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  1. If I were in the market I would go and have a look. Damage wise, if its not recorded and doesn't looked botched then I would put it down to just rumours or a proper repair, unless it can be confirmed, so not overly concerned. The service issue can be resolved with having a big service done. I had an ex-press Evora S,some doom mongers would talk the car down, but it was fine, as I'm sure this one would be.
  2. The engine cover was deleted on later cars, JMG cost cutting as previously mentioned, you can tell because the bar it normally attaches to isn't there either!
  3. Just looked up the cost of a new maf, ouch. May need to check the denso part number.
  4. Yes, the first thing i did was clean the maf and throttle body and their connectors. The b2 s1 sensor looks like it may be a bugger to change, hence why I'm aaking advice but happy to try all the easy thing first! Cheers
  5. Ive done it a couple of times and each time after the 2nd start it comes back on as per the trigger logic. It is giving a reading as i can see it but suspect its fluctuating beyond its limits.
  6. Ive got a bank 2 sensor 1 error which appears to be the precat on the firewall side. Ive had a look round but not found anything specific about replacing this sensor. Anyone done this got any advice? I cant see it from above and the bulkhead panel sooms to be to the side of it so dont know if this will help. Cheers Gav
  7. I suspect it wont be upto your high standard but could you not use a template and spray the goodyear on to the tyre?
  8. Thats my old car, only had it 7 months before i had the chance to swap it for my GTE otherwise i would have kept it. It was an ex press car but dont let that put you off, it was a great car. Gav
  9. Im remembering back 7 years but yes. There's us a cable from the belt buckle and the one for the heating elements. In my 2010 car, it didnt cone with them but when the seats came out we found the backs had elements but the bases didnt. You should be able to see the cables where they route through the seat.
  10. Of they are heated they will have cables. My old ones only had cables in one half, sometimes tje cable is tucked inside the seat.
  11. As Bruss has pointed out, the stereo is fixed to the two side frames with some domed head machined screws, these catch so make it very tight to get in and out. It will come out but doesn't just pop out like most do.
  12. I cant remember the exact proceedure as its was years ago i did it, but there is a program/file you can load onto the sd card and identify the password.
  13. I would google an ac recon company and ask. Dont pay that!
  14. I would sumize that that as yours is 2017 H, ie after 2016 G, and as the buitin is dated 21/2016, that yours is the later type. You may be able just to pull the edge of the wheel arch liner enough to see? it may be easier to get yours rebuilt or see if a (my) failed old one could be rebuilt to the new spec seals/oil? That way its only one lot of labour to swap them over and the car isnt off the road unnessasarily? Gav
  15. I noticed on one of the exige threads there is an ac delete, its a replacement pulley on a bracket. Found it
  16. 😂 Im not that brave or handy, I got the dealer to do it! No problem, just give me a shout if you want it. The compressor is to heavy to post but may be able to post the clutch. Gavin
  17. Richard, ive looked and i still have my old siezed compressor complete with working clutch. If its any help you can have the clutch off it if it gets you back on the road? What part of the country are you in? Gav
  18. Didnt know they changed them. Deroure notes in section 18.03 says R 1234YF introduced on EU cars from vin GH 21289 refer to service builtin 2016/21 Im sure they must do a non oem verion of the later type. You could always get yours refurbished. I dont know if its an option but could you run a smaller belt with the ac compresor removed while you to get yours rebuilt? Gav
  19. If you have a look on the other lotus forum techwiki you can find the part numbers for the toyota and other reference numbers i found when my na evora compressor seized years ago.
  20. Ive had an aircon pump sieze and normally the ecu detects it and disengages the ac clutch. I reset the code and all you heard was a momentary squeak and it disengaged the compressor again. I would be suprised if it was that as the ac clutch would have to be seized aswell. How old is your car? If the pump has gone and you ha e to pay for it, dont get it from lotus!
  21. 21gg

    TLF GT430 Club

    There was a silver rhd at silverstone
  22. If it is the fuel pump then dont pay lotus prices, you can get a pump for less than £100 to fit if your ok with tools. I replaced mine as it failed. Probably failed as the GTE's were left for years so got condensation in the tank. A couple of times mine cut out and the engine stopped, re-started again after a couple of minutes. It did this twice then completely failed. Gav
  23. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    My insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks, so was wondering who the other owners use, mileage limitations, agreed value, cost etc. If you dont mind sharing by pm. Gav
  24. They are about £20 each new from memory but i got mine painted black when my headlights were re-done. Gav
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