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  1. Thanks for that Guy's Regards Tom
  2. Does anyone know anything of these for gasket replacement??????? Regards Tom
  3. Hi Angus Have you looked at Mike Taylor's site Lotus bits they work with Ultimate performance and can get up to 270BHP from the standard engine worth a look and you can upgrade what you can afford. Regards Tom
  4. Thank-you Keith that is very kind of you. I will PM you nearer the time with my flight details. Kind regards Tom
  5. Hi Guys Will be flying into Norwich about 1pm (if on time) on the Sunday if someone could pick me up and would love to do the Charity run if someone has a spare seat. I have offered to help Alan with any filming on the Sunday so would need to discuss with him about what was required. Flying back late Monday evening from Stansted so could share fuel cost if anyone has any space (minimal luggage, no golf clubs) Regards Tom
  6. Hi Alan Do not mind helping out but need to see what you expect, I work in the Broadcast industry and work with cameras from DV to HD. I know this may sound selfish but I wish to enjoy the event but not really stuck behind a camera the whole time, I only say this as I have been there before. But please get in touch and we can see what I can do. It would be nice for everyone to have some sort of memento of this great event. Regards Tom
  7. Hi Bibs I am in for a polo shirt but do I need to have it printed admiting I do not have my Esprit yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all soon. Tom
  8. Hi Wayne Been on the forum for a year and as you see I do not say much but it is nice to have you back!!!!!!!! Hope to meet you in October at Hethel with all the rest of the great Esprit crowd. See you all soon Tom
  9. Thanks Bibs, that puts my mind at rest. Looking forward to meeting everone, better book my room quick. Regards Tom
  10. Hi Bibs Have put my name down and plan to book hotel today, but a question re your e-mail sent out you said "Should the event become oversubscribed the organisers reserve the right to select members who will attend". If we book the hotel does this mean we could still miss out on the Factory visit, I sure I am not the only one who will be travelling a long way and would not like to be disapointed and out of pocket for the hotel deposit. I am sure lots of people have questions thought I would start it of. Thanks to everyone involved in organising such a great event. Regards Tom
  11. No 83 1. Tom Smith 2. No 3. No 4. Will book today 5. No 6. Hope to get a lift if someone is on own 7. no 8. Scotland
  12. Thanks Kimbers what a great deal, originally I was not staying over but count me in also Cheers Tom
  13. I am not a regular contributor but check the site most days like alot of people. I own and Excel but plan at some point to get an Esprit as well. If like me you are a newcomer (to the Esprit) you need the people with knowledge like Wayne but I have to say we are never always going to see eye to eye with everyone. If I read a thread that either I feel is getting a bit silly or to technical then I move on to another and if something annoys you just ignore it. Life is too short! I would also hope Wayne turns up at Hethel in October it will be nice to meet everyone! Regards Tom
  14. 41 + 42 1. Tom 2. Will have to bring Golf 3. +1 4. Not required 5. Glasgow
  15. Count me in plus one, depending on dates of course.
  16. Hi Guys Excellent forum, this is my first post thought you all might like to comment on this one! Nothing to do with me I might add.
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