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  1. 21gg

    Why the low miles?

    Van for work, mini for other stuff, evora for nice days, so only managed 3k this last year. 15k in 4 years so not all bad. You're right though, you would expect them to be higher milage due to their greater practicality Gav
  2. 21gg

    Your thoughts...

    Uprights i like, wing mirros not so much, but either way a beautiful car! Gav
  3. Ive always found over the years that if i set the tyre pressures when hot to lotus' cold figures it works the best for me. The only issue doing this for the evora is that the cold pressures are very close to the tpms lower limits, so on a cold morning can trigger it every now and again. Gav
  4. Or they may being under run to aid longevity. The bonus of the fan is also its demisting properties!
  5. 21gg

    Stratton Evora GTs

    I've had a few dealings with Strattons, the parts guy is always very helpful but more often or not the answer is I need to go and look through the crates and see if we have one, we are getting some made, they never made that (even though ive seen them) etc. I suspect they they were hoarding parts until they had their cars finished so didnt want to par with anything before then. The only thing I have had off them is the DRL lights, other carbon fibre bits I've got off ebay! Last year I was in norfolk and arranged to pop in to look at the GT's if I got there in time (dependent on traffic from Blackpool), so no formal time arranged. When I got there no one knew about it, the owner seemed a bit put out when I said I wasn't buying one but had arranged to call in for a nosey, eventually a chap from the workshop came out, let me have a look and chatted for 5 mins, he was friendly enough. The attitude of the owner would put me off personally dealing with them unless I had to, which for spares, I have to! Gav
  6. 21gg

    Stratton Evora GTs

    I believe they have, retaining one set to use as a pattern to make any future ones. Although as most are on standard Evora wheels, spacers ave been used on the rear to make up the difference in offset. Gav
  7. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    The one time i managed to catch up with Ishy. Tim, I believe they are. This is from when i visited strattons last year.
  8. Thankyou for the kind words gents, I cant disagree! @C8RKHif youre ever near Blackpool you are more than welcome to call in. So @SH have you bought it yet?
  9. Im 48 but never thought of that, bit late now . Dont give it a second thought..... Get the 410!
  10. I just got some plain sheet and cut some myself. One of the other owners did get his GTE done proffesionally, cant remember which company they used but in theory the template is out there. Gav
  11. I normally just get stainless ones off ebay or the local specialists.
  12. Its correct, my 's' is the same. Its the breather to allow air out from the bottle. The false warning will probably be the sensor failing. Gav
  13. Could it be the engine coolant sensor on its way out, so thinking the engine is cold so reducing the revs? Gav
  14. Is the gear shift actuator a straight swap? Gav
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