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  1. Im not convinced they have a valve in them, I think they just rely on water pressure to pop them up. If I had to guess It sounds like they were both full of crap but it blew one of them clear but not the other.  Could you take the pipe of, gently lift the washer and butt an air line upto it to blow the crap back out the way it came in?

    Bare in mind, this advice comes from a person who repaired his mini head light washers with part of a nurf gun bullit!


  2. Ive just replaced an o2 sensor which had thrown a code. However its still stalled a few times (its an ips) and ran rough a few times. Its was on 1/4 tank of v power. Its ben refueld a few rimes over lock down but this fuel may be 2? Months old. I filled it up yestetday and after 5 mins has run fine for the 400 miles ive done today. 

  3. I think the odd time mine did it, from starting, was when it was cold. I always let the car warm up for a minute or two before driving. So presumebly in my mind the gearbox oil is cold/thick. Do cars in UAE usually run thicker oil to counter the general higher temperatures? If its not a software issue then it can only be harware. There is a clutch control valve, which presumabley is what controls the 'take up', so there may be an issue with that, the oil or maybe the transmission oil needs flushing out if there are some contaminates in there? Im no expert btw, this is just me thinking out loud!

  4. A very odd time when starting from cold when I first engage drive it can 'clunk' a bit, but it is only the odd time. Also because I drove everywhere in sport manual for the first year, the tcu learnt this so now in auto it isn't 100% smooth as I presume its edging towards a sport change rather than a slushy auto change. As you have changed the fluid and reset the tcu im at a bit of a loss. It may be worth searching the issue relating to toyota cars as if its a known gearbox issue then it will also show up there. Im sure I read that the gearbox in toyotas when it has issues, it was known to always one of two solenoids.

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  5. Yep I realise that cheers, mine 'seems' to be genuine and came overnite from a car spares company so hopefully it is genuine, I could have got a cheaper one but didn't. Its reading alright on the obd graph but will have to see. 

    I have no issue buying genuine parts when needed but neither have I an issue getting non lotus genuine toyota parts like fuel pump, ac compressor etc over the years at much reduced mark up. Everyone has to make a living so no complaints but the ac compressor on my old Evora na saved me £1500. I dont doubt fake parts are a massive problem.

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