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  1. That's what I also thought and that's what was told when I bought a Super B for the Elise. The thing worked a treat until I had kind of the same thing happening, left it without charge for a month and found a flat battery. No problem as it's a protected Lithium battery with all the automatic shut off circuitry built in etc. Hooked it up to the charger which kept saying "What battery? There's no battery". Hooked it up to another charger which did get it back to life, kind of, but after charging with the proper CTEK for Lithium batteries it's now giving 14.2V .. that's a little too much. Super B are just saying it's gone.. no warranty and all of a sudden they're talking about the need to have a special alternator regulator and only their chargers etc. I guess that's the reason why Lotus uses that controller on the 410. One thing is for sure... this is not quite a stable technology as yet. Battery companies promise the world in terms of intelligence of the batteries, but in reality that intelligence doesn't seem to exist..
  2. Correct! 430 bumpers are in our next shipment
  3. Right.. just had a chat with CK. The images on the website have indeed been swapped. Where I thought the two separate bits were for the V6 Exige, CK confirmed they are for the Evora. We'll swap the images and more importantly, we'll swap the labels on the products. Thanks for the tips!
  4. I'll have another chat with CK tomorrow to make sure they're not mixed up
  5. Guys, the pictures on the website are of the actual product, I've taken them myself in our own studio..
  6. Each to their own, I quite like them
  7. This is only hear say... I've been told only ten cars were delivered with Turbines worldwide. Lotus seem to have a large stock of them, but they're lacking one wheel (all four are different). We've laid our hands on five sets, no idea if there are any more of them around, but we have got some. They are silver / graphite. If you'd want black / graphite we'd have to get them painted like I did mine.
  8. def a little damp here.... Clothes drying on the radiator now, camera disassembled to let it dry
  9. yup.. there the only two tone black/graphite turbines in the world
  10. YvoTuk

    Evora Sport 410

    Yes I do They have arrived yesterday, I will be busy all day Monday to do photography, calculations and to put everything up on the website
  11. YvoTuk

    Evora Sport 410

    Chaps, we've been waiting for these 410 tailgates for a long time. They were ordered months ago, but it took quite some time to get them. This was down to a couple of issues, which took care of a delivery schedule which is about four months behind now. The good news is, there's two containers on their way to us. One is offloaded and as far as I can see it has received customs clearance this afternoon, so it might be in our warehouse tomorrow, the other one will be here in about two weeks. That will give us at least some stock to work from. More is in the making, but as we've lost four months, we have to catch up. 410 Ductails will be avalable in GRP and Carbon The reason for the lack of prices is simply because we want to see the customs stamp on the invoice, so we know exactly how much it's costing to get the goods into our warehouse. You'd be surprised to see what freight forwarders and customs can think up which you'd have to pay to get the parts. That's using a proper forwarder with whom we have contracts etc. When you try to do this on personal title... well.. it'll be like going to the casino. You might be lucky, but you also might loose a lot
  12. Some of you guys have requested to do a bulk buy on the aluminium or Titanium throttle pedal keychains we're doing.. As we're closing on Christmas my thought was why not just do a Christmas special on this one.. In case you didn't notice before, we're offering a keychain which is very much related with Lotus and the Elise platform without shouting "Look I've got a Lotus keychain". Saying that.. everyone who knows the Elise story will recognize the key chain as the original S1 throttle pedal. This Throttle pedal replica is made in the exact same way as the original pedal. It's made from two pieces which are bolted together with a tiny little bolt and nut. You can order your key chain here at nearly 40% off the original price! Offer valid till Dec 24th 2015
  13. They're not OEM, but it really depends on what you want to describe being OEM and what not. The discs are made by the same people who do the discs for Lotus, but there's not official Lotus partnumber on them of course Not sure what you mean by this pre-drilled hole? To be honest I'm considering to let go of the hole at the rear of the knob. That was originally designed to make sure the gear pattern would always be in the correct position, but as this knob has a separate logo which can be stuck after installation we don't really need that anymore.
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