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  1. My old n/a had decat and back box with a switchble straight through, great noise no drone, epic on bypas. Gav
  2. Does the Bell & Colvill car not have a carbon roof etc? Gav
  3. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    I won! £3.10 Bugger.
  4. Going off the pm comment I recievdd about the exhaust, I think it's safe to say he's got it!
  5. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    You can but ask, spoke to Si this morning and as I thought, its definitely going to need a lottery win! Bugger! Gav
  6. That laser blue one is my old one, they did have another with forged wheels but it has indeed vanished! Gav
  7. All paid up, if you can pencil me in for 311 please. Cheers Gav
  8. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Well when I win the lottery tonight I will give you a call about collecting it Gav
  9. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    There twitter account is quiet, must be having too much fun! Gav
  10. 21gg

    Lotus Evora 400

    I pre arranged our visit on saturday so had no trouble getting on the stand or sitting in the car. They did seem very protective of it never the less. We blagged onto several other high end stands and the nicest attitiude by far was McLaren. Aston Martins was crap despite having invites! Gav
  11. 21gg

    Lotus Evora 400

    Was there saturday, its look a lot better in the flesh as per the original. All in all I like it although before hand I wasn't sure. You don't even notice the sill now. Made me laugh that many other cars including Caymen GT4 , McLaren etc were all worse than the current one to get in and out of! Gav
  12. One! You can just give us one photo, where are the rest! Gav
  13. Ive still got my old one, may keep hold of it just in case! Gav
  14. No 7, if you look in the foot well there is a white u shaped piece of plastic connected between either the brake or clutch pedal and a sensor for the cruise control. If you put something of a suitable size to temporarily force open the ends of the u shaped piece of plastic it may help. Often the pedal can bounce a little over bumps, trip the sensor and knock the cruise off. I jammed a bolt in and left it over night, once removed my cruise control was a lot better. Gav
  15. Tom, When I traced the ac compressor the lotus part numbers didnt correspond to the toyota numbers. It was off a US only 3.5l Rav 4. I got the compressor off ebay for a LOT less than lotus. So ebay would be your best bet for saving some money. Gav
  16. Chris, on bypass definitely, normally I'm guessing it wouldn't pass the tighter db limits. As my na didn't have a switchable exhaust from New I had to wire it so meant it was separate from the sport button which would be an advantage on track. Gav
  17. Fair enough, I had a box only on my n/a and yes on bypass it was epic, I just cant really justify the expense of a full system on my S! Gav
  18. What have you had fitted, full system or backbox? Gav
  19. Denso unit,eBay item: 251252107568 Gav
  20. 300923639172 This is on my saved eBay list. Don't know if it's the same supplier I used. Some on eBay now include duty upfront. Gav
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