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  1. Im going but in my mates 1991 911 cab this time.
  2. There are adjuster bolts on the catch, but i found if you adjust it, even if it works fine, check again after 10 mins as it can settle. It takes time but possible.
  3. As far as i know, no there arent any obvious lamps, the switch packs either side are separate. It may be worth checking the connections or even putting 12v to it to confirm its the control panel and not the supply. Gav
  4. Ive only seen that once and it was due to a wheel impact.
  5. Youre a never ending source of information! You can definitely see a weave in my front clam so presumabley it is carbon?
  6. As a teenager i had a supersonic experience flight. Somewhere i still have the model, flight tag and a4 concorde beige folder.
  7. 21gg

    The Grinch

    So whats the worlds largest butt plug got to do with Christmas?🤣
  8. Going off the build details from the guy in canada where he bought the mansory panels, the rear clam wasnt a complete clam. Its was a 'top' panel without the boot structure underneath. They had to separate the old clam and bond the new one on. So the 'outer' panel is carbon with the boot box in fg. The front clam again is carbon with any appendages underneath in fg etc but did come as a complete unit as it would ftom the factory. They are not a layer of carbon skinned over a gf panel.
  9. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    If you can get a coc i presume youre ok. Now if one is registered as an evora s then surely its value is theortically less. You need to clarify if you can get a coc. Thomas' one was pre registered which helped him registered i. Germany .
  10. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    As far as i am aware they all say evora s or evora s sport racer on the v5. There are ones that were pre registered, ie 11 and 12 plate like mine. The later ones i belive were sva'd similar to a kit car so i would check to see if you can get a coc for them. I suspect not. Gav
  11. They come out a little easier if pulled straight, which is almost impossible. I found that threading some strong string behind the panel edge helps a lot.
  12. I belive Gavs red GTE does have a swindon engine but running a lotus ecu and standard pully so 385 bhp from memory. Didnt JayEmm drive the standard Evora that they droped a swindon engine in?
  13. It does smart a bit, but the auto does drop it back down 😁.
  14. My evora ips does it all the time, i dont even notice it now. I remember reading (think it was mercedes) that said it was to ensure good initial oil pressure on start up.
  15. Out of preference I lean towards blue, as the majority of my cars have been. My M100 was red as it was all I could get, the colour of my old boxster was jade green, ordered in a moment of madness 😁.
  16. @Kimbers, for future reference, do you just run your own fleet or do you have leasing company? If so, do you do vans? Cheers Gav
  17. The na is a great car, needs a few revs to hustle along but not in a bad way and definitely not slow. Cheap tyre, tax and fuel. The S has more torque so can be a less revvy experience (doesn't mean it can't be revved ), definitely quicker but not life changing. Tyres are dearer, fuel consumption is higher, as is car tax (unless an IPS). I've not driven a 400 but personally I find the styling less cohesive compared to S1 / GT 410 etc. Yes the are better on fuel and tax. Again quicker, but I get the impression its incremental rather than another league. I did drive a 430 while it was being run in and I honestly felt the suspension was a little hard for the road and the interior didn't feel as special as mine due to the reduced number of cows that lovingly sacrificed themselves for my interior comfort. But mine is a comfy sofa of an S1 that has only been on the track once. Try them all and see how they feel. They are all special and depreciation on older ones is glacial. Im happy with my old comfy sofa S1 Gav
  18. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Cheers Justin, what were you in? Its funny, a lot people don't know what it is, even some die hard lotus fans. With the Bicester trip and getting it serviced its now got 500 miles more!
  19. I think bruss is right either 4,5 or 6 zeros. From memory if you search the net I'm sure there is a file you can load to either rest the head unit or download to find the password. But it has been years since I did it.
  20. 8 year old car, get a copy of the service shedule to make sure everything thats meant to be done, is done. Sorted.
  21. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    So have I got the highest milage GTE yet? 😁
  22. Very nice, but i am partial to nightfall blue.
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