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  1. It is cool, go get it. This guy has organized a 2-Eleven race series on the internet using Forza 3 and my car
  2. I think it would be easier for you to fly to San Francisco The Laguna Seca track is amazing Old airfields are nice but a bit one dimensional, elevation change is where it is at Dropping into the corkscrew is amazing. You can't even see the corner at the point you have to commit, you aim at the top of a tree I am going to take the 2 day formula follow up course next year sometime.
  3. Have you taken many driving courses? Alain de Cadenet took me around the Goodwood circuit in my 2-Eleven and we were close to an indicated 140MPH and I weigh 100KG. He is a great driver and it was amazing to watch him effortlessly drive the car at that speed. I took the Skip Barber 3 day formula race school at Laguna Seca and it was amazing, my driving improved considerably after that. I am going back in 2010 for the 2 day follow on course. I am sure they have something similar in the UK.
  4. How much are they? I know someone that is thinking about getting a set.
  5. I have the 3 below as well as the Circuit Car Prototype. I know the guy that owns Spark and I raced with him in the Lotus Challenge Asia, he is a great guy.
  6. I did not know they used the A048 on the Rover cars. All A048s on Elise, Exige & 2-Eleven are and have always been LTS versions in the USA.
  7. Thanks Al I think I will stick with the A048s as I am not a fan of charting new territory... BTW the A048s on your 2-Eleven are exactly the same as the ones on the Elise and Exige, they are all LTS compound.
  8. Bibs that is not correct but I see where you are coming from. The A048 LTS was designed for the Elise/Exige and they are a bit heavier. Having said all of that you could ask Nick what he thinks.
  9. I need to get a new set for the factory 5 spoke 16/17 setup. I have always used the A048 LTS and like them but a lot of people seem to like the R888. Thoughts?
  10. The 2-Eleven has Castrol SRF from the factory and I think it is very good, it should be at $80 per L
  11. It looks like it is using the standard Exige IC mount and tubes.
  12. Hello Matt, I have the LS kit on the front only and that is all you need. The Sector AP kits are not the same as the LS AP kits.
  13. Here is how you setup the Launch Control This was the first and only time I have used it and it worked very well
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