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  1. my evora has just had its 2yr service, no belt change, just inspection. gav
  2. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Tims car, it is stunning, classy and suttle. As said, in certain light you don't even notice the strip. The pearl white is a lovey colour
  3. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I never got an answer to how much or what engine was in the gt but that was when pictures first emurged a few months back. It has a lot of the original Gte carbon interior panels and fixed back mansory carbon seats.
  4. Evora GT430

    I agree about the sport comment, surely the winged version should be the sport. Very nice. Glad they've added the auto but still only 2 seats!
  5. Does Aimee know you've got it dirty? 😁
  6. Hand built in Hethel... Who built yours?

    Motorsport built mine 😊
  7. Planning a run out next Sunday (Sept 10) with a few of the northern members of exiges,com. Putitng out an invite as all welcome. Plan is to meet, probably for lunch around 12/12.30 at: Watermill Inn & Brewing Co Ings Village, near Windermere (satnav - LA8 9PY)
  8. New car!

    Very nice Bibs, stunning colour.
  9. New car!

    I say a certain motorsport green evora? Gav
  10. From memory, BC Forged wanted about £3k to make a set of alloys for my GTE. Gav
  11. I like that, very neat!
  12. Evora GT430

    Burn Him!!!!!!! (jay emm that is )
  13. Evora GT430

    Yes but it the GTE was the disowned bastard child of Danny, only cared for by the loving people of motorsport! They were never going to mention it.
  14. Evora GT430

    Stunning and a worthy of the name, special but mine feels more special..........just like me!
  15. Evora GT430

    If that nose became the new 400 standard bumper it would look great, even if just colour and black rather than cf? Gav