprit section? 😂
  12. Not sure if I can make it yet but managed to provisionally booked dunston hall on
  13. 21gg

    A ride up the hill

    I put my ex in an exige with MD at the factory many years ago. Apart from looking a bit pale on exit, she never complained about my driving afterwards!
  14. 21gg

    The new Esprit is here

    Looks like a photoshop of the jag cx75 from the bond film