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  1. The Metal cat is a 200-300 cell cat i believe (i think closer to 300). Its much freer flowing than the stock 600cell (i believe stock is 600). Cats. They are also metalic so they will not burn up like ceramic cats and also they are take up very little room and are very easy to install. if you are paying more than $300 USD for cats you are getting ripped off plain and simple.
  2. Metal Cats are probably the best high flow cat you can get on the market... and ironically enough in this case they are the cheapest. here is the auction on ebay for $180 USD and some pics... enjoy
  3. Sure thing, just check your PM for payment details. thanks
  4. G50 is probably the best transaxle you can buy and is also probably the easiest to swap into a lotus body. seems like that would be an ideal candidate. On ultima forums you can do a research, they know exactly which G50 gear box has which gears and etc (many versions of G50s). I'd pick the one with the highest ratios for quickest acceleration. G50 gearboxes have relatively long gearing even in its shortest ratio configuration. Plus a 6 speed would be nice if possible . G50s can take at least twice the power a lotus tranny can and they don't feel like you are shifting a farm tractor haha. If somebody were smart they would mass produce a G50 Adaptor plate for the lotus engine and sell a conversion kit for it (much like many companies do for BMWs). again just a suggestion. heres the forum link: I am a member there as well, lots of great info on that forum
  5. how did u manage to run straight pipes, did you buy a kit from somewhere or fab them up in a muffler shop b/c most shops won't even touch cats if you ask them to remove them b/c of the legality issue. honestly if i could just run straight pipes and then return the car to stock before i sold it then i'd just do that, not waste my time with high flow cats and etc. just a thought. again awesome job, only thing i'd probably do is run aero turbine or magnaflow resonators actings at small mufflers to help refine the sound a bit, other then that... sounds sexy
  6. man, i can't believe the Z06 could barely pull on you with ALL those mods. i guess it shows what a great package the esprit really is. awesome job! . how do you like the catless mandrel pipes? The exhaust did sound amazing in the video so they sound fantastic at WOT.
  7. I agree, no way that Z06 was modded. The fact that the esprit could still pull from those cars shows what a potent platform it is even 30+ years after it was first made, if that isn't a testament to british engineering I don't know what is
  8. BOV was definitely from the lotus, if the Z06 was turboed it would have blown both cars away by astronomical proportions.
  9. yes that is true, u california guys have alot more to worry about but the rest of us 49 staters have alot more wiggle room. Yes, without exhaust its not as aerodynamic but honestly i think if you were to somehow make a lower rear valence it would perform much better than stock. 20-30lbs removed won't be too big of an issue as far as weight balance. If you really want you can remove the spare tire in the front or something like that.
  10. anyone, thats why its custom . If you are paying anything more than $250 for a custom exhaust you are getting ripped off, especially on this esprit where there really isn't anything more than a few mandrel bends. WITH high flow cats and resonators the max you are looking at spending is $250-300 tops. I have done many posts before as to what components you could use. a 2.5" system would really help benefit the car and the high flow cats should really help flow considering the stock ones are basically 600-cell bricks.
  11. wow man, your car is awesome! . the power seems pretty amazing. what mods did you have when u raced the lambo and the Z06 exactly (you say near stock, what does that entail)? also did you do any weight removal? congrats on the awesome race, shows just how great these cars really are and how underrated they are. EDIT: I see you have a 03.5 / 04 car, that explains why the car performed so strong, those cars supposedly came with MUCH more power from the factory as they were dynoing well above the prior V8 esprits, many say they already had the upgraded high torque software and a slight increase in boost to give them the new higher numbers. anyways congrats on the win!! P.S. what you do to push it to 380? did it take much?
  12. Hey guys, I just came across these... Looks like P.U.K just came out with some new super slick high performance aluminum waste gates that are much better than the garbage stock units. its a tad bit $$ but it seems like a great alternative to the whistle type HKS ones. just a thought
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