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    Ah ha. Checked my dates and I was there the following Friday Saturday (21st/22nd).
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    I was there on that date myself. I was there with my 2-Eleven (launch) and my Aston DB9. You may have noticed if it was me as my race-buddy lost the card between the ticket booth and the barriers - leaving me blocking the barriers for ten minutes while he went looking for the ticket. Turned out he'd dropped the ticket under the seat ! Was a hot day and I kept my helmet on to hide my shame ! Funnily enough, I'd taken the 2-Eleven round Snetterton in March. Loved it, but wasn't timing. Previous to that was at Cadwell. Was excellent round Cadwell. cheers, MarkG.
  3. Bit late to the site - dealer suggested I give it a try. #108 Launch Edition SVA Mark A. Green Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
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