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  2. My wish list (all pretty small, but the car doesn't need much improvement): - a KMH speedo with markings for real speed limits (current one has markings at 45, 75 and 105 KMH, which is useless when the speed limits are actually 50, 80 and 100 KMH) - or digital speedo switchable between mph and KMH - a heater system that produces heat in positions other than just the max setting. In fact, given that the car already has aircon, fans etc, it can't be much effort/cost/weight to turn this into a fully automatic climate control - heated seats that really do get warm - better use of the right hand instrument display. Tyres pressures are only interesting when outside the acceptable range. Oil temperature display would be much more useful - illumination of the steering wheel buttons, which are invisible in the dark - more time after unlocking the car before the immobilisor kicks in - stop the exhaust rattle And last but not least, Cabrio! Notice that none of these points relate to driving - the car drives wonderfully..... although it is pretty heavy on fuel given the weight / engine size and power.
  3. "He also announced that a new variant of Lotus will be launched next month. " Could this finally be the Evora Cabrio?
  4. Here's the specs from Pioneer: - BMP or JPEG files - Allowable horizontal and vertical size are 2 592 pixels x 1 944 pixels or smaller - Allowable data size is 6 MB or smaller And here's the install instructions: 1 Create a folder named “Pictures” on the top-most directory of the SD memory card. 2 Store the picture files in the “Pictures” folder. 3 Insert an SD memory card into the SD card slot. 4 Display the “System Settings” screen. 5 Touch [splash Screen]. - The “Select Splash Screen” screen appears. 6 Touch [select from SD]. - The “Select Splash Screen” screen appears. 7 Touch the image to use as the splash screen from the list. - The image is displayed on the screen. 8 Touch [OK]. - The image is set as the splash screen, and the “System Settings” screen returns.
  5. You can change the splash screen image on the Pioneer unit yourself. I downloaded and installed an Evora image from the web, and it looks better than the one originally installed at the factory!
  6. Hi there Will! As Bibs said, I did exactly what you're thinking of doing - swapped my 2002 V8 for an Evora S.... and despite a couple of the usual Lotus teething troubles, I love the Evora and don't regret the change at all. The advances in engineering that have gone into the Evora make a massive difference. It is much more usable than the Esprit was, far more refined, but still hugely enjoyable to drive. Whether an Evora is the right choice for you or not depends on what you're looking for from your Lotus, as the Esprit and Evora are very different in their strengths: Evora S: - very solid "modern" feel, no rattles, squeaks, or wind noise, good ergonomics, lovely materials on the interior, brilliant seats - excellent performance (though not supercar levels), disguised somewhat by the soundproofing and refinement - usable in pretty much any situation, discreet, high quality and reliable - draws admiring looks, but not too much attention Esprit: - feels like a classic, with plenty of rattles and squeaks, not so great ergonomics, old instrumentation and reasonable interior - by modern standards, the seats are more like armchairs - brutal performance, clearly from the old school supercar club, with all the necessary noise, physical attacks and smells that accompany the supercar experience - draws lots attention everywhere you go, and usage needs to be thought about before departing due to extremely low ride height, noise and attention drawn (not good for business meeting!!) So, in summary, the Evora is far more refined, usable and modern than the Esprit, but lacks some of the character and the extreme performance. In my view, the Esprit still looks beautiful, whereas I only consider the Evora to be "good looking". I wanted something more modern than the Esprit, more refined, more usable, and a little more discrete, while still offering excellent performance, brilliant handling, and rarity - the Evora fulfills all those requirement plus more. I don't regret the change, but I do miss the jaw dropping beauty of the yellow V8! Good luck with your decision!
