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  1. Presumabley it was stuck in 3rd? Its a get you home fail safe, only had it once then it was fine after a restart. If the mil is staying illuminated for 5 times there is still a fault code that needs reading. There is a good artixle on line about known issues with the toyota gear box. I will try and post the link.


  2. Aib look after mine, i did have it on agreed value of £100k but last year they wouldnt go over £90k. My argument was 2 fold, value wise its the cost to rebuild it /make a new one, so price of an age appropriate evora, mansory parts and cost of conversion. Secondly, im effectivley insuring £100k irrelevent of what it is, but they didnt see it that way. I had a bit if fun and games last year with renewal values which i get fed up with but it is a good policy. 

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  3. There is a post in the exiges section from someone doing this. The actuator bracket and shift arm are different, ive never seen any other specific parts highlighted as being different. Yes its different software but ive never heard of anybody getting it done. Possibly an issue as it may be coded to 400s. There was a chap with a developement mule, 400 engine in an s, and i remember reading it kept throwing fault codes as the software didnt like the s chassis no. Many like me think the 1.4-.4 is bollocks, im not saying the 400 isnt quicker but in sport mode when you want a fast change, it isnt 1.4 sec. Almost as if theyve quoted the s slower change speed in auto mode to the 400s sport change. The exige chap did the boe but its more a case of taking/holding more hp than a quicker change. 

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