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  1. Can anyone help with the wiring diagram for a 1994 S4? The ineterior fan has never worked - and its time it did. I have checked what I can of the loom and its all fine - I suspect the switch as it has a full short - it blows the fuse whether off or on. I have diconnected the fan motor and the problem persists. So its the loom or the switch and I doubt the loom is a problem - my proble is the various wires mean little to me. Has any one a wiring diagram? Thanks Michael
  2. Does anyone know as my S4 needs a pair and I suspect they are very expensive from Lotus? Also the high level brake light unit - is the light element the one from a MGF? Thanks in advance. MG
  3. Anyone got one of the covers for the ABS unit and I figure the shroud for the ECU that sits on the otherside within the nose of an S4. Also a pair of fogs - or what car are they off, I guess they are not bespoke? Much obliged and cash waiting.
  4. So am I. When discussing the car I never actually thought it was really for sale - or at least at the asking price. Tim was not happy to sell it - genuinely but for personal reasons he was a 'forced' seller. The 50p thing cannot of helped nor can the mild chicanery on eBay. But I have been a seller many times and sometimes it is hard to settle on a value that is both accurate and agreeable. I always sell cars on eBay fixed price with best offer attached. Auctions waste a lot of time and you only know what the thing will realise after the auction - sounds obvious but nearly everyone tries to snipe the goods in the last 10 secs. I see the car as being worth when sorted a fairly straight forward
  5. I will go with the paint being not for everyone but the interior is stock and trimmed in blood red leather same shade as a current BMW. This colour option is widely specc'd and suits the car perfectly. Now I have seen some minter S4/S and V8's but they are
  6. Thanks Dave The door handles are in a box of bits, I will ask why they were binned. I am 6' so the fixed seat is not a problem but does add to the personal thing - they are great seats when your in but you sure think about getting in and out. Like you said a few jobs and so longer as they are more time and tinkering than wallet sapping I will enjoy. Tim muttered about the blower T38 ? and frankly I was none the wiser, goes well but the lack of a boost guage is a worry - even my Defender 110 has one. All Chargecooler Esprits feel quick to me and its been a couple of years since i had my High Wing SE so whether its a little slow to spool up I failed to notice - it felt engine wise the same as my SE but that was 330bhp so it was quick. MG
  7. I'm near Rugby. Car needs a plate transfer - it will be a L plater afterwoods. I just need sort out some insurance - the quote I had today was fierce
  8. Well its not everyones first choice of colour - apparently it was an option for late reg TVR's. Its changes colour in different light - which sounds interesting but rarely works - this is no better than any other example on that score. So assuming the gloss can be brought back to mirror shine then it will look bling and perhaps a little to much so for some, by definition its not for everyone, although frankly these cars are really not for shy types? Interior is pretty much as new - total retrim in BMW blood red leather with Sport 300 buckets, ala the article on this site. Cool ice, coolest rims I have seen on an Esprit and the negatives written about this car had me scratching my head when I saw it. Frankly after the cobblers written by certain individuals about this car I had expected it to be a bag of bolts and nothing is further from the truth. Tim and I pretty much agreed that some armchair heroes on here need to get out more - yes that would be you Mr ........ In fact I thought much of what had been said was quite offensive. Ho hum we will all get over it. I will post up some pics when its done and ready for showing off.... in the mean time assume its a bit like your own S4's out there - hand built and always needing something but hey we like em like that? MG
  9. I am going to detail the whole car and see what she looks like. The lacquer coat was applied badly and although it has been flatted and mopped the gloss on the car is slightly patchy - loads better than the pic's Tim put on the car as they were pre flat and frankly the car looked matt. My paint man reckons it has masses of depth to the lacquer so it will stand a proper flat and mop. I do not plan to respray the car as the paint quality is the issue - that said I would have not painted it that colour. Hopefully when its all sorted it will look as good as it drives - a very special and individual Esprit. BTW I know it started out as a S4 but to my understanding its now at S4S spec - correct me if I am wrong. MG
  10. You guys missed a trick when you dipped on the offer of Tim Shaws S4S. Owned half a dozen of these in the past and this one drives like its been gone through by a race team. Drives and steers tack sharp, stops like a V8 and well the gear change is like its not Esprit at all - 2" inch throw 4" inch wide gate. Interior as new in blood red - paint is not to everyones liking but really goes with the overall look, oh and the rims beat the pants off even the last V8. Just got to look up some reasonable insurance. Regards MG
  11. Always nice to see what the trade like to deal at - without the anoyance of actually selling to them in reality. The Azure S4S on the sale board was looking for a new home on eBay a few weeks ago from a dealer who in fairness described it very fully and put lots of big pictures to prove.
  12. I had a few years ago a 92 Excel Celebration with 129,000 miles on it, FSH but original motor untouched. Ran perfectly, used no oil or water and felt very strong. Most of its miles were motorway work mind you but nothing about it gave me to think it would need a rebuild in 000's of miles in the future.
  13. Another pair of scally lookylikeys rocked up today..... No crime in that but there attitude and manners where revolting, rude to boot. Why are some timewasters so damned unpleasant? Have others met the fu#ckwits I seem to have attracted?
  14. Would anyone have any sympathy if the idiot at the wheel had killed or injured someone? I personally think this kind of motorist is a curse on other road users and should have a spell on the bus or at the very least the passenger seat. If you cannot drive the thing, leave it in the showroom. BTW what is it about the Veyron that has so many peeps annoyed? I reckon as a swansong for the combustion engined powered car its the dogs!
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