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  1. I have a chance to do a quick test of mine and I noticed the difference It has a lot more torque in the range that you need it and makes the car much more responsive. You need to email Lotus Sport by the 31st of Jan if you want this deal.
  2. I have not done the fuel tap as I am not sure I will run SCCA and it will be easy to do if I need to.
  3. Yes, change the can. You have the not so loud one on your car. You do not have the stage 1.
  4. Al, You have the very big box and you can not hear that one. I think the stage 1 is much louder than what you have. I think the one I have is the stage 1 and I have no problem hearing it. I also have the same problem as you in that I can not see the tach, I just change gear by sound. Change the box and you will be fine. Keep the old one for when you have to go to a track that has strict noise limits like Laguna Seca. Patrick
  5. My tank is ATL but I am not sure which one.
  6. If someone could make a video of it that would be very helpful for us on the other side of the world
  7. I have the FIA bag tank, my car was the test mule for that
  8. Does anyone know of any websites that sell these tyres? A UK site would be great as everything is on sale
  9. Great post Kelvin, thanks for the info. I was going to ask the same question as Jack. Also what is the part number and compound? I also have heard from a friend that M4s are very fast in Dubai but it is best to not say anything Thanks, Patrick
  10. That looks interesting, which races are you running with them? It looks like they do a Lotus Challenge too. Some of the other guys are running the Jim Navarro Lotus Challenge (To not be confused with the HSR West Lotus Challenge).
  11. I usually wait until the week before LOG to decide to go...I think I will be there
  12. Here it is
  13. Hello Gabe, Welcome Is this your first Lotus? Where are you going to be running? We have a few members in the LA area and Jack organizes track days at Buttonwillow and Willow Springs. It would be great to get a few 2-Elevens to one of Jack's events. Cheers, Patrick
  14. I did not do it yet. They gave me a one race waiver. It will just go on the fuel line in the engine bay, it should be very easy.
  15. The fuel tap is just a spigot on the fuel line between the cell and the engine so they can take a fuel sample if you win. The steering lock on the wheel has to come out as they are not allowed on safety grounds. The roll bar setup on all of the USA cars is to SCCA spec and does not need to be changed. Nick was thinking ahead Merry Christmas to you too
  16. I can give you the short list off of the top my head. 1) Fuel Cell 2) Automatic fire suppression 3) Electronic kill switch 4) Fuel tap 5) steering lock removal 6) front and rear tow hooks I think that is more or less it... I am sure Nick will get me more specific info soon but I think that is 99% of it.
  17. The certification is not upcoming, it is done. The bit that is upcoming is what USA 2-Eleven owners will need to do to bring their cars in to compliance. Thanks for the mention
  18. Come one out Al, we have some great tracks. I can see it will not take much to get you to load up the truck and move to Beverly...
  19. That is the only way I have ever heard of anyone doing it. I think that is the only possible way.
  20. Nope, not me. I am the crazy one that sent his 2-Eleven around the world a few times Mine, has spent more time at Hethel than anywhere else...
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