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  1. Did you do the approved 'drill an extra drain hole in the boot floor' mod? Often it dindnt drain out once it got in. Gav
  2. Dave, Heres an article on the toyota gearbox nbg.pdf Also have a chat with series_one as his is quite high milage and he does a lot of work on it himself so could be quite inciteful.
  3. The powerflex bushes do last longer, not heard of and uprated droplinks though, not that ive looked tbh. Im on 20k miles, my second drop links and third arb bushes (but now powerflex) Gav
  4. They dont last long, but the good news is they are only £20 and straight forward to replace. Gav
  5. Mine do! So it obviously generates all it down force at 30 mph 🤣
  6. Chatting to Thomas in Germany when he had his GTE, he noticed a difference in stability and decreased top speed, but for us mortals its not noticable.
  7. Deoure and google are your friends, Louts £97, Rimmer Bros Rover part £44.
  8. Sounds like you have a leak which then caused the seizure? This is a pic of my old lotus compressor.
  9. Please leave the rear diffuser as it is....... Just to irritate C8RKH 😂🤣
  10. It may be worth plugging in another camera to the rear of the head unit just to confirm the fault is external to it? It does sound like its the camera to me as other wise as you mentioned it would be a case of picture or no picture. Is it an Alpine head unit as they had some module near the sub (i think) for the camera. Or you could try one of the wireless ones that get power from the reverse light? Gav
  11. Ive had both gearboxes, the main difference is on the motorway where its an advantage, the rest of the time, tbh you get used to it as you would any other car, so nothing to be concerned about. The colour is great, ive always found peoples reactions to lotus are pretty much always positive compared to other brands. With the spec , service history and it being local, i say its fate, go buy it!
  12. 21gg

    In love again

    You drive to the city, fly her out for the weekend and back, you drive home. Everyone wins!
  13. Ive had back problems all my life after a motorbike crash as a teenager. When I got my first elise I got back ache every trip due to the lack of power steering. Once it got use to it and it strengthend up it was ok. If i was going through a bad patch with my back, getting in and out could be tricky but driving was fine. Ive driven many 1000's of miles in exiges and elises round europe etc and always got out without issue. The seats sometime dont feel right at first but I always presumed were ergonomically set correctly so once you adjust to them, they were fine. In contrast my mum had a rover 400 years ago and I couldnt travel a mile in that before getting back ache! Thats why I love the comfy sofas that are the recaro seats in the evora!
  14. Maybe they are all smoking the same stuff as the boss 😂
  15. I bet theyve tapped it into the nearest lampost in the road
  16. I personally think its a good thing and there is definitely a mrket for them. The L&Co Zero looks well and suspiciously like the Lotus offering as mentioned above. I was just checking Porsches 2019 production figures the other day. I knew they made more 4x4 than sports cars but didnt realise just what proportion it was. 274k vehicles produced in 2019, 54k were sports cars (911, caymen, boxter), a few panamera (cant remember the numbers) but the rest were the cayenne and macan! So only a 5th of their production is sports cars that mental. No wounder theyve all jumped on the band wagon.
  17. On top, just kneel in the boot. You dont want the socket that looks like a normal socket but the one that looks like a figure 8, where your bar goes next to the socket. Its obvious what i mean if you look on ebay.
  18. Ive replaced mine a few weeks back. By a standard bosch sensor and a socket kit and it will be less than lotus price for the sensor. You will need to remove the heat shield, the rhs bolt/nut isn't captive so just be a little careful. You may need a bar to loosen the old one. Shouldnt take more than an hour.
  19. Im on my 9th but this has stalled for now as I cant find anything to replace my GTE in the current lotus lineup! Im guessing its a keeper then! Gav
  20. Mine is nightfall and the code is c105, there may have been a b105 but cant remember. Had mine mixed at halfords.
  21. Im not convinced they have a valve in them, I think they just rely on water pressure to pop them up. If I had to guess It sounds like they were both full of crap but it blew one of them clear but not the other. Could you take the pipe of, gently lift the washer and butt an air line upto it to blow the crap back out the way it came in? Bare in mind, this advice comes from a person who repaired his mini head light washers with part of a nurf gun bullit! Gav
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