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  1. The initial poster was told of delays in availability of the item and was provided a revised delivery date in a few weeks. This particular item is the same tool used by the dealers and new appointments meant that the stock which would normally be available had been redirected for the new franchises.
  2. May 5th will mark the 9th Annual BRG Fish and Chips Run. Held once again in Milford New Jersey, the event has moved back to it's traditional early May schedule. More details and registration on our site. 9th Annual Fish and Chips Run Registration IMPORTANT: When registering, you must complete checkout even if you are not staying for food and thus have a $0.00 balance in the cart. THIS IS A FREE EVENT (for the drive at least). If you stay for the food, we have again arranged an all-you-can-eat buffet full of English delicacies like Shepard's Pie, Fish and Chips, Scottish eggs and Ba
  3. An open run group has been added for all makes and models. Please goto the Lotus Cup site link above to register. Please note that individuals just coming as spectators are expected to register as well. Their fee is $25 which includes entry and a catered lunch.
  4. On September 2nd, the factory-backed Lotus Cup USA series will hold it's first New York area event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville New Jersey. The event will be comprised of an open lapping day followed by a time trial. It is open to all skill level drives from novice to advanced. To participate in the actual drive, you must have a Lotus but anyone can attend as a spectator. Lotus Cars USA will be in attendance and presenting the newest versions of the Evora, the Supercharged S and automatic IPS. British Racing Group, is an official sponsor of the Lotus Cup USA series an
  5. We are in search of a 1957-1963 Lotus Elite for a client. We prefer a LHD example. Please contact us with information on any available vehicles via email at: [email protected] Thanks you in advance. Robert
  6. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: PR Department [email protected] British Racing Group Welcomes Malcolm Barnett to the team British Racing Group is very proud to announce the addition of Malcolm Barnett to our staff. Malcolm will be serving as Vice President and Director of Motorsports. Malcolm has an extensive background in racing and engineering. He has won 2 championship titles with Caterham and also has raced for Radical. He claimed a double victory in a sensational climax to the Goodwood Festival of Speed downhill soapbox challenge in the legendary Lotus
  7. Moderators feel free to move this if it is posted in the wrong place....... I am looking for a 1991 US Specification M100 Elan to purchase for myself personally. This is not for my company, British Racing Group. I would prefer Monaco White but will consider Calypso Red and Pacific Blue. Extra points for lower miles and fewer mods. Not in a rush but would like to do something this year. Please PM me or zip me an email at [email protected] Thanks! Robert
  8. Elite pics coming. It's in "project status". As for the screen name, I went to a school that had a Kangaroo as a mascot. That began my affinity towards roos but I always thought they looked a bit dopey. Wallabies seem to reflect Lotuses and sports car a bit better as they tend to be smaller, more agile and streamlined. Thus, the screen name. You probably wish you didn't ask now.........
  9. Gavin, You are always welcome. Let me know when you are around. Jason, Let me know if you want to grab lunch or a beer sometime. I'd love to talk about your Esprit. I'm a huge fan of the S4.
  10. Actually, my C6 suffered a compression fracture (I broke my neck) and was paralyzed from the neck down. The reason there are shots like the ones above is that the police were treating the accident like a vehicular homicide. No one expected me to make it. I had a sever laceration to the back of the head and the doctors gave me a 33% chance of making it through the surgery. From there I only had a 33% chance of ever walking again. I rehabbed for quite some time, focused on being able to drive a Lotus again. The Lotus community really came to my side during the whole ordeal including sending
  11. Here's a couple of pics of Snuffy (before and after).....The last one made it into Autoweek. Note the sign.
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