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  1. Personally I wouldn't bother with the plack when you have a Swindon system! Surely it's just cheaper cut the joint and get a flange welded on. As far as I know, but I'm no expert, the manifolds on all evoras are the same, the only difference we as the downpipe as they changed where the join to the exhaust was. So its the downpipe and exhaust that have to match So if the Swindon system retains the factory manifolds then the down pipe you purchase can be either, which ever suits the joint to the plack the best. I may be wrong but I thought the Swindon system replaced the manifolds as well. So you would then need to buy new manifolds and downpipe which I imagine would start to get expensive!

  2. @Bruss Tarmac Terrorist would probabley know better as he did the conversion (suspension and gearbox etc) on his red GTE (not GT350) that still has its original engine. I think you are right in that they did originally have their own ecu but will run off the lotus ecu (but not at the 400+ bhp). I cant remember if TT changed the ecu in the end but was getting 385ish on his lotus ecu.

    Speaking to ES is a good shout and probabley easier than Strattons.

  3. So it is a Swindon exhaust not a Stratton one. Well in that case you have one of the original GTE engines then. So are you trying to identify the exact specification of the engine? In that case I can believe Stratton's don't know, as I presume they just got them in a create. Motorsport auctions did sell some which from memory listed the spec. If you want the spec then try Swindon engines. @Bruss isn't this what you've got in yours or have I just made that up?

  4. Absolutley agree with all the above. Also as I suspected mine had got a little low on gas as it would freeze up, I got a top up canister from halfords. Its simple enough and no more scientific than a pressure guage which you adjust depending on the ambient temperature, but it does allow you to top the system up without a dealer trip. It worked a treat, it also help my diagnose my mums car aircon which had been overgassed! 

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