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  1. 😁 Don't get him started on the outfits! He's had enough issues sourcing car parts! He would be easy to spot though!
  2. 21gg

    No Silencers (aka Plack)

    Jim made me a switchable exhaust for my old na, it had a nice rumble in normal mode but on bypass was just a straight pipe and sounded fantastic. Gav
  3. My old Sr was an ex press car and had a lot more ppf than normally fitted including a bit on the boot edge. Gav
  4. Yes! next time I pass I will try and get better pictures. 😁
  5. George, this lives near me, and yes the interior is red too! Looking at the standard of the 'soft top' I suspect its after market! Gav
  6. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Yep, sounds like the chap.
  7. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    May know more? I must admit when I popped in to take a look, apart from the mechanic who came to show me round them and chat for 10 mins the general attitude from who I believe to be the owner wasn't great. Despite letting them now I may drop in (depending on traffic) and that I wasn't purchasing just wanted a look. It put me off them as a dealer tbh. Gav I was too slow lol It may be down to the issues of trying to decide which gearbox to be able to run in them. Im sure strattons can get them road registered one way or another.
  8. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Well there were five (in may), so the orange one is missing and if the dark one in your photo is the green one then the dark grey is also missing.
  9. Why not just ditch the heated rear screen as the v6 seems to do a good enough job of clearing that and then very little additional weight for the heated front screen?
  10. Im not saying the seats aren't lighter, however 'significant' may be a bit of over optimistic sales talk 😁
  11. 21gg

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    From memory the lift control of porsches vario-cam system is licenced from Lotus! Gav
  12. 21gg

    Evora -> Vantage

    My mate has a v12 vantage, its a nice thing and the noise is amazing but no it doesn't ride as well, doesn't handle as well in so far as its very skittish, no where near as well planted as my GTE. On a straight he can out run me but on the twisties they are evenly matched. The vantage is harder work though. I do love them but wouldn't have one now. Gav
  13. 23 mate. I know, hard to believe πŸ˜‚here's a pic from 96, my first lotus.
  14. Mine got a bit tram liney, had a cursory check of the geo while being serviced but new tyres sorted it. Gav