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  1. I actually liked the Lotus (Janspeed) Stage II better than the Larini! I chose the Larini for looks and diffuser functionality...but I promise I'm fixing this!!!
  2. Basically it's a Reverie 5-element diffuser with a Larini SE exhaust (Euro tips style). I'm also adding PPE headers/de-cat. There's a supercharger shoved somewhere in there too
  3. I think in final production form, it will look a tad more appealing. A rear Lotus badge (or stickers...heh) will make it look less plain.
  4. Thanks... Looking forward to making my mark here. Not in the way dogs do it, though. That's unsanitary.
  5. Elise 111R (supercharged...Muhaha)
  6. Hello all... I'm Mike, currently an Elise owner and Lotus lover!! I'm looking to get an Evora whenever they come out around my parts (U.S.A.). Some of you may know me from other forums as "Bavarian Motorist", but I thought Ovarian Odorist could be my alterego I'll leave you with some pictures of my Elise in Miami last week end, playing with supercars And then reality hits in and I'm back in NY!!! LOL Ciao everyone!!
  7. Evora...Bling...I wonder how long it will be till we start seeing Evoras in rap videos
  8. Just to compensate for the pinked one Kelly Rowland is getting, mine is going to be BLACK on BLACK with brass knuckles in the glove box and a Foreman grill (light-weight version, of course) occupying the back seat. Doesn't get manlier than that!
  9. Are those not the same gauges from the 2008 Elises and Exiges? Look identical...
  10. It probably will be close to the Boxster S. The specs are very similar. Similar displacement, similar output, similar redline and presumably gearing, similar weight...
  11. Do you mean you haven't seen the redline yet or it hasn't been specified by Lotus? I can guess the approximate range will be 7000-7500, but I want to know for sure
  12. Has anyone had a chance to note the indicated redline? I can see the tachometer in a couple photos, but cannot see the redline indicator. If someone could please take note of this in the future, it'd be helpful. Thanks!
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