  7. Sorry to have been quiet for a while - I've been a bit snowed under recently (not literally, even though I live in Switzerland!). Let me clear up a couple of things here.... I love my Evora, as with every other Lotus I have owned before it, and since it came back from the last service, it has been running perfectly. Bruno at Schaffner Racing is an absolute star, and while I was away on holiday he sorted out every issue on my bad-list. The car is now brilliant, better than I ever expected, and I would highly recommend it. I agree that this thread may give a bad impression to the casual reader, but on the other hand I also believe that people should be aware of possible issues when considering Lotus ownership. It is not a mass market product, and it is not subjected to the same levels of development, testing and quality control that the major luxury brands can afford. Consequently there is a higher chance of issues than with, for example, a Porsche. However, I hope that I made my view on this clear earlier in the thread... but just to reiterate, if you are willing to accept the risk of an occasional issue, the Evora is an amazing car. In fact, I consider mine to be the best car I've owned. My hope is that, after reading this thread, the casual reader will take away the following key messages: 1. If you buy a Lotus, do so with the knowledge that the risk of issues is higher than with some other premium brand cars (although every manufacturer has its off-days) 2. If you do have an issue, there is a knowledgable, friendly and passionate community here to help 3. Lotus mechanics have demonstrated some of the most outstanding levels of customer service I've ever seen 4. There are very few cars on the planet, regardless of price, that can come anywhere near the experience of a well-sorted Lotus 5. The build quality of the Evora is actually extremely high, and a huge leap compared to Lotus' of old 6. The overall ownership experience must be extremely good, as after all the issues documented in this thread, I'm still willing to state that my Evora is the best car I've ever owned, and to drive is simply petrol-head heaven!
  8. Hi Willi, I don't have the details yet. I'll be collecting my car when I'm back in Switzerland next week, and will get the details then. As far as I can tell though, it's only an intermediate fix, as Lotus are still saying that they are aware of the issue but have no official solution. As soon as I know moreI'll post it up.
  9. I took my MY2002 Esprit V8 (which has an extremely low front) on the Eurotunnel a couple of times, and as Bibs says, there were no problems at all with the ramps, and the staff were really helpful. They directed me out of the main flow and loaded me onto the lower level (for cars, not trucks) of the train, where there were very few ramps. The ramps that were there were fine.... I just had to drive slowly and carefully!
  10. Quick update as just posted up on my Comms Failure thread - I've just heard that the Comms Failure issue has been solved! It seems that the cause was simply a loose ignition relay, and removing / reinserting the relay has fixed the problem. Amazing that such a minor error could cause such a major headache! I also heard that the exhaust rattle has been fixed, but I don't have the details yet. Will post up more details when I get them.
  11. Good news - I've just heard that the Comms Failure issue has been solved! It seems that the cause was simply a loose ignition relay, and removing / reinserting the relay has fixed the problem. This could also be confirmed, as removing the relay and switching on the ignition produces the Comms Failure message and the refusal to start. Amazing how such a small fault could cause such a huge headache, and be so tricky to track down! Anyway, when I get back from my travels in a couple of weeks, I should be able to collect a 100% healthy Evora ...... for the 1st time since I bought it!!! Can't wait
  12. Oddly enough, it does sound better now than when it was first delivered - the vibration sound is less frequent, but when it does come, it's still loud and annoying! (BTW, switching to sport mode helps a lot as it raises the tick-over RPM, which sometimes eliminates the vibration noise). The dealer also has a Dec 2011 MY12 S IPS, and that doesn't have this problem. Mine's in the garage over the next couple of weeks to try to get all the issues resolved. The exhaust is on the list, so let's see what Lotus can do!
  13. The noise from my exhaust sounds like a loose piece of metal vibrating at low RPM. The Lotus dealer pointed it out when I collected the car (although it's pretty loud and obvious), and said he would enquire with Lotus about it. Lotus have replied, saying it is a known issue, but no known fix at the moment. I actually really like the exhaust sound, but at low RPM it is really embarrassing as it sounds like something is about to fall off the car!
