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  1. Also check round the rubber seal under the dash where the steering column goes through the bulkhead.
  2. Presumabley it was stuck in 3rd? Its a get you home fail safe, only had it once then it was fine after a restart. If the mil is staying illuminated for 5 times there is still a fault code that needs reading. There is a good artixle on line about known issues with the toyota gear box. I will try and post the link.
  3. You can get an after market compressor and clutch for £300
  4. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Aib look after mine, i did have it on agreed value of £100k but last year they wouldnt go over £90k. My argument was 2 fold, value wise its the cost to rebuild it /make a new one, so price of an age appropriate evora, mansory parts and cost of conversion. Secondly, im effectivley insuring £100k irrelevent of what it is, but they didnt see it that way. I had a bit if fun and games last year with renewal values which i get fed up with but it is a good policy.
  5. Yes it just stuck on. My paint guy didn't complain so it couldnt have been too hard to remove.
  6. Evoras do the everyday very well, but the more you push them the more they reward, particularly with the na. Sport mode helps.
  7. Should have bought a GTE, they have DRL's 😁
  8. Dont forget the electron filter and battery top up 😂
  9. The maf and throttle body are standard toyota parts.
  10. Just buy the black and spray it red, thats what lotus used to do for the black evora badges as there was black overspray on them from the factory, a rattle can should be fine.
  11. Yes you can, if you look on deroure it will give you the price. Gav
  12. Im happy to admit ive never driven a 400 auto but know people who have driven both, the 400 is definitely quicker but i question the 1.4sec that always seems to get quoted for the s.
  13. Also try it with some putting downward pressure on the boot, thwn if that doesnt work, sideways pressure or pulling. I adjusted my lock and it was fine but after 15 mins settling, it would stick. Took a while to get it right.
  14. There is a post in the exiges section from someone doing this. The actuator bracket and shift arm are different, ive never seen any other specific parts highlighted as being different. Yes its different software but ive never heard of anybody getting it done. Possibly an issue as it may be coded to 400s. There was a chap with a developement mule, 400 engine in an s, and i remember reading it kept throwing fault codes as the software didnt like the s chassis no. Many like me think the 1.4-.4 is bollocks, im not saying the 400 isnt quicker but in sport mode when you want a fast change, it isnt 1.4 sec. Almost as if theyve quoted the s slower change speed in auto mode to the 400s sport change. The exige chap did the boe but its more a case of taking/holding more hp than a quicker change.
  15. I know some (the pre reg ones i think) like mine and yours were registered as evoras, but the unregistered cars that got 15 plates were sva'd. I know Thomas had to have a pre reg one for this reason.
  16. Its my understanding that most of the LHD GTE's were SVA'd, therefore would be dificult to register in europe, is this the same for the Stratton GT's?
  17. I did it a few years back, i cut a hole in the underside of the head light. Someone has done it without cracking open the head light but it looked near impossible to me at the time. If i lived near silverstone i would let them do it. Page 4 of this thread has a link to my pictures.
  18. Did you do the approved 'drill an extra drain hole in the boot floor' mod? Often it dindnt drain out once it got in. Gav
  19. Dave, Heres an article on the toyota gearbox nbg.pdf Also have a chat with series_one as his is quite high milage and he does a lot of work on it himself so could be quite inciteful.
  20. The powerflex bushes do last longer, not heard of and uprated droplinks though, not that ive looked tbh. Im on 20k miles, my second drop links and third arb bushes (but now powerflex) Gav
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