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  1. fmxa


    I'm at the Cape right now and the weather has been horrendous all day. Its starting to clear up, so fingers crossed.
  2. Solved - after living with this for years (with the original factory oil cooler lines etc) I recently had my engine rebuilt (and new 3000PSI lines installed) and the whine is no more. As far as I can tell, it was all due to a cracked oil pickup line vibrating like crazy in the pan. New pickup line, no whine. Hope it helps someone ...
  3. Having owned a V8 and S4s, if I had to pick, I'd go for the S4s every time. In fact, Roger Becker called me "stupid" for selling the S4s years ago - I miss that guy.
  4. That certainly is a beautiful looking car and kudos to Russel and the guys in Hethel for pulling this off. Anyone know if this is a "real" ie drivable car, or a model, and the car with the real engine and batteries is "coming soon"? Need to see it on the track!
  5. As I'm in the UK (rather unexpectedly) I'll try to stop by and say hello to everyone.
  6. Having owned both the S4s and V8 (still have the V8 after 14 years) I can say the routine maintenance costs on both (at least for me) were about the same over the 5 years I had both. Now the kicker comes when the V8 needs something other than routine maintenance, like an engine rebuild. Unless you can afford to lay out at least $10K in cash for such expenses, I'd skip the V8 and go with the S4s. While I still regret the day I sold my S4s, I wouldn't easily part with the V8 (even with my new found love of Aston Martin) but, if I was forced to pick, I'd go with the S4s.
  7. fmxa


    Truck, or at least they used to be
  8. Okay, so you ban semi-automatic assault rifles, then the shooter would have just bought an semi-automatic shotgun, on-and-on. Bottom line, we need keep all weapons out of the hands of the mentally distributed. Maybe there should be a psychological evaluation as part of the background check.
  9. Yet gun sales typically go up after mass shootings (go figure) ... The only true solution is to take away everyones weapons, but that simply isn't going to happen with the 2nd amendment "gun culture" over here (right or wrong). It's a sad world we live in when we accept these actions as normal.
  10. Do like that XKRS-GT! My wife has a XKR and while the interior stuff is a bit dated, it's an incredible car to drive.
  11. Right or wrong, the harsh reality is nothing is going to change due to the silent majority not wanting change.
  12. Greetings from the OC! Your car looks incredible and reminds me of how much I miss my old S4s. Please don't butcher her with the 02 round tail light mod, she looks incredible as designed and built.
  13. fmxa

    Esprit S4S

    I've got you all beat, I can barely find a car let alone a 10mm spanner Back to the S4s - by far my favorite Esprit, and I regret the day I sold mine (but the brakes were crap). Roger Becker once said to me "you're an idiot selling that car" (honesty can be painful) but the great man was right. Anyway, congrats on the S4s.
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