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  1. Just in case anyone was interested, it turns out the way I had set the discs up was correct, I managed to get a copy of the original CAD drawings that confirmed it, so it appears a few people may out there may have the bells inverted. In the end the brackets needed a mm skimming off to get the calipers centeralised +-0.5mm, big thanks to Steve at SJ and David at BG developments that re-milled the brackets to size in time to get the car ready for a track day even though the rest of the uk ground to a halt in the snow
  2. ok cool, thanks sanj - i think it makes more sense this way and both the brembo doc travis posted and the ap racing brochure I found online seem to suggest it is ok to do it this way so will go with it and see what happens
  3. hopefully this will post a picture of the disc temporarily mounted with the bell reversed
  4. andyf


  5. just for interest I've tried mounting the bell reversed and mounting the disc to the inside of the bell as opposed to outside so the disc still is correct in respect of rotation as per ap racing specs. Mounting it this way actually makes the interior of the disc less obstructed from an air flow point of view and moves the internal disc position about 1.5 mm futher which may give just enough clearance without a modification. I am now wondering if it is actually supposed to be this way given there is a chamfer on the inside of the bell where it fits over the hub now sits hub side which makes more sense . The thing is this seems to be different to the two other pics I found where people have fitted this kit (although at least one had modify it to work that way) The caliper is still not perfectly central but it is definitely better, but does this mean the other people have it fitted incorrectly? Is it even ok to fit the bell this way round? If i can figure out how to upload a picture to this forum i'll do that in a bit cheers thanks travis, will take a look
  6. yeah, it is quite surprising, then again the thread gauge was also wrong for the the caliper bracket mounts (1.25 vs 1.75) so they brackets have been back once already to the mfr who supplied me with some replacement bolts. I guess the problem is that the 90s cars were a bit random from the parts bins affairs... I've had my SE for 15 years and many bits have had to be made for it now so I'm sort of used to it but since I don't have a milling machine looks like it'll not be ready for the track day next weekend
  7. actually looks like I probably do have them on right but need to remachine the brackets to make them actually fit
  8. hi, if anyone that has fitted the sj sportscars ap racing disc and caliper kit to an SE has photos they could post here I would be most greatful. Without any drawings there seem to be many permutations for fitting but all seem to rub in one way or another so I would like to at least start with things the right way round before getting out the file! Unfortunately the pictures on lotus esprit world don't show the caliper brackets or bell in enough detail. Cheers Andy
  9. maybe oversimplifying it but if you just want a set of bigger 5 spokes, Azev make wheels with blank centers that they machine to fit when you order. I got a set originally when getting Eagle tyres in 15" became a headache in 2006 types A and E types go straight on in 17" and you can get and fit tyres that maintain the rolling circumference, so no gearbox fiddling needed to keep acceleration.. they also give you enough room to fit 6 pot calipers in the front
  10. hi, thanks for comments, I was a bit vague before. I was more specifically wondering about the master cylinders ability to service bigger calipers, whether increasing the rotors causes any issues re unsprung weight and to what extent spacers are needed for the rears. I guess I was hoping someone on here may have made this exact upgrade already so I could pick their brains for potential pitfalls cheers
  11. Hey, just wondering if anyone has experience fitting AP calipers (6 pots to the front and 4 pots to the rear) on an SE Turbo 90. My discs have pretty much expired and since I swapped the wheels for 17" Azevs a while back there is room for bigger kit than stock so figured I'd give the WC engineering kit a go. Does anyone have experience with these kits? cheers
  12. hey Dave, thanks for the offer, do you have a pic of the sketchy bit? and price in mind? cheers
  13. Hey Dave, thanks for the info, the quote I got was just for a copy of the glass one, re PNM I've shot them a mail to see if they still make them as for 300 quid that would be great. I gave up on getting one of the more fancier ones with hidden fixings, dunno if you remember I ordered one from you last year but the guy gave up after a couple of attempts to make me one so you refunded me, I had thought the concept didn't work, did any actually make it into production? does the lip height on which the roof rests need any modification for the hidden fixings one? cheers andy
  14. Hey, I've been looking to get a carbon sunroof for my 90 SE Turbo to replace the glass for a while. I have now found a place that can make them but needs a minimum order of 3 to make it worth his while making the mould. Construction would be "pre preg carbon smooth lacquered finish both sides with a closed cell foam core making it approx 6mm in thickness " price is 400 + VAT if anyone is interested please can you let me know cheers Andy
  15. Hey, would be interested to see the remains of your clutch as seems mine just let go pretty spectacularly way today, while grabbing 2nd away from some lights suddenly total loss of drive, but no gearbox grinding sounds and engine revving freely so now I have a sort of tip tronic shift without the go, clutch permanently disengaged, I think maybe the friction plates are no longer joined to the inner splines but have never seen this happen before...
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