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  1. I believe there are a few left as of yesterday
  2. Evora GT430

    Mines arrived yay!
  3. I'm on my 9th lotus and never had a 'querky' non working handbrake. So definitely not a case of tadts! Gav
  4. Hasselblad & Walllace

    Will see you there then!
  5. Hasselblad & Walllace

    I will be honest, I gave very little photography experience and I've never heard of the bloke good or bad but just seemed something interested. Does he have a bit of a reputation?
  6. Le Mans Classic 2018

    It's within the circuit just near the Porsche curves last time with travel destinations. Not the cheapest but what is without being miles away. They also do the flexotel cabins. Gav
  7. Hasselblad & Walllace

    He's not bad is he! I've not even looked at the cost of hasselblads 😁 and I'm not going to!
  8. Hasselblad & Walllace

    Ha ha never realised we had a photography section. Cheers
  9. No affiliation with me but saw this on Facebook, though 'rude no to'! Somé photography tips with factory cars and a factory tour. Anyone else on here going? Gav
  10. Child seat

    As long as they kept quiet they probably wouldn't even notice them!
  11. Child seat

    My lad is 7 and about 123cm, in the front I use a full car seat on a trimmed cushion so as not to damage the record seat. In the back he doesn't use a booster seat, as the rear seat us hardly full size. If you are concerned get one of the inflatable travel ones? Gav
  12. Le Mans Classic 2018

    Or (i don't do camping normally) try glamping! Its not that bad really!
  13. I have a set of those, they are cognac. These two pictures give you an idea of the difference. I prefer the cognac obviously! Gav
  14. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Have you not got the 'Cup Boot Drainage' system fitted? You can do it yourself with a 20mm holesaw