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  1. Had the car serviced and they have confirmed that the compressor is buggered. The lotus price is £1500! However It looks like Ive identified the exact toyota one and have got one on its was from the good old USA for a lot less. Just have to wait and see now! Gav
  2. Well after a nice weekend at Brooklands my AC packed up on the way home, the cars going in for service in a few weeks so I'm leaving it till then. Needless to say the cars 6 month out of warranty but I've had plenty done in warranty so cant complain. After wiping the fault code (which my reader couldn't read) the car runs fine but stops immediately when the ac button is pushed. It makes a little squeak before stopping. I'm thinking when the ac clutch engages, if the compressor is seized then it may explain the symptoms. So naturally I started looking at compressor prices..... £1500 + vat list!! Funnily enough though there are plenty of Toyota V6 ones in the states for a lot less. Has anyone looked into this or found the equivalent Toyota part no? I had a quick look at mine but its impossible to see without taking the under tray etc off which I've not had time to do yet. Cheers Gav
  3. Cheers. The tail pipe is separate piece and I believe was the first one jim did using that section, im sure he could do it shallower if required. Sometimes I look and think it sticks out a little too far and other times it seems ok, but the noise......I luv.
  4. This one, I know they are off an x type so should be no issue. Not that Ive ever used them so cant comment on quality. Gav
  5. Count me in for any other arrangements: 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura 3 & 4. Sharron and Dave 5 & 6. Al & son Gregor 7 & 8. Andrew C & Dad Alastair 9 & 10. Pig & Wilf 11 & 12. Michael & Wife (no pesky kids!) 13 & 14. Peter & Wife 15 &16. +1 17 & 18. Dave & Ann E 19 & 20. Delands & wife 21 & 22. [email protected] + 1 23 & 24. Steve & Jennifer Casey (Our Canadian friends!) 25. Yasou 26 & 27 - Jukka & Sissi 28. Rob Durrant Ham Hock, Rump of Lamb, Panna Cotta 29. Gordon TBC 30. Andy Esprit SE 31. Gavin 21GG Evora N/A
  6. I have a four digit minimum size plate, I'm sure you can guess what it is. I had the same dilema, in the end I just chopped the ends off the standard bracket. Yes it leaves two hole but being honest if they bothered me that much I would just fill them and use touch up paint to hide them. I do Like 'scr33ms' idea though, may try that one day. Gav
  7. Ive got the normal headers inc pre cats, but a tubular down pipe and valved exhaust on my 2010 n/a. There is very little drone but is quite loud on bypass. As my car didnt have the switchable exhaust from new I did some fettling with a bmw part off ebay and linked it into my heated rear window (for ease). So now my heated rear window button makes it louder, it also lets me run sport mode without it oppening the exhaust flap. I would recomend the exhaust to anybody, not sure about track dB limits though to be honest. If your going to the brookland meet at easter you are more than welcome to have a look/listen. Oh and you get a nice pop/crackel on over run! Gav
  8. Sorry yes, teach me to answer while at work. Right numbers wrong way round. Cr 3000. Standard 2600. Gav
  9. Ive had both on the same car, the chassis number said yes, the revs didnt! Basically look at the revs at 70mph, from memory 3000 is standard 2600 ish is cr. Gav
  10. Could it not be done with dimmable led strips, might be brighter and definitely cheaper? Gav
  11. Hotel booked for sat & sunday, not sure about dinner yet as its dependent on when I can set off. Gav
  12. Ive put a link below where they did somthing similar with an x-type which has the same mirrors. They wired it into the double/dead lock feature. I suspect that something could be fabricated, nice if it could. Gav
  13. I had mine done red on my laser blue car after seeing an official one on a factory car. I bought new badge for less than £20 and a friend with a body shop did it for me, he wouldn't even take any money for it. I do think it makes a difference, the yellow above does look well. Gav
  14. I'm sure a while back Jim posted about not planning on doing exhausts with valves in, I personally think the evora lends itself to this much more than the exige/elise due to the fact that its got a more civilised side. thats what swung me! Cant wait! Gav
  15. Really wish I hadn't seen this, Jim's going to be busy! Gav
  16. First day with them on it was wet and I drove for 10 miles without tc on. A few times I put my foot down to try and break traction but it didnt. Been for a run today and so far so good. Gav
  17. Ive been loking for two rear due to a recent puncture, Ive looked at the merc rated Pirellis/conti/Yoko but did notice the Avon ZZ5. Compared to the pirelli/conti/yokohama etc tyres available they are cheaper, £125 against £200 pirrelli or £180 for the others. I would never put cheap (esp chinese) tyres on anything. The thing that swayed me was the fact that they now sponsor the lotus cup with the ZZR and presumably this is why they have now released Evora 19" size ZZ5's. When I looked the 255/35/19 still wasn't listed on Avons website. I strongly suspect that they are pushing them out cheaper initially to try and get a market presence before increasing the price. This happend with the 888R's on my old exige, initially they were a fair bit cheaper but soon started to increase. I will let you know how I get on. Gav
  18. I have an ex-management n/a car with 24k miles. As the car was bought and sold as having a c/r box but didn't, Lotus eventually took it away and fitted a brand new c/r gear box. When they brought it back both Andy French and Neil Turner informed me that they had put a new clutch in, purely because of the agro I had had and that the cost of a new clutch while everything was apart was minimal. Thus minimizing any future issues and also trying to keep a customer happy (maybe it helped that i'm on my 7th lotus, 4 of which were new!). I did have a chat with Andy and he mentioned that so far they have not managed to come up with a method of changing the clutch other than taking the engine out. I cant remember the exact figure but, he mentioned an estimate of either £2.5k or £3.5 cant remember which but definately one of them. So needless to say I was very happy that they changed it! Gavin
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