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  1. I'm not a fan of the turbine wheels but from a manufacturing perspective they're impressive!
  2. I know a few have fitted the 400 endertray or the boe fab undertray which have a full width intake to get more air through the engine bay.
  3. Having done it once myself....I would pay silverstone without hesitation!
  4. Bruss your guess is as good as mine, neither lotus or the wheel manufacturers will give the codes. I belive Silverstone have refurbished standard wheels of a similar colour. I think they call it hi power silver but it's a vague enough name such that it doesn't give a specific code.
  5. Picture from yesterday's meet at the lake land motor museum, piccy courtesy of Simon brown.
  6. Was a great car, couldn't stop looking at it. I only rang up Murrys expecting to be told I couldn't afford it then I could move on....a few weeks later it was home 🤣. I didn't have it long (about 7 months) but that's purely down to the GTE coming along! I always preferred the black wheels with the black pack, I even changed the wheel bolts to match. I'm sure you will have fun either way!
  7. On my old na, I just got a used bmw part that matched the lotus one, it t's into the vacuum line and you connect that with a pipe to the exhaust flap and wire your trigger voltage.
  8. Been there, was always funny turning up at nursery 🤣.
  9. 2004 cooper s and a 2019 180 bhp citroen dispatch van 😁, I can't be trusted when it comes to buying vehicles 🤣
  10. I wonder if that's what's being used on the radford?
  11. Realised I didn't post a piccy, so here you go, nightfall with silver wheels. Not the same wheel type but close enough. If you look up @Ericski he has some pictures of his (that looks nightfall) with silver wheels.
  12. Realised I didn't post a piccy, so here you go, nightfall with silver wheels. Not the same wheel type but close enough.
  13. Somewhere there will some be pictures as there was a chap who did just what you're think of after seeing mine.
  14. Between my NA, my S and my GTE ( which I've had 7 years!) I must be upto 10 years now. My first was a m100 elan in 96 I think. Would love an Emira but it would have to be a used one as the GTE is going nowhere!
  15. Silver! But I'm biased 🤣
  16. I had a transmission error end of last year and it was slow changing gear etc. I came to the conclusion I had a duff trickle charger. The car started fine but would soon bring the error up and be stupid changing gear. After leaving my car on my big charger and bwfore replacing my trickle charger I haven't had any issues. Replace your battery or put it on a powerful charger for a few days and let it condition the battery.
  17. A friend had one many years ago with a cosworth conversion, it wasn't slow!
  18. The fact there were only 3 of us there I suppose it shouldn't surprise me! Cheers Bibs
  19. I have always found the 400/410 seats too high compared to the Recaros. As above, I found I was looking through the top of the screen. However the seats in the blue Emira were more like the Recaos height wise. Gav
  20. Ive changed the fuel pump on mine and it fitted through that hole/hatch perfectly? Gav
  21. Michelin are definitely better, don't completely stop it though.
  22. Well that presents an easy solution, leave the wife at home and just take the kids out 😁😂
  23. My 2019 van has lane departure warning and it doesn't bother me. The two things that do are the stop start, it stops as you are pulling up, so if it's a give way and you continue to pull out there is a delay while it starts and then tries to catch up. To me it shouldn't stop until the vehicle stops. The other is the automatic braking to stop a collision. Every now and again if some one is turning left its still picks them up as stationary as they turn and slams my brakes on for a fraction second until there gone. It's all heading down the route of autonomous vehicles, so no room for fun driving vehicles that I can see.
  24. £200 month isnt massive but i can fully appreciate if things are tight its an easy expense to off load. I did this in the last recession, i was lotus-less for 3 years, but jumped back on board as soon as I could. All 2nd hand car prices are high at the moment, I think Evoras may dip a little when current owners trade in for Emiras thus putting a few back on the market. A well sorted car will always sell quickly if realistically priced. I would personally be tempted to hang on for a bit but I do use mine over winter and it is garaged when not in use. A car is replaceable, your health & family arent. Do what you need to do and when things pick up you can always return. Good luck with what ever you decide.
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