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  1. Thanks Allan I will try and make it along at some point, with or without the Excel. Regards Tom
  2. Hi Guys No it was not Euan, I know his car very well used to see often in East Kilbride. It was a Giugiaro 82/83, sorry for the error in the title of the post should have been M77 not A77. I will try and make a get together as soon as I can afford to get the Excel back on the road, need to do so much I would be embarrassed in such company!!!!! Not on the forum as much as I would like but try to keep a watch as often as possible. Tom
  3. Red A reg 83? Esprit leaving M77 Haggs exit tonight between 5:45/6pm. Unfortunatly not in my Excel but my litte Suzuki Swift (Excel was my only car until electrical fault as result of water in the imobiliser!!!!! ) Anyone here??????
  4. I agree with Bibs, I use mine every day, I know I have an Excel which is not as valuable as many of the cars on here but it is still a rare car these days . I made it right through the worst winter up here for 20 or so years and only twice could not use the car because the snow was that bad I could not even get out the driveway!! The car very rarely lets me down and I do feel it gets better although the smaller jobs (tiding up) you need to do get pushed further down the too do list. I can also say mine is totally weather resistant as it is not garaged and never have a leak. Go on everyone put down your polishing cloth, ignore the weather and stop dreaming about it and get out and drive that LOTUS
  5. Spotted at the Whirles Roundabout at about 6pm tonight. This was an easy spot if I think who it was????
  6. What a weekend, saw a white purlesant F reg Stevens's yesterday arround 6.45pm heading towards the Whirlies Roundabout I was out walking the dog, and then earlier today at about 11.45am I saw a red G car heading along the Queensway at Righead Roundabout. I flashed as I was in the Excel but I do not think you saw me. Any one here? East Kilbride area B) must have a lot of Loti as I know Euen (red V8) uses this site and his folks live here too! Forgot to mention also saw in local garage today while fueling up the Excel a Ferrari 512 scaglietti but I do not like ferrari (some nice cars do not like the type of people who generally buy them). Saw nice DB9 Aston on Friday now that is nice. This area does have a nice selection of cars. Sorry Bibs realised I posted this in wrong section.
  7. Hi Euan I think I might have seen you a couple of times do you have a personal plate, I live in East kilbride, I might even have passed in the Excel. If it was you very nice car, nice to see an Esprit up here. This is my first year using the Lotus every day it has been fun during the winter will never go back to a Euro box. All the best Tom
  8. Have you tried Gary Kemp??? 01964 532222
  9. Jonathan, do they laugh when you leave them for dead!!!!!
  10. 12th Friday 1 - Matt & Jo (caulkhead68) 2 - MatK 3- Sissi & Jukka 4- Gordon, Linda, Fraser & Sarah Masson 5 - Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 6 - Sy, Gail & Dan V 7 - theelanman 8 - Nige 9 - GeoffSmith & family 10 - Elanlover 11 - Ailwyn & Sarah 13th Saturday 1 - Nick & Ross (Stagowner) 2 - Martyn (Martynv) 3 - Matt & Jo (caulkhead68) 4 - Bibs & Laura 5 - MatK 6 - Graham (Backmarker) 7 - Barrie & Emma (Bazza 907) 8 - Peter (Peter_england99) 9 - Sissi & Jukka 10 - Cliff & Caroline (gghc87) 11. Ade and Gina 12. Ian (mayesprit) 13. Yasuo (esp88) 14. sparky & Tracy 15- Gordon, Linda, Fraser & Sarah Masson 16- Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 17- Dan 18 - elanplustwo - Roger and family 19 - Dave Eds 20 - Sy, Gail & Dan V 21 - theelanman 22 - Nige 23 - GeoffSmith & family 24 - John_W & Mrs_W2 25 - Mark & vonny 26 - Elanlover 27 - Ailwyn & Sarah 28 - Phil & Hannah 29- Tom & Shirley 14th Sunday 1 - Martyn (Martynv) 2 - Bibs & Laura 3 - MatK 4 - Graham (Backmarker) 5 - Peter (Peter_england99) 6 - Sissi & Jukka 7 - Cliff & Caroline (gghc87) 8 - Ian (mayesprit) 9 - Yasuo(esp88) 10 - sparky & Tracy 11 - Brian & Jackie (bingoking) 12 - Dan 13 - Sy, Gail & Dan V 14 - theelanman 15 - John_W & Mrs_W 16 - Mark & Vonny 17 - Elanlover 18 - Ailwyn & Sarah 19 - Phil & Hannah
  11. Hi Tony All the best with your new job, good luck for the future. No doubt will see you in September at Hethel hopefully this year with the Excel. Regards Tom
  12. 1&2 Bibbo and Laura 3 Mat 4&5 Simon and Lisa 6&7 Paul & Sarah 8 Kimbers 9,10&11 Sy, Gail & Dan 12 & 13, bigsi and possibly kelly 14 & 15 theelanman and mrs 16 Andydclements 17&18 OwenGT3 and Passenger? 19 Ian May (Mayesprit) 20 Martyn 21&22 Cliff & Caroline ( gghc87 ) 23&24 Yasuo (& St
  13. Hi Peter and Andy Checked the guide out Peter thanks, Hi Andy, you might find this of interest I have a Garry Kemp S4S engine which I plan to supercharge for the Excel, hence the chargecooler. South West Lotus want over
  14. Hi Andy Do you know who sells aftermarket models and do they require alot of modifying? Regards Tom
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