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  1. Strange.. I can't find any email in regards to shark fins?! Anyway, fitting depends on your experience. Someone who does this regularly will stick them on dry and will be able to correct where needed. If you're not that experienced, use a spray bottle with some water to make it easier to correct. Make sure you work all water away from below the sticker and don't drive the car for at least 24hrs to give the water time to evaporate.
  2. It helps when you just send an email to I'm not living on forums
  3. The press fit diameter of an Elise Ball Joint is 40mm, I'm afraid that won't fit.
  4. Well... you could just remove the buttons from the binnacle and place them somewhere else if you'd want?
  5. Yes, every unit will be shipped with the latest version of the firmware. I know AIM are constantly working on firmware level. Not sure exactly when, but a major update (with the MY08 onwards compatibility mode) will be released soon. Updating is ultra simple. Just hook the dash up to the car, ignition on, start the s/w on your laptop, connect to the dash and run the update. oh... if firmware is released while the units are in transit to us or whilst they are in stock we will update them before getting them out to you. We're able to set the mileage before we get the unit out to you now. 🤞
  6. The update has not been released yet as it's a major one. (They're testing) They will include the MY08 onwards update in this one. The refresh issues etc. should be resolved.
  7. In fact... I think I might have already answered all of these questions if this gentleman is the person I think I've been talking to last week If not, please feel free to send an email to We're here to help you!
  8. AIM are pretty helpful. If there's something wrong, they will do anything to make it right. Is there anything else you've connected to the unit? (any expansions etc). Is the GPS working correctly? (ie could the connector be loose on the display or the antenna side)
  9. If the display is kaput it will either not display at all or it will always be faulty, in every mode, in every color. The display is built up in pixels. If there's a h/w problem with the display those specific pixels will be faulty all time. You didn't post the behavior of the display in the other mode or color so I can't be sure, but first impression points at a s/w bug. The bars are flickering exactly in the graph and don't seem to be affecting the edge of the graph. Having broken pixels exactly at that location is highly unlikely. These sort of things usually happen when there's some sort of process which is taking too much time or when there's unexpected input coming from somewhere which consumes overhead. I assume you reported this to AIM?
  10. I was pointed to this topic by SilversterZ and had a discussion with AIM about this. As we are a main dealer for AIM I had a discussion with them to find out what's going on and set things straight (if needed) AIM UK (who have been the initiators and coordinators of this product) states there is NO hardware issue. Out of the first batch of units supplied only 1 unit has been faulty. This was swapped FOC to enable to customer to run the car. As they ran out of stock at that point in time, the replacement unit which was sent to this customer was a pre-production unit. As you may image, they don't want any pre-production units in the field, so they told the customer this unit will be swapped for a new one as soon as the new production batch arrives. I've got a personal background in electronic engineering. I do understand some things when I see them happening. The issue raised by SilversterZ seems a screen refresh fault to me. Certainly not hardware as the icons are drawn and controlled by software. In fact, the faults you're seeing are not what you'd normally see when these icons are triggered. They are display faults. I will contact SilvesterZ to get this resolved. The clock issue is something I've not seen before and something which I can't reproduce. Once I've set the clock, it keeps ticking. Also when the power has been removed for a longer period of time. It might be good to talk to AIM and ask them if / what is going wrong. This might be some sort of setup issue. As for the production being stopped, this is not true. When you produce your first batch of products you always have to gamble a little as you never know up front how successful a product will be. In this case, the product is very successful. AIM sold the first batch much faster than they expected which leaves a gap in their planning. Production of these units takes time and unfortunately, they introduced the product just before Christmas last year which meant just before closure of their production facility and closure of their suppliers. Apart from that.. any electronic device which is not a commodity has a leadtime. This can range from six to twelve weeks. Before you're even able to ramp up production you'll have to wait for the components to arrive. This dash isn't a handful of components job... it's a rather complex unit for which a lot of parts need to be sourced, both electronic and mechanic parts. It's not a surprise to have a gap in the deliveries when you sell more and much faster than expected Apart from all that... AIM has a good reputation. They're not walking away from any issues, so if there's anything you experience which you think doesn't work as expected, please feel free to contact them (or your dealer) and ask. They listen and act, which is something I can confirm from personal experience.
  11. We've shipped several hundreds of sets worldwide. Can't help you with reviews, we have not seen any issues with these so far.
  12. That's what I also thought and that's what was told when I bought a Super B for the Elise. The thing worked a treat until I had kind of the same thing happening, left it without charge for a month and found a flat battery. No problem as it's a protected Lithium battery with all the automatic shut off circuitry built in etc. Hooked it up to the charger which kept saying "What battery? There's no battery". Hooked it up to another charger which did get it back to life, kind of, but after charging with the proper CTEK for Lithium batteries it's now giving 14.2V .. that's a little too much. Super B are just saying it's gone.. no warranty and all of a sudden they're talking about the need to have a special alternator regulator and only their chargers etc. I guess that's the reason why Lotus uses that controller on the 410. One thing is for sure... this is not quite a stable technology as yet. Battery companies promise the world in terms of intelligence of the batteries, but in reality that intelligence doesn't seem to exist..
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