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  1. So will I get it delivered free the next day if I order it through amazon, as I already have prime 🤣
  2. This may seem odd but does your horn work? I had an issue with mine going off randomly after a few mins with no hazards, I found my horn fuse had blown. Replaced and all ok. Try checking other fuses. Gav
  3. @AlI did the same tour but put the then Mrs in the car with Martin Donnelly, she never complained about my driving again 😂🤣
  4. You don't get on with your neighbours then 😂🤣
  5. I had a valved 2bular exhaust on my n/a that @Alfa2Evoranow owns. I will let him describe it. 😁
  6. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Nice to see no 8 and no 10 at the classic today.
  7. Could you feed a wire through the end of the clip and pull it off?
  8. They loose pressure over time, the signs are that they work when hot, but not when cold. Just replace them, they arent expensive from louts but you can get even cheaper suzuki ones to match. Cant remember the spec but im sure a search would find it.
  9. I got a price of foam and I got some tan alcantara, similar in colour to seats, to cover it. This was to allow to carry a child seat without digging into the seat.
  10. Then someone questioned his source 🤣😂
  11. That torque wrench that went round 2or 3 corners was mad 🤣😂
  12. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Definitely Sat not sure about sunday yet. Yes, it doesnt happen often! Gav
  13. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Cheers, did you take yours? Just made it back in time for the second half. But yes it definitely needs a wash! 😂 @ajheath I will be at the Silverstone classic with LDC in mine.
  14. There is a picture floating about of one with graphics all over and no front bumper. The bonnet on that does look to be popped, the trailing edge being raised by 8-10", which would make sense.
  15. I think any added exposure to the general public of LOTUS will help keep prices firm in the short term added to the fact that the Emira is not a +2. Generally though, as the Emira is priced at a lower price point that the Evora I think it will impact residuals, but it will be interesting to see what the real price of a normally specced Emira will be. I suspect they are following suit of many manufacturers of having a long (longer) list of options, so I wouldnt be surprised if areal spec car is at least £70k. I think the pick will be the 4cyl amg once they up the power output. I wouldnt surprise me if over time the V6 is discontinued leaving just the 4cyl, once we all get used to the idea of downsized engines.
  16. Out of interest what did the condition of the filter look like? I was surprised how small they are. You're more than welocme mate
  17. Hows your head? 😂, glad its made a difference for the better!
  18. Don't forget the paracetamol before you start, hopefully you won't get a headache from the fumes then 🤣😂
  19. Im still intereste in getting one, but realistically anyone else interested would need to be northwest based to make it practical delivery wise. Gav
  20. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Either way he's just plain greedy 😂🤣
  21. 🤣 I replaced the fuel pump on mine as the car stopped a couple of times before eventually refusing to start. It didn't throw any codes though. I would expect a knackered fuel pump to play up a bit but yours does sound if it's something else. You can pull the fuel pipe of the rail and put it into a container so see if it's pumping but if yours is running then I would say it is. Mine had corroded, presumably from when the GTEs were left to sat for a few years and it must have got condensation in the tank. Not sure how you can monitor fuel pressure though. If you do go down the fuel pump route drop me a DM before you spend £1200 or what ever it is on one from lotus. 😁 Just another thought, the fuel filter, it's on the pump in the tank, not external so could be this?
  22. Its odd that it's not throwing a spanner or code? Coil pack is the only other thing I could think of. I'm not sure if you can read the afr from the ECU, that might show something. The O2 sensor caused some issues on mine and if you can get obd software that graphs the output then its sometimes easier to see and interpret rather than just a fluctuating reading. What about fuel pressure?
  23. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    I presume it's the original show one they had that was then updated last? year. I suspect it won't have the revised suspension of the GT 350s but more hp. As per acrobats engine on his conversion. Kevlar Kids red GTE is close to original spec as may be the Stratton cars.
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