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  1. New Aston Vantage

    I think it looks stunning, ipad aside 😁. I must be getting old though, when I look at new car prices and think that's not a £xxx car!
  2. Kevlarkid's GTE @ Donington today?

    I believe he was there.
  3. Engine reluctant to start

    From memory its a dealer diagnostic tool reset for the airbag light
  4. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    I only saw pictures of that gte pre decals, it looked a lot better than I thought it would but as you said, needed a little less gold. As you say, the black your 211 should balance it out nicely. Your shade looks a little more ' yellow ', good though.Now hurry up and get it finished 😁
  5. More graceful than driving off forgetting it's plugged in and ripping your charger off the wall! Only did it the once!
  6. Engine reluctant to start

    Yep, battery.
  7. 2-Eleven Nut & Bolt Refresh Project

    That's going to look fantastic!
  8. That sounds similar to a trans oil change on a boxster that I watched on wheeler dealers 😁! Why they make things so complicated. Strange that this is surfacing with the 400, not heard any reports with the S1......famous last words! Hope it's something simple to sort, a pain about the dealer though. Gav
  9. Surely once the underway is off anyone can change the gearbox oil. It us a Toyota box afterall! I wouldn't want to be doing a track day while you've got issues with it. Gav
  10. I had something similar with the ac pump an my na, but more down to me wanting to save £1000! In the end I ordered it and hoped for the best. It was fine. It seems to be specifically the US Rav 4 engine. Hope it fits! Gav
  11. Evora GTE Registry

    Oh did you now! 😁 Fair enough.
  12. Evora GTE Registry

    Are you replacing it mate?
  13. Lotus Number 4...

    We are mate, although it's now been relegated to a weekend car!
  14. Lotus Number 4...

    Very nice mate!