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  1. The initial poster was told of delays in availability of the item and was provided a revised delivery date in a few weeks. This particular item is the same tool used by the dealers and new appointments meant that the stock which would normally be available had been redirected for the new franchises.
  2. May 5th will mark the 9th Annual BRG Fish and Chips Run. Held once again in Milford New Jersey, the event has moved back to it's traditional early May schedule. More details and registration on our site. 9th Annual Fish and Chips Run Registration IMPORTANT: When registering, you must complete checkout even if you are not staying for food and thus have a $0.00 balance in the cart. THIS IS A FREE EVENT (for the drive at least). If you stay for the food, we have again arranged an all-you-can-eat buffet full of English delicacies like Shepard's Pie, Fish and Chips, Scottish eggs and Bangers and Mash at The Ship Inn on Bridge Street. A professional photographer from Belagi Photography (Bert Gilliam) will be on hand this year to document the event and offer portrait services for anyone interested. I hope for another great turn out.
  3. An open run group has been added for all makes and models. Please goto the Lotus Cup site link above to register. Please note that individuals just coming as spectators are expected to register as well. Their fee is $25 which includes entry and a catered lunch.
  4. On September 2nd, the factory-backed Lotus Cup USA series will hold it's first New York area event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville New Jersey. The event will be comprised of an open lapping day followed by a time trial. It is open to all skill level drives from novice to advanced. To participate in the actual drive, you must have a Lotus but anyone can attend as a spectator. Lotus Cars USA will be in attendance and presenting the newest versions of the Evora, the Supercharged S and automatic IPS. British Racing Group, is an official sponsor of the Lotus Cup USA series and will be offering track side support for drivers. A catered lunch will also be provided. Please use the link below to register for the event. Please reference "British Racing Group" when registering. Lotus Cup USA- East Coast Event #1
  5. We are in search of a 1957-1963 Lotus Elite for a client. We prefer a LHD example. Please contact us with information on any available vehicles via email at: [email protected] Thanks you in advance. Robert
  6. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: PR Department [email protected] British Racing Group Welcomes Malcolm Barnett to the team British Racing Group is very proud to announce the addition of Malcolm Barnett to our staff. Malcolm will be serving as Vice President and Director of Motorsports. Malcolm has an extensive background in racing and engineering. He has won 2 championship titles with Caterham and also has raced for Radical. He claimed a double victory in a sensational climax to the Goodwood Festival of Speed downhill soapbox challenge in the legendary Lotus 119b and was the British Endurance Kart Champion. He worked with Group Lotus in marketing, vehicle development and production; later joining Lotus Sport where he led the development of the Exige Cup Car, Lotus Sport Elise and supercharger development program. He is a Lotus Sport approved instructor. His responsibilities with British Racing Group will range from operational management to motorsports program development and client consultation. He will be able to offer the highest levels of expertise to our client base who are looking to campaign a vehicle or simply develop their driving skills. He will also head new endeavors for BRG in exclusive performance part development. Malcolm will be relocating to the United States later this year with his wife of Stephanie and two children, Joshua and Olivia. ### About British Racing Group, LLC British Racing Group, LLC (BRG) is a multi-franchise dealership serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern Region of the United States. The organization is dedicated to offering boutique sales, service and support of premium, niche automobiles. BRG is the North American representative for Toniq and the KTM X-Bow. Offering a more comprehensive array of services than a traditional “Dealer”, BRG provides a full ownership immersion experience. From initial consultation and vehicle sales to ownership reinforcement services like motorsports training and track-side support, BRG creates a concierge-like experience. The corporate goal is to build a long term relationship with each client based on thoughtful and intelligent consultation before, during and after the sale. BRG’s staff is among the most experienced in the sports car and motorsports industry. They have worked with some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world including; Lotus, BMW, Land Rover, Saab, MINI, Radical and Mazda. BRG maintains a dedicated motorsports division with decades of experience in competition training, preparation and support. BRG also operates Lotus Garage, the internet's leading Lotus OEM parts retailer.
  7. Moderators feel free to move this if it is posted in the wrong place....... I am looking for a 1991 US Specification M100 Elan to purchase for myself personally. This is not for my company, British Racing Group. I would prefer Monaco White but will consider Calypso Red and Pacific Blue. Extra points for lower miles and fewer mods. Not in a rush but would like to do something this year. Please PM me or zip me an email at [email protected] Thanks! Robert
  8. Elite pics coming. It's in "project status". As for the screen name, I went to a school that had a Kangaroo as a mascot. That began my affinity towards roos but I always thought they looked a bit dopey. Wallabies seem to reflect Lotuses and sports car a bit better as they tend to be smaller, more agile and streamlined. Thus, the screen name. You probably wish you didn't ask now.........
  9. Gavin, You are always welcome. Let me know when you are around. Jason, Let me know if you want to grab lunch or a beer sometime. I'd love to talk about your Esprit. I'm a huge fan of the S4.
  10. Actually, my C6 suffered a compression fracture (I broke my neck) and was paralyzed from the neck down. The reason there are shots like the ones above is that the police were treating the accident like a vehicular homicide. No one expected me to make it. I had a sever laceration to the back of the head and the doctors gave me a 33% chance of making it through the surgery. From there I only had a 33% chance of ever walking again. I rehabbed for quite some time, focused on being able to drive a Lotus again. The Lotus community really came to my side during the whole ordeal including sending Christmas gifts to my children and calling my wife daily to make sure she had everything she needed. I walked out of the hospital 5 weeks later, unassisted. So, in a way, my involvement with Lotus is much deeper than a passion or enthusiasm. I feel I owe the community something. It's the way I've handled everything I've done since then and why my business plan calls for being a partner to the community rather than simply a supplier. If you ever want a good look at more of the pics from the accident, goto my facebook page and look at the photos posted under "Not Dead Yet Day".
  11. Here's a couple of pics of Snuffy (before and after).....The last one made it into Autoweek. Note the sign.
  12. So thanks to Bibs, I finally joined after lurking for quite awhile. For those who don't know my "call sign" from other forums, My name is Robert and I'm a long time owner and enthusiast of Lotus. I have a 1974 Elite 502 and had one of the first Elise in the US back in 2004. Unfortunately, Snuffy as she was known, met with an untimely end at the hands of a commercial van and it's mobile phone welding driver. Since the accident I left a career in architecture and have pursued my second love (after my wife), Lotus. Last year I started a company based on the US East Coast called British Racing Group. We specialize in selling, servicing and maintaining Lotuses and other specialized sports cars. Our company has grown very quickly and in September of 2010 we acquired We now have 2 webstores, the other being, and our main site that offers information on the Toniq, our pre-owned used inventory and some of the events and drivers we sponsor. In 2011 we will be expanding our part business significantly, adding new vehicle lines and moving into a new facility. I am excited about becoming a member here and look forward expanding the partnership with The Lotus Forums and establishing friendships with many of you. Robert
  13. I think that getting the Evora to the US ASAP is a very good idea. Prospective customers will come and see the car, even in manual, and dealers will be able to create orders for the automatic version. The automatic version is critical to the cars success in the US. I live in a country where most people don't know how to drive.
  14. Thanks for getting the schedule clarified. Any color comments? What are the new colors and how do they compare with the current range?
  15. My understanding of the problem is that the seats are from Recaro and they are limited to what Recaro offers. The seats are not like the ones in the Elise, Exige or even Esprit. In fact, Lotus couldn't even use their current supplier for the hides as they needed to match the seats which were manufactured elsewhere. They had to actually buy leather from Recaro for the rest of the interior in order to match the seats. Seat detail
  16. While I love the lines of the coupe, I am definitely a convertible guy. There is nothing better than taking a drive at dusk or in the evening through the country with the top down. I only wish Lotus would embrace detail issues like heated seats in order to properly address the desires of the core demographic for this car. Here in the US, a car in this class without seat heaters is at a serious disadvantage (at least in the northern parts of the country). And dont throw the weight thing at me if Lotus is considering a retractable hard top. Perhaps it's an issue with Recaro. My wife is already going back to school to get an advanced degree so, as she put it, we can get an Evora Convertible in a couple of years.
  17. Has it always been known/ assumed that the Evora convertible was a retractable hardtop? While I can appreciate the structural rigidity that comes with such a configuration as well as the marketing potential, I worry that the weight and complexity could evolve into a problem. That said, I'm sure that, like so many other features of the Evora, the mechanism will make it's way in a modified form to the next Esprit.
  18. I just wanted to post a quick mention how nice it was to get the newsletter this morning. It nicely listed all the current news on the Evora (and there has been a ton in the past couple of weeks). I know it seems like a little thing but it was really well done, Thanks Admin. Keep up the good work.
  19. I'm a huge fan of Laser Blue but I have to think that the Ice White looks great on the Evora. Not that laser Blue would look bad. Has anyone who has seen the Ice White car care to comment? I would also like to see a nice dark gray on the Evora with a saddle/sand interior.
  20. Doug Time to get to work...........
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