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  1. It should be the same as an Elise/Exige. I would ask on Lotus Talk. You should see if Lotus will cover that, I think they might if you ask nice.
  2. Yes, it is the middle of the desert but the scenery is very nice, you drive through Red Rock Canyon to get there. As to driving at zero, no and I don't think I will as it never gets anywhere near that cold here. I do like the rain
  3. You can bring your 2-Eleven with UK plates to the USA for up to one year:)
  4. There are only a few bits you need. I think I will have an email on that in the next day or so. I am sure it will be by Jan if not sooner.
  5. Nick and the guys at Lotus Sport have been working on this for over a year and we have finally done it. Now if you want to race your 2-Eleven in the USA you can. You will just need to add a couple of bits and Lotus Sport is going to make a kit/checklist of what you need. We presented the car at the SCCA race at Buttonwillow on November 15th. They had never seen one before and the SCCA asked them to go over it with a fine toothed comb. As you can see they made us take the front clam off and spent 3 hours teching the car. (You guys will have it easy as we did the hard part here). The SCCA people were all very nice and a great bunch. They were very interested in the car and happy to see it. They then gave me a log book and we were off to the races:) We did wash the car Sunday. And then i even got a race win on my birthday We ran the race in ASR and they have since the race placed the 2-Eleven in ST Here is a list of the other cars in ST So if you want to go SCCA racing next year get a 2-Eleven ASAP
  6. I have just the place and my car is there now, I am going out this weekend:) The USA Lotus school is at this track and it is 1 hour from Vegas
  7. Thanks Nick owes me a few bits so we can just get it all shipped together.
  8. I will take it if it is black, how do I buy it?
  9. I sat in those at the LA Auto Show And they are very nice.
  10. This is from a review in a German mag. The ultimate track test by AutoBild sportscars at the Ring! Can the 2-Eleven really be this much better? I have just done the conversions from the results above. From 62 MPH, warm brakes (I am assuming they have reversed the warm/cold on the 2-Eleven) Atom takes 28.2 feet more than the 2-Eleven Xbow takes 20.3 feet more than the 2-Eleven From 124 MPH, They only did warm from this speed Atom takes 145.6 feet more than the 2-Eleven Xbow takes 80.7 feet more than the 2-Eleven This is a huge difference, am I missing something? I don't think so. I am guessing the Atom does not have any weight on the front and that is why it is so bad. I must say that when I ran a practice session at ZhuHai in China before my race. I was running with 430 Challenge cars and Carrera cup cars on slicks and I was destroying them under braking while running A048s. They would then push the right pedal down and go away until the next corner I wonder if downforce is playing a big role? I think the 2-Eleven has a lot the xbow has some and Atom has none. I guess that could explain the huge difference on the high-speed braking.
  11. I think yellow touchup paint. He will have friends so you may want to get some of these... Scott is correct. There are a couple of bolts at the top and 2 or 3 under the splitter. It is about 10 min to get that panel off.
  12. I would think a cushion behind her back to move her forward is the best and possibly only option. You should be able to figure out if this will work in the garage. The other option would be to buy an Exige drivers seat with slide rails (or one that matches the passenger seat you have) and put that in for days when she would want to drive.
  13. I have my seat just about perfect now. BTW this is the Lotus Sport Recaro that we are talking about rather than the black and yellow street seats. Norm, I think the guys just need to keep fiddling and they will get there. The other option is adding a cushion behind your back to move you forward, I did that at my race in China and it worked very well.
  14. The 2-Eleven has the TRD CUP car airbox and the filter is much larger than the Elise/Exige filter. You can buy the TRD filters at your Toyota dealer. My car came with the sport exhaust and it is much louder than the USA stock exhaust.
  15. If you buzzed the engine on a missed downshift = no hope If it is a normal failure = some hope Good Luck
  16. I thought that it might not be but I am guessing it is what Al was referring too. Do we have any pictures of the vinyl tonneau? I am guessing that stays on while driving without a passenger.
  17. I use these to get the seats in and out. I sometimes put a couple of extensions on top of the wobbly one to make it easier.
  18. Al, It goes on like this. You may need to bend the metal bits at the end of the elastic into hooks. The seam should run along the top of the roll bar. Good luck
  19. What Scotty said. It is not as hard as it looks if you have the correct tools.
  20. Mine seem to more or less stay in place now but they are not perfect. I think I will run down to the Yamaha dealer for a mirror adjustment lesson
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