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  1. On 12/11/2021 at 10:13, Phaeton91 said:

    Thanks all for the further comments.  I have to say that my kids are far more tolerant than my wife is to any sort of discomfort especially in a “fast” car.  I need to now find a dealer within reasonable driving distance who has one!

    Well that presents an easy solution, leave the wife at home and just take the kids out 😁😂

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  2. My 2019 van has lane departure warning and it doesn't bother me. The two things that do are the stop start, it stops as you are pulling up, so if it's a give way and you continue to pull out there is a delay while it starts and then tries to catch up. To me it shouldn't stop until the vehicle stops.

    The other is the automatic braking to stop a collision. Every now and again if some one is turning left its still picks them up as stationary as they turn and slams my brakes on for a fraction second until there gone. It's all heading down the route of autonomous vehicles, so no room for fun driving vehicles that I can see.  

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  3. £200 month isnt massive but i can fully appreciate if things are tight its an easy expense to off load. I did this in the last recession, i was lotus-less for 3 years, but jumped back on board as soon as I could. All 2nd hand car  prices are high at the moment, I think Evoras may dip a little when current owners trade in for Emiras thus putting a few back on the market. A well sorted car will always sell quickly if realistically priced. I would personally be tempted to hang on for a bit but I do use mine over winter and it is garaged when not in use. A car is replaceable, your health & family arent. Do what you need to do and when things pick up you can always return. Good luck with what ever you decide.

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  4. 1 hour ago, ajheath said:

    We will see you at Silverstone, be great to get 2 GTE's parked up together, what days are you there?

    Definitely Sat not sure about sunday yet. Yes, it doesnt happen often!



  5. 5 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Nice to see Gav’s (21GG) GTE parked at Goodwood today. It was getting plenty of attention. Needs a wash when you get it all the way back home though. There can’t be many of us original owners still left.

    Cheers, did you take yours? Just made it back in time for the second half. But yes it definitely needs a wash! 😂 

    @ajheath I will be at the Silverstone classic  with LDC in mine.

  6. I think any added exposure to the general public of LOTUS will help keep prices firm in the short term added to the fact that the Emira is not a +2. Generally though, as the Emira is priced at a lower price point that the Evora I think it will impact residuals, but it will be interesting to see what the real price of a normally specced Emira will be. I suspect they are following suit of many manufacturers of having a long (longer) list of options, so I wouldnt be surprised if areal spec car is at least £70k. I think the pick will be the 4cyl amg once they up the power output. I wouldnt surprise me if over time the V6 is discontinued leaving just the 4cyl, once we all get used to the idea of downsized engines. 

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