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  1. Try - used them many times with outstanding results for very little money
  2. Let's face it, the golden days of the marque are over. No new Esprit, but rather a SUV for the Chinese market - what would Chapman think!
  3. fmxa


    While Blue Origin has made some interesting progress in space tourism along the lines of Virgin Galactic, SpaceX is working a different market more akin to what NASA operated in - best summed up here - Still, kudos to the Blue Origin team for doing this well and on such a small budget.
  4. Agree with the latter clean and not fussy look. I always liked the design of the DB era Lotus Magazine (everyone's a critic I guess!)
  5. They were filming all the time in Malibu and you don't pay much attention to be honest. There was a small supermarket called the Mayfair market not fare from me, you nearly always saw celebs shopping at odd hours in sweat pants and tee shirts trying not to be noticed. Most I didn't recognize, but my old GF would say that's so and so. Fun times!
  6. What we need is better mental health programs
  7. In the early 90's I used to live around the corner from where Jim Rockford's trailer home was located - Paradise Beach Cafe, Malibu.
  8. Did you buy in the US and have it shipped over?
  9. Does make you wonder who comes up with this insane safety stuff. I wonder how many pedestrians hit an esprit with the lights up vs hitting the front of a bus, yet some idiot decided pop up lights needed to be banned
  10. I had an early 80's Trans Am many moons ago. It's amazing how expensive Firebirds/Trans-ams are getting over here, especially the early 70's variants.
  11. I'm curious if the driver would be made to provide his own insurance for the car, or the hire company sold him insurance?
  12. Please, no more talk of this hybrid nonsense!
  13. LOL, this site got flagged by our "porn filter" as "questionable"
  14. I think the original DB was close and impressive in the flesh, but still needed more "aggression" added, certainly not softened
  15. I've simply stopped taking the Esprit anywhere like a shopping center. A few years back I deliberately parked way out in the far corner of an upscale shopping mall only to come back and find my car all alone where I left it, but with $600 worth of damage to the door. Some a-hole must have pulled up next to me and smashed their door repeatedly into mine to the point you could see fiberglass . Words fail me, and what I would have given to catch the a-holes who did this. I also remember seeing some guy key an Aston in the UK but he got caught on camera, he even had a kid in a stroller with him. People really are scum.
  16. In a follow on to the great "How Gay are you" survey from a few years back, I give you the "How dark is your personality" survey! Apparently I'm "Decidedly dastardly" - You are decidedly dastardly. But do you use your dark personality for good, like James Bond, or evil, like Dr No? Hmm ...
  17. The JAE guys are great, but a little old school insofar as they use the phone vs web :)
  18. Can't believe this thread is still going after ~8 years and I'm now on an iPhone 6!
  19. Truly beautiful place and people and home to one of my favorite restaurants in the world. If you've got the time drive the coast highway, I always loved the stretch between between Da Nang and Nha Trang over the Hai Van pass. Man I need to get back there .....
  20. fmxa


    Best series I've seen since Breaking Bad, also picked up some useful Spanish phrases
  21. Speaking of which, if anyone is in the Los Angeles area October 10/11th it's the JPL Open House and event well worth attending.
  22. I picked up a Flir One for ~$80 off Amazon a few months back - amazing little gadget!
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