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  1. Do any of our mods know why my profile picture in forum posts keeps getting changed (now a F1 car) vs using the one in my profile? Second time this has happened
  2. So much drama about liners! If they haven't gone bad by now I doubt very much they will in the future
  3. It's times like this I wish I could "un-see" things
  4. Space travel is a risky business with inevitable loss of life, and it's simply not ready for tourism right now. This accident brings the total Virgin Galactic death count to 4 and not a single passenger flown.
  5. I still say most of us would be better off spending our money on high performance driving lessons than bigger turbos ...
  6. fmxa


    One of the most amazing sites I've ever seen was Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. You can watch lava on TV, but until you smell and feel the heat in person it's hard to describe the power of it. Truly breathtaking.
  7. Errr, DC did a few "sticker jobs" and didn't Steve Crinjs do the new Élan?
  8. Anyway, good to see Russell back a the helm, and hopefully the guys in the design studio can get into creating something new
  9. That's great news, hopefully no more Coco "sticker jobs" and something more solid from Russell
  10. That's the $10 one I had! Used it on a Optima AGM Yellow Top for several years and worked like a charm - battery lasted 8 years.
  11. A respected Lotus source once told not to waste my money on ceramic bearing turbos unless I planned on entering Le Mons etc
  12. I've been using "battery Tenders" brand on a few cars and they've never had any issues. I also used a $10 off brand unit which performed just as well, but failed after a few years.
  13. Got curious and you found you can pick up a nice one out here in California for a few thousand dollars!
  14. If you're going to do it, you need to go all the way and get the V12!
  15. Like anyone who heard Clarkson and Argentina in the same sentence couldn't see a train wreck coming. Still, sad ending unless it was all staged and a big publicity stunt
  16. Whatever happened to his old pearl white V8?
  17. It amazes me that since the advent of camera phones we've all lost what little common sense we used to have.
  18. I'm still skeptical about plans for the US market, but I have to say I'm certainly seeing good things in the marketing area (something which eluded Lotus for too many years). Overall, while there's nothing on the table I'm interested in buying right now (not that we can in the US!) I'm optimistic for the future of Lotus.
  19. Nice to hear from Paul after all these years, and congrats on the baby!
  20. fmxa

    Terminal 2

    I just saw on of those "Pods" trundling along the road by the rental car places and wondered what on earth it was!
  21. fmxa

    Terminal 2

    I've been spending way too much time in T5 lately, and have to say I'm with Sparky as it's probably one of my favorite terminals, and I'm usually in and out quickly (especially enjoy the breakfast in the arrivals lounge)
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