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    EVORA & JEEP wrangler unlimited
  1. an other silly question... why the (3°) rear speaker doesn't works.. we keep out the alpine radio on mine and an other evora... the same, no conductor between radio and speaker ???

    The Evora Registry

    SCCTC12229HP40798 launch edition aspen white Bordeaux France 20 OOO kms allready question : normaly lotus made 400 launch edition but how can we know the N° of the car ? because they gave a aluminium identification "launch edition" without number !?
  3. 20 000 kms ( 30 000 mls) with my white launch edition evora and ... a new surprise have you ever saw that before !! rear deflecter attach and a lot others problems (sory for my bad anglais ... a lost frenchy )
  4. thank you but normaly I have to clip off the black part around the radio (and how can I do it ) before I can put the alpine keys ? eric
  5. sorry for my accent ( je suis francais ..) how to remove Alpine radio without any board's domage ? merci bonne ann
  6. bonjour a tous (hello all ) sorry for my english I'm in bordeaux (france) and I wait for my evora since the british london motor show the delivery is expected for the 19 december ( aspen white launch edition (N
  7. has not set their status

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