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  1. Thanks Conrad, I do have the OEM launch Edition with A048 on them... The thing is that we are calculating the positive "nose weight" for a trailer having a set of spare wheel set in the front Thanks again ...really appreciate.. Tam
  2. Hi I m trying to find the weights of my original wheels (with tyre) ....any ideas ? My car is not "with" me for the time being.... Thanks for your help. Tamas
  3. Hi Adam, Unfortunately i have to admit that you expressed what I was thinking.......and was afraid of :-( Tam
  4. My synchro remind me again that it is "sick" again !.. That is the second Time in 6000 miles of tracks.... What is the "normal" cost for the rebuild? Should i go the Jubu route? Thanks Tam
  5. ;-( Disapointed !!!! I got my Dyno results ... 200 Hp at the wheel !!! And I got the the ECU upgrade !!!! Tam
  6. The MK indy is not realy an aeorodynamic "artwork"...and if I m taking 5kilo= +- 1 HP.... My car will be on the Dyno nrxt weel ..I m really curious... Regards Tam
  7. Is this normal ??? From the beginning I got difficulties to beat , to follow, Caterhams (and alike) Yesterday we made a live test …. There was long long straight line on a track The Exige S +/-same speed than my 211 ….the Exige is heavier ..normally less HP The Caterham Duratec (260 HP) ……I suppose you can imagine…..a real rocket……That s ok MK Indy with a dynoed (175 HP) HAYABUSA engine well ahead !!! The exact weight of the MK was WITH a passenger 585 kilos !!! I was alone…. What s going on ? I m really disappointed…what to be checked because this time It is not question of driving level…. Where are the ¬ 260 + claimed HP ? The most concerning result is the comparison with the Exige ....Does my car have aproblem Your opinions pls ? Thanks Tam
  8. Full GT Rollbar… I heard that if I will fit a full cage Roll bar it would be important to put a track rear wing … Any Ideas ? I do have an SVA type car with the “small” aerodynamic pack… Thanks for your opinion. Tam
  9. So none of us on HAVOLINE .... Thanks for the feedback Have a nice evening.... Tam
  10. Who is using what I m wondering what oil (engine) to use.. Double ester ? realy a plus or just a full synthetic ,kind of Porshe BMW etc.... approved ;-) Viscosity wise 5-40 like in the manual ? Cheers Tam
  11. Hi Simon which Avon , (Type ans size) do you propose ?

    What would be the price ?

    I m afraid that the transport will be quite difficult...

    I m based in Bruxelles ..

    Have a nice day


  12. LIR Racing is still in the fine tuning stage. I met them at MAGNY COURS Nice people. The are still working on the electronic.(Blip) The car was really great and fast. 2 weeks later they got a problem durin a track day but i think it is "admissible " at this stage... Wait an see Tam
  13. Do you mean that there was more buffeting than with the standard screen ??;-( BTW what is the price for the one from LOTUS ? Tam
  14. Hi Myka, Thanks ,I think I ll go that route ...some Rallyman I met gave the same advice.. Franco with worn out 048 ...that was an the afternoon I did mount some new 048s....that was really night and surprise... Regards
  15. Hi I was trying to send you a PM concerning your questions but I got "The member cannot receive any new messages" Is the code b111 dupont code X3453 the black , correct ? If you have a direct mail pls send it to me mine is [email protected] Thanks Tam
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