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  1. I've had various Land Rovers over the last 10 years, and my experience has been as long as you spend the money on maintaining them they're rock solid. I had a 97 P38 with over 200K miles when I sold it a few years back and it never let down once. The wife has a 5.0L Sport right now and it's been great.
  2. Those are some crazy prices, if anyone is interested in this stuff, check out
  3. I've heard of someone who did this, try JAE in Santa Barbara, but why would you ...
  4. That's a great price, I paid nearly $200 with tax/shipping etc back in 2005
  5. fmxa

    I am 52

    All the best for a speedy recovery
  6. The part number listed is indeed correct (I bought one in 2005). Problem is, it hasn't been available for many years unless you've found a stash!
  7. Nice, looks very similar the the Ford Explorer in side profile
  8. and a flat cap - happy birthday mate!
  9. During a viewing of the concept, a long time Bentley owner remarked all it was missing was a postman and a black and white cat! Alas this being Los Angeles his comment drew blank looks from the US Bentley people
  10. Saw it for $1.99 gallon in LA last week
  11. It's Christmas gents, let's all agree to disagree and move on.
  12. Keeping the price of oil as low as possible destabilizes the already fragile economies of Russia and Iran. Anyone see the correlation
  13. Better than no check, and it may lead to listeners buying albums on iTunes etc
  14. I'm trying to help a friend value and sell a 67 Elan (husband passed away). Anyone here an expert on these cars who can assist? I have a ton of paperwork on the car and it seems to have some sort of race history. I have no idea on the classic cars, and any help, pointers and guidance welcome.
  15. fmxa


    Maybe Santa will bring him a new pair of gloves
  16. Wasn't there one saying something sex scandals, mini skirts and the Esprit??
  17. What major sponsor wants the world to see their name on a back marker car that either doesn't finish or comes in pretty well DFL. Pains me to say it, but I think the end if close unless a miracle happens (let's hope).
  18. Looks pretty cool, but not $137,000 of cool
  19. Saw this happen to 16 cylinder 16V92 marine detroit diesel
  20. If you know who Ken Block is you know this is going to be good!
  21. No disrespect intended and don't take this the wrong way Alex, but if an unexpected 5K repair bill is going to cause you financial heartache, the V8 is probably not for you (unless you're really handy with the spanners and have lot of time). Keep in mind you're talking about a nearly 20 year old super car, and it's going to have issues, some outrageously expensive, others not so. I had both a S4s and a V8, and someone out of the blue offered me a *lot* of money for the S4s and I let her go. A while later, I remember telling Roger Becker I sold the S4s and kept the V8 to which he replied "that was stupid, why on earth did you do that" (I felt appropriately shamed by the great man!). Every now and then I still see my old S4s and got to drive it recently, and while the V8 has the torque I still to this day would take the S4s over a V8. In the right hands, with some minor tweaks it'll keep up with the V8 everywhere expect straight line speed. Anyway, try looking and driving a S4s and see what you think
  22. For $35 you can have whatever you want on number plates in California!
  23. Odd, now it's back to the correct deck and louvers.
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