  14. Another quick update: Solved the display problem with the Dash Command App. Seems that you have to start the App on the iPhone before connecting to the SatNav. If you do this, the Dash Command UI resizes itself correctly for the available screen space on the Nav. I also received the new Kiwi 2 ODBII interface this morning, so just gave it a quick test. All works fine, and I can get Dash Command displaying a load of OBDII data in real-time on the SatNav screen . Only problem now is, as my Evora is currently unusable due it's Comms failure errors, I can't really do much useful testing with the Kiwi
  15. Thanks for the suggestions (which I'll pass along to the mechanic). Just a quick update: the car is now almost completely unusable . The Comms failure occurs frequently but without any clear pattern. Last week I got stuck in Zürich for about three hours as the Evora wouldn't start, and I couldn't get rid of the Comms failure message. It eventually cleared itself, and allowed me to drive home. However, after pretty much every drive, if I stop the engine and then try to restart, I get this Comms failure and need to leave the car alone until it eventually clears itself. The U0150 error is always logged when the Comms failure occurs, along with an amber skidding car light and illuminated sport mode button (plus the button above it). This indicates that the problem may be with the ABS control unit. Car is booked in to Lotus at the end of the month, where it will stay until the cause of the failure can be tracked down and fixed. Until then, my Evora is unusable
  16. I recently posted up a thread detailing my first week (on holiday) with a brand new MY2012 Evora S, during which I described a number of electrical faults and error codes that I'd encountered during my trip. I've now owned the Evora for 3 weeks, and one error keeps coming back to haunt me (5 times so far). The error occurs when switching on the ignition. After the usual diagnostic checks, the right hand section of the dashboard display shows the message "Comms Failure EMS". ? When this happens, the car cannot be started. In fact, the engine won't even turn over. It's the same effect as when trying to start the car while the immobilisor is active. At first it seemed that this error could easily by cleared by disconnecting/reconnecting the battery, but now that the error has occurred multiple times, the disconnect battery trick has been found to NOT resolve the problem. My Lotus dealer contacted Lotus about this issue, but the response he received was: "Sorry do not know of this issue but make sure that the battery terminals are tight." So today I visited the Lotus dealer as there was an ABS warning light, and he wanted to read off the error code. While I was there, the "Comms Failure EMS" problem came back, but would not go away. No matter what we tried (laptop to reset errors, disconnect battery, check battery terminals tight etc.), the issue would not clear. We did find that we repeatedly got a U0150 error code logged, which the service manual describes as a "Missing ABS CAN bus message", but unfortunately the service notes do not provide any additional info at all about this at all, no possible causes etc. We tried to resolve this for two hours. At one point, the laptop could no longer even make a connection to the EMS over the ODBII port, and the Lotus laptop software simply reported a failure in establishing a connection with the car. Finally, for no apparent reason, the Comms failure message went away, and we were able to successfully start the car again. As I was getting short on time, I agreed with the dealer that I would take the car home and see how it went for the next couple of weeks, after which it is booked in for it's first service. The dealer will contact Lotus again and try to get some more information about the possible causes of this problem. Well, after a 50km drive home, I parked the car in our garage, stopped the engine, and then tried to start it again. Immediately got the Comms Failure message. So, I'm hoping that someone on TLF may have some knowledge or experience of this issue. If anyone does, please let me know. Any ideas would be very welcome! Thanks
  17. I had a scan through the manual, and couldn't see anything I also found that, if you have the music fairly loud, you can't hear the SatNav instructions, as for some reason the unit doesn't reduce the music volume while the nice Nav-lady is speaking!
  18. Installed the Pioneer firmware update on Friday - very easy to do, and the process went smoothly. Pioneer's instructions tell you to park somewhere and put the handbrake on. They also tell you not to switch the engine off while doing the update, which isn't very practical as the update actually takes about 25 mins to install!! I did it while driving home from the office on Friday, no problem. First impressions are a bit mixed. Although the general update seems fine, I was particularly interested in the new Advanced App Mode... and this doesn't seem that great I'm not yet sure what technology pioneer use to get the display of the iPhone to appear on the Nav screen, but from the appearance it seems that the signal is effectively an analog video signal, which results in less than perfect quality on the Nav display. I would have expected it to be more like an external digital monitor, allowing the iPhone software to scale the user interface to match the exact resolution of the Nav display. I tried out dash command, and this App allows you to select from many different dashboard designs. The default looks quite good (on the iPhone), but doesn't correctly scale to the Nav screen The problem is that the 930 Nav adds a column of buttons on the right of the screen (for managing the Nav system navigation), and I can't find a way to get the Nav to hide these buttons. Consequently, part of the DashCommand display is hidden behind these buttons. As far as I can tell, DashCommand was written and tested to work with the Pioneer AppRadio series of head units, but does not cope well with the new GPS head units that include the Advance App Mode features. Similar story for other Apps that I tried - they seem to mostly work, but the integration is not great. I'm actually an iPhone App developer, so I've contacted Pioneer to try to get more info about writing Apps that are compatible with the head units. I'll investigate further and see what I can find out. So far though, the initial impression is that there is still a fair bit of progress to be made before these iPhone Apps really integrate well into the in-dash systems
  19. We returned home from our holiday a week ago, so it's time I gave a final report. The weather on our last day was pretty wet and miserable, which was not a bad thing as it meant we weren't too sad to leave. The Evora decided to throw another minor protest by again displaying the "Comms failure EMS" message, and refusing to start. As with the previous occurrence, this was solved by disconnecting the battery, waiting for a couple of minutes and then reconnecting again. The drive back passed without incident, but the poor weather conditions revealed a new side to the Evora that I hadn't yet seen - In bad driving conditions, the Evora is really easy to drive. Good visibility, great grip, and plenty of comfort. It made for a very relaxed journey. Due to the numerous issues and warning lights through the week, we stopped off at Schaffner's on the way back, to give Bruno a chance to read off the error messages and check what the lego spanner was complaining about. Interestingly enough, the two "Comms failure EMS" issues had not logged any failure codes at all. The two things that were logged were: - An issue with the ABS system. No idea what yet, Bruno is checking with Lotus. Whatever it was, it wasn't noticeable while driving. - A B1442 error code - Speed problem with the AirCon compressor (compressor speed not matching engine speed). This is the fault that caused the engine to go into panic mode and illuminate the spanner on the dash. It also caused the AC to shut-down for the rest of our very hot holiday! It was a relief to see that our observations re. the AC were confirmed by the stored error code. After resetting the code, the AC started working again. It was now only 18 degrees C and raining, rather than the 36 degrees we had down south, but hey, better late than never right? If you followed my earlier posts where I described the outstanding service provided by Bruno & Roger where they travelled 2.5hrs to come and meet us in our holiday destination to investigate a CEL - well, I found out the end to the story which I wasn't aware goes: After extensive diagnostic checks and clearing the CEL, the Evora was pronounced fit for duty (at the time) and Bruno, Roger my wife and myself went for a very nice dinner on the shore of Lago Maggiore in Ascona. Bruno & Roger finally headed off at 11:30pm, facing a 2.5hr drive back to Zürich. Luckily for them they had travelled down in comfortable, reliable and relatively new 5-series BMW. Well, about 1.5hrs into their journey (= about 1am), the BMW displayed a CEL, slowed down, and the engine died! Happliy, after a short rest stop, the Beamer started up again, and they we able to continue their journey... briefly. Next came a very strong smell of diesel, which got strong enough that the guys thought it wise to pull over and investigate. It was at this time that they spotted the waterfall of diesel (a dieselfall?) coming from underneath the car. That was it, the end of the self-powered journey! The good thing is, at that time of the morning the emergency breakdown services are not too busy, so they were able to recover the Beamer and get the guys back to Zürich by about 3:30am! You have to admit, it's pretty ironic when the service engineers travel all that way to save us from our Evora issues, only to break-down themselves on the way back!! We are now a week further on from our return home from holiday, and the Evora has covered a total of 1,500kms. Since the Comms failure last weekend, there have been no further issues of any kind. In fact, the Evora has been simply brilliant to drive. Bruno is waiting on Lotus to get estimates for parts needed for the first service (exhaust, sensors etc. depending on what Lotus say about the error codes), and I'll get the service done asap. I know my posts on this thread have been quite long and detailed, but I wanted to keep current/potential Evora owners informed of my experiences. If you're interested in the experience, but don't have the desire to read all the detail, let me summarize my first two weeks of Evora ownership: The Evora is a truly outstanding car, successfully capturing the pure essence of what a Lotus should be, while also moving the brand on hugely in terms of quality and usability. The driving experience is simply sensational in virtually all driving conditions, offering ample (but not outrageous) performance, high levels of comfort, enough modern touches to keep the tech-freaks happy (sat-nav, park assist, stability control, AC (most of the time), heated seats etc. etc.), and a level of practicality that my previous Esprit could not come close to. The car is clearly still a hand-made niche product, and if you buy one you need to keep this in mind. Don't expect the car to come without some early teething problems, but if you can live with these, and accept them as the minor cost of the exclusivity, I can virtually guarantee that you'll own a driving machine that eclipses everything else in it's price class. Am I glad I bought it, even after all the early issues I documented on this thread? - absolutely, and without hesitation. Am I sad to have swapped the Esprit V8 for an Evora S? - Of course, the Esprit will always remain my dream car, but the Evora is a huge step forward and far easier to live with, and consequently I'll get much more use from the Evora The good points: - The feel of the drive, and the feedback that only Lotus can deliver - The performance (the S feels extremely strong due to the wealth of available torque, always giving the impression that the car has some serious power available) - The impression of solidity - Comfort and equipment levels - Gorgeous looks that draw tons of positive attention - Exclusivity - Pride in the knowledge of backing a legendary British brand - Pride in the knowledge of not following the German-loving lemmings! The bad points: - You have to love Lotus to ride the initial wave of ball-kicking! - The kmh speedo is a pain, as the main markers are at 45 / 90kmh (with minor markers at 75 / 105 kmh) whereas the normal speed limits are 50 / 80kmh, so you have to guess a bit as to what your exact speed is (and there are loads of cameras here) - The view out of the rear window is somewhat lacking (but this is offset by the very good wing-mirrors and the lovely view of the "Lotus" engine cover in the rear mirror) - In a car of this price class, Lotus still think it is ok to route the parking sensor wires right above the exhaust tip on the underside of the rear diffuser, and stick them is place with gaffa tape!! Of course the tape gets warm and peels off, leaving the wires hanging alarming close to the exhaust tip. You've gotta love British engineering!!!
  20. Can you post up some piccies of the wheels (on the Evora would be good), and also the damage? Thx
  21. Hi Kyle, thanks for your post, very interesting! As a new Evora owner myself, I'm convinced that (as long as you keep some of that necessary Lotus-lover blindness), you will be far from disappointed. In fact, I think you'll agree that the Evora takes Lotus-ownership to a whole new level, updated to match the expectations of the modern sports car owner, but (critically) without losing any of that Lotus magic. Hope you don't have to wait too long for that new family member!
  22. Hey Matt, Don't get too excited on this one! Nothing complicated, you can simply buy replacement bulbs that are exactly the same size (length) and voltage as the originals, but have LEDs plus a tiny circuit board. There are a range of colours and brightness's available. Got mine from here (only an example, please don't ban me for advertising ): ... But there are plenty of online suppliers
  23. As part of the premium interior pack, Lotus add the very nice LED ambient lighting around the doors and dash. I assume it's LED as it is a very pure/cool-white light. Oddly enough though, they still use the cheap yellow/warm-white bulbs for the footwell and boot lights. Yesterday I replaced the warm-white bulbs with new cool-white LED bulbs, and IMO it looks much better now! At least all the lighting matches, and the bright LEDs in the boot also greatly improve the visibility at night. Didn't think it made sense to post a photo, as the colour difference wouldn't show up well on the web. Well worth while mod (and one I also had on the Esprit)! Word of warning if you want to do this yourself though - disconnect the battery first I didn't, and blew the fuse for the footwell lighting. This caused some odd behavior, such as the dash display showing both doors as being open, even when one of them was closed! At first I thought that the circuit didn't like the new bulbs (possibly lower resistance), so took a while to track the problem to the fuse! Took even longer to find the fuse box, as my owners' manual is in German
  24. Yep, I saw that as well. Seems v1 had an on/off switch, and v2 now has some fancier power save mode. To be honest, it doesnt really worry me too much, as I had a quick-disconnect battery terminal fitted before collecting the car. This, combined with the new battery easy-access cover that Lotus are now using on new Evoras means that I can easily disconnect/reconnect he battery whenever the car won't be used for longer periods. I'd actually be more concerned about the power consumption of the alarm system!
  25. Pioneer software update arrived yesterday, so I'll install later today Sadly though, the Kiwi ODBII interface will not arrive until September due to the current version being updated Still, better to wait and get the new version instead of rushing and getting an out-of-date unit. At least this evening I'll be able to try out the new App Mode and see how well iPhone Apps run on the Nav Unit interface.
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