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  1. Roger always made time to visit the OC Lotus group when in California, and we had some very fun events with him over the years. I'll always remember asking him to autograph my Esprit; he looked in, saw Russell Carr had already signed, turned to me with a serious look and said "I see Russell already vandalized your car"! Truly tragic news, we've lost a legend and a gentlemen. RIP Roger ...
  2. Seems as the CA one is gone ( and it appears NV is also the same. Still, good to hear Houston is opening.
  3. Picked up an iPhone 7 last week and I thoroughly disappointed in the damn thing. Battery life is awful, needing the lightning adapter for the ear buds is beyond irritating, and while hard to quantify, it's just acting weird all round. Maybe I got a lemon, who knows.
  4. I recall an owner of a US based S300 getting into some hot water with Customs over importation of the car and had to get rid of it pronto (or so the story went). Great looking car
  5. I also thought the DB Elan was a great looking car and would have added one to the collection in a heartbeat. The original MJK era Esprit (MSC) was also a stunner at the time. In fact, I flew halfway around the world mid 2000's for a sneak peak of the MSC and it was gorgeous. It's just so damn frustrating to see the stunning designs the studio guys create end up going nowhere. Like I mentioned, I've moved on for now, but wish Lotus all the best (so long, and thanks for all the fish!)
  6. Most of this forum ragged on DB to the extreme and then heralded JMG as their new savior who could do no wrong. Well, looks like you're finally seeing JMG's long term plan of getting ready to package Lotus for sale to the highest bidder, which doesn't include academy or motorsport as it would be seen as a nuisance to overseas buyers who would have to close these niche units themselves. Odds are good this eventual sale will mean an end to manufacturing at Hethel or even in Europe. You don't need to be a genius "City Boy" to see what's going on here ... DB had a vision of what the Lotus brand could be. I enjoyed the short period it lasted, and I truly thought it was the beginning of the prominence the Lotus marque truly deserved. At the end of the day, all JMG has provided are rehashes of played out models focused on "special editions" (new stickers, paint and few mechanical tweaks). The writing is on the wall with another nail going in the Lotus coffin as a UK manufacturer. I know, call me a heretic for liking DB and his vision, but at the end of the day I've moved on to other marques as Lotus has no true "super car" similar to what the Esprit was. I'll always keep my trusty pearl white V8, and keep answering the usual questions - "Lotus, who makes that?" or "Is that a Lamborghini?" but personally I've moved on from tramping around in a wet field celebrating the 75th anniversary of some past Lotus glory, especially when other marques are doing true world class events closer to home. Sad days for all my dear friends at Hethel, these guys are truly talented and like family to me, I worry for them with all this uncertainty.
  7. fmxa


    Just finished season 2 of Narcos and loved it.
  8. I wondered into the Porsche Design Store near me (guess I didn't have much to do today) and it reminded of what the Lotus store could have been. Still, there's something magically Lotus about buying a crap t-shirt out of a wet box in a turnip field. Oh for the good old days, albeit brief ones ...
  9. She's all set for a drive around LA!
  10. fmxa


    Wow, doesn't seem like I've been here nearly 12 years!
  11. Hmmm, it's a bit of a trek from Brent Cross to my gaff!
  12. Well, we could always drop the ladies off in Beverly Hills for some shopping, while we, errr, go do some "other stuff"
  13. If you want to come to Florida or California I've got a V8 that needs new cam belts!
  14. Your car looks familiar, maybe a previous owner was on the forum? Anyway, best of luck, and your engine bay looks better than new.
  15. Welcome John and greetings from the OC down South!
  16. From my "simple" US view of Brexit, the majority spoke and I wouldn't want to be the government that ignored the will of its people. Timely given it's the 4th of July over here tomorrow ....
  17. Right or wrong he appeals to the average American who's sick and tired of the current establishment political correctness and doublespeak. Example: he said if he wins, the White House Christmas card will say "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays", if you don't like it then throw the card away. That resonates with average Americans, and this is why he keeps on getting more support. Let's face it, you guys just had your peasant revolt and left the EU, maybe we're about the have our own uprising and elect Trump. I think his choice of running mate will be key.
  18. The Nicholas Cage Esprit (orange with S350 wing) is in the Inland Empire, and another orange v8 also with a S350 wing is in the OC. All the Sport 300's in the US were technically illegal for the street, and I heard US Customs caught up with one S300 in AZ a few years back.
  19. Greetings from the OC!
  20. I only know of 1 chrome orange Esprit in Newport/Irvine/OC and it's a 2000 or earlier with a sport 350 wing. That said I haven't seen the owner or car in years. There was a red 02 that got totaled in a sand storm and sold as salvage which I believe ended up in Canada with a clean title (buyer beware).
  21. On my way to the Long Beach Grand Prix this year I remembered seeing the Google Street view car in front of me ...
  22. fmxa


    Have to say SpaceX are doing some truly amazing work.
  23. As someone else said, the highlights are my version of choice even with the option to watch the full race. Someone recently lent me a few F1 DVD's from the late 70's into 80's and you just can't compare then to the joke F1 is now. Never thought I'd say it, but my love of F1 is fading fast.
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