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  1. My GTE has just clicked over 22k miles! 😁
  2. My van is my daily followed by my 2004 cooper s then my evora. For the first year my evora was my only car, now its more just sunday runs.
  3. Bruss, I believe a garage will perge the system then put in the exact amount. If you get a cheap kit similar to the Halfords one it goes off pressure, so you have to adjust the guage for the ambient temperature but still gives a good indication if anything is left in. Yes it's the 134a, the later cars, as you mention had different refrigerant, I think the compressors are a different part number to handle the different refrigerant. Gav
  4. My bad, although it's been 7/8 years since I looked into this. I've had low pressures on my two long term evoras but neither threw a code? I got a cheap gauge and top up can from Halfords, I found my mum's golf was over pressured and my Evora had under pressure hence it would freeze up. For the cost of a top up can and filler gauge it's worth getting and keeping an eye on it. Gav
  5. It was oakmeres car, they registered it and ran it in. I did have a go in it but only a gentle ride as it was still being run it. Sold it then obiously got it back now. Dont know any more.
  6. I replaced one on my old evroa na with a generic one from the US years ago and didnt have any other issues with it. I would have thought it most likely loss of refrigerant from a leaking seal (that wasnt picked up) that has caused the seizure. That im aware of the lotus system doesnt have a low pressure sensor/alarm on the car. On my current car I now check the ac pressure with a gauge if I ever have the front wheel off. If it gets low you can tell as it can freeze up and reduce the airflow out of the cabin vents, which then returns slowley after switchung off the ac. You can get the 400 undertray fitted to S1s which has a full width scoop to put air into the engine bay rather than the partial one on the early cars. Gav
  7. Over the cold spell I've had to leave mine on charge, where normally it only needs topping up after a week or so.
  8. Make sure you remove and fully dry the carpets as there is a big peice of foam which will hold a lot of water and take forever to dry otherwise.
  9. Also check round the rubber seal under the dash where the steering column goes through the bulkhead.
  10. Presumabley it was stuck in 3rd? Its a get you home fail safe, only had it once then it was fine after a restart. If the mil is staying illuminated for 5 times there is still a fault code that needs reading. There is a good artixle on line about known issues with the toyota gear box. I will try and post the link.
  11. You can get an after market compressor and clutch for £300
  12. 21gg

    Evora GTE Registry

    Aib look after mine, i did have it on agreed value of £100k but last year they wouldnt go over £90k. My argument was 2 fold, value wise its the cost to rebuild it /make a new one, so price of an age appropriate evora, mansory parts and cost of conversion. Secondly, im effectivley insuring £100k irrelevent of what it is, but they didnt see it that way. I had a bit if fun and games last year with renewal values which i get fed up with but it is a good policy.
  13. Yes it just stuck on. My paint guy didn't complain so it couldnt have been too hard to remove.
  14. Evoras do the everyday very well, but the more you push them the more they reward, particularly with the na. Sport mode helps.
  15. Should have bought a GTE, they have DRL's 😁
  16. Dont forget the electron filter and battery top up 😂
  17. The maf and throttle body are standard toyota parts.
  18. Just buy the black and spray it red, thats what lotus used to do for the black evora badges as there was black overspray on them from the factory, a rattle can should be fine.
  19. Yes you can, if you look on deroure it will give you the price. Gav